resident Richard Nixon was forced out of office because of his cover-up of Watergate. No one lost his or her life because of Watergate.

It is clear almost from the beginning that President Barack Obama and his administration have been lying about Benghazi.

The difference between Watergate and the Benghazi episode is four Americans died. 

No wonder there was a cover-up. The ambassador repeatedly asked for more protection and was denied — not even when the British and the USO pulled out because of the fear of an attack by terrorist.

The main job of the President of the United States is to protect the county’s citizens. Because of bad decisions by our government, four American citizens died in Benghazi, and at least one border agent died because of the government’s illegal sale of guns to the Mexican cartels.

No one has been arrested or convicted in either incident.

How many scandals must it take for the Democrats and the liberal media before they understand that Obama is leading this country into a total collapse?

On every scandal, Obama has stated the investigation was not complete enough for him to make a determination as to the guilt of who was responsible, except in the Benghazi attack, when the White House announced within hours that it was because of a video. Administration officials jumped to a conclusion before they had all of the facts. But even after they had all of the facts, they still would not call it an act of terrorist.

Now a new scandal has been uncovered. Members of the IRS have come forward and apologized to the tea party and other conservatives for singling them out for repeated audits and prying into their personal business.

Even though the IRS people have admitted their act, Obama has said he cannot make a statement until an investigation has been made. Mr. President, they have already pleaded guilty. 

From the very beginning, Obama has blamed others for his failures. President George W. Bush was blamed most of the time. But the Republicans, the House, The Senate, Hurricane Sandy, Fox news and others have been blamed.

Now finally, after almost five years, some Democrats and some of the liberal news media are now asking some of the hard questions that they have been avoiding for over four years.

During the Benghazi attack, Obama could not even wait until he knew of the fate of our ambassador before he left for Las Vegas to campaign for his re-election.

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and John McCain were right in 2008 when all three said that Obama was not qualified to be president. I wrote a letter to Obama a couple of years ago and said that either they were right or he was deliberately trying to destroy this country.

I said: “It is my opinion, judging from your friends and the Cabinet you chose, that you are trying to destroy this county.”

All I got back was a form letter.

I have written both Bushes, both Texas senators and several House representatives, and every one of them answered, in detail, what I wrote about. The two times I wrote Obama all I got was form letters. 

 Jake Feigle lives in La Marque.

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Kevin Lang

Ruining the United States? That would take tons of competency--competency you claim he lacks. Covered-up, or whitewashed, or hemmed-and-hawed responses to poor government actions have led to far more deaths than Benghazi during previous presidents' terms, and some of them were far more damaging to the country and its reputation. Lots of times, our government has been quick to hang scapegoats after incidents. It makes the press and the partisans happy, but those truly responsible see it as business as usual. I sincerely hope that the administration isn't merely taking its time before just hanging scapegoats.

If the president is incompetent, certainly he would have been useless anywhere but that campaign stop after Benghazi broke. Even if he were competent, the president's role in any incident is not to lead an investigation. Bush was not a part of the 9/11 investigation, and he shouldn't have been.

Paul Hyatt

Benghazi, IRS, AP, Fast and Furious, phony email accounts by this administration etc.... For someone who said that they would have the most transparent administration to ever be elected, they have shown that they are the most lying administration since Nixon and that they do all that they can to cover up and lie about their lies.... Oh BTW, we forgot to add the attacks on the 2nd, 4th and the 1st Amendments that they are doing all of the time.... But I do realize that most of the 'dear one' supporters do not think that the stink coming out of Washington D.C. falls upon his feet.... The one thing though that you have to give him credit for is that he promised that he would fundamentally change this nation and he is doing that by it destruction both financially and morally....

Loretta Davis

Wow, the deep thought put into this column....Feigle is making charges without all the facts and he expects to President (yes he is the President- elected TWICE) to do the same. Now we can all look forward to this type of kooky guest column with outrageous titles.......I miss Rusty Cates.

Lars Faltskog

At 1st I misread the title (I need to wear my reading glasses). I first thought it said, "Obama is RUNNING the United States". That is a much more accurate title than the real title of this "McLetter".

Hillary/Michelle 2016

Kevin Lang

Gosh, I never would have thought that one person could be more powerful than thousands of large corporations and more than 300 million people. I guess Obama IS pretty awesome. Either that or many of us just want a convenient scapegoat to save them the trouble of finding the actual problem, and solving it.

Norman Pappous

The single lesson one learns from studying recent political events is that the set of standards applied by the MSM is dependent on the political ideology of the players involved.

The single most egregious example is the Benghazi talking points. While political players blame the intelligence community, the press sits doe-eyed while somehow not bringing up the fact (FACT!) that no mention of an anti-Islamic video was ever part of the talking points coming from CIA.

I do not claim that one party is more ethical or competent than another, but I do claim that one party enjoys a lower level of scrutiny and outrage by a press that is supposed to be a watchdog yet acts like a lapdog.

Evelyn Clark

That is just what I think about the Mayor and all of City council

Kevin Lang

I think that another thing to bear in mind is that whenever one of these types of incidents happens, the most important thing in many people's minds is to see blood. That the person bleeding is the one that should be bleeding is the least of the concerns.

With Benghazi, there are some that would have never been happy unless a compound, any compound where "supposed Muslim terrorists" lived or trained had been bombed.

I would certainly like to see the perpetrators face justice--whether it's our flavor or theirs--but more importantly, I'd like to know that the intelligence and security failures that allowed it to happen are fixed, and proactive methods are in place to better foresee these kinds of thing before they happen. While it would be nice to see the guilty get punished, the best outcome is one where we don't allow others to meet the same fate as those inside the embassy.

Of course, while this is happening, I'd appreciate it if the administration would be frank enough to tell the press and the politicos that they're collecting information and will withold comments on what did or didn't happen until such time as they can talk only facts, repurcussions, and solutions. They should then say that until that time, people should shut up and stay the f* out of the way of the investigation.

At this point, the most disgusting thing about Benghazi isn't that it happened but that so many people are taking great pleasure in politicizing it. People should quit turning those 4 people into political pawns. That does not just go for the anti-Obama-ists that are using this as another political pile on opportunity. The administration has certainly done lots to feed the politics.

George Croix

No. No. No.
President Obama is only doing EXACTLY what he SAID, openly, he'd do. He's 'fundamentally changing the gretest nation the world has ever known'.
He's doing the exact same things he's done his entire political and activist career.
You're beef should not be with President Obama. He's just doing what a majority of people who could be bothered to go vote or fill out hundreds of extra mail in ballots or take billy clubs to polling locations elected him to do.
Your beef is with them.
I'd suggets you look for them in the toilet, where the nation is running to.

Lars Faltskog

OMG, we have more "doomsday" talk in this thread. Our country is "going to hell in a handbasket", "the fall of our once great civilization", et cetera.

All I know is that in my GOV 101 class for non-majors in college, we learned that with "checks and balances" a President cannot overhaul the institutions that have been set decades ago from previous executives and legislative bodies.

Paul Hyatt

Doesn't seem to be working does it.... After all they are attacking the 1st, 2nd and the 4th Amendment rights of our Constitution.... Only problem I see though is that so many of his followers are blind in one eye and refuse to see out of the other one.... Hitler, Stalin and Mao turned on their supporters before it was all said and done.... It will be funny when these suppporters of the 'dear one' get caught up in his web....

Island Bred

Yeah - the housing is comming back, wallstreet is out the roof with record highs, the wealthy are still making a mint and he ended the war in Iraq while winding down the other one that wasn't needed anymore than the Iraq. - he's a HORRIBLE President..................He is a socialist FAIL. Now why not state your REAL problem with him................and it isn't his policies bro.[wink]

He is elected twice - yes TWICE -

Lars Faltskog

Problem with our President Obama. [In Saturday Night Live "Church Lady" voice]: Could he be..........SAAAAAAAAATAN!!?!? LMAO

....And I shall piggyback on Bred's/Margurite's points:

I just heard on ABC news that computers/cellphones are returning to production IN AMERICA. Report just said that the Lenovo company is making computers in Raleigh, NC. Later this year on the assembly line will be Motorola products made in Texas.

Yep, Presidential FAIL/FRACASO....yeah, rrrrright.

Hillary/Michelle 2016
They're Gonna Rock Our World

George Croix

Since you profess to know, what IS my REAL problem with President Obama?
I'd be interested in knowing just how close your Long Island Medium act comes to getting the answer right.

You forgot to mention the record highs of food stamp recipients and of people out of a job so long they quit trying to find one, and a record for most number of United States citizens killed over a 7 hour period, live in real time, at a foreign embassy while nobody was sent to try to help them. There's also the record of most number of reporters spied on in decades, and greatest number of politically motivated IRS inquisitions, even eclipsing those of the old Enemies List. Don't forget the most debt piled up in the shortest time, the costliest health care initiative ever, and the most expensive vacation ever taken by a sitting President, while on the same day giving yet another speach about fat cats and the evil rich. And, for now, last but not least, the most number of times that everything was somebody else's fault, especially a predecessor, as the buck flies right by the Oval office and lands Anywhere Else.
It's just too easy in a target rich environment.
Or, perhaps perhaps we're only keeping the good records...

Lars Faltskog

Many of the rich ARE evil fat cats.

Lars Faltskog

Or, maybe the problem you Obama-downers have with him is because [in rednecky accent] - "his name is kinduh straaange". "Now, aye aym NOT prejudiced!!"

Or, maybe he's the wrong color(s). Admit it, that's the reason.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Paul Hyatt posted at 6:13 pm on Wed, Jun 5, 2013:

Wow...to some folks, Obama is right up there with Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. He really IS a dictator. Hmmmm, wonder why the impeachment talks aren't in the advanced stage after 5 1/2 years. Or, since he's such a detriment, why are there not strong, successful, and organized efforts to overthrow this "tyrant"??

Paul Hyatt

Well for the uniformed I do wish you would answer about all of our rights that are being shredded by this current administration.... http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/5/nsa-seizes-phone-records-verizon-customers/
If you have the ability to read sverige you might want to read the above article about your 'dear one' shredding our 4th amendment rights AGAIN.... Of course I know that his blind supporters do not care about our Constituion or our rights that used to be guranteed.... Just remember that once our rights are completely gone you and the others like you will rue that day....

Kevin Lang

It's ironic that Washington Times' source on this was a liberal paper in the UK. I didn't think that conservatives accepted things from the liberal media. It even includes commentary from another conservative favorite, Al Gore.

It's ironic how more and more of the concerns about the Patriot Act are rising up and proving those concerns to be valid.

George Croix

No answer? That's an answer.
I refer to the applicable words of another poster on another thread:
"... I suppose those that feel the need to use the race card do so only because they obviously lack the intelligence necessary to tackle any real debate with facts in an all out attempt to support their baseless claim."
Forgetting the lessons of history is not a good thing.
Recalling that, until now, the most narcissistic, polarizing, deceitful, divisive President, under whose watch the IRS was also targeting his 'enemies', was Richard M. Nixon, I refer yet again to the words of another poster:
"He is (sic) elected twice - yes TWICE -"

Watergate occurred in June, 1972, roughly 5 months before the General Election (Benghazi was in September, 2012, roughly 2 months before the gen. election).
It was not until July, 1973, 13 months later (it's now June, 2013, 9 months after Benghazi, the first step in the rolling stone gathering Administration misdeeds), after some of the Nixon Admin.'s former staffers got tired of being the ones thrown under the bus and testified before Congress, that it was revealed that Nixon had a direct hand in the cover-up attempt, had secretly recorded tape conversations (no secret e-mail accounts back then) ,and that led to other revelations of his malfeasance, including the IRS 'enemies list' scandal.
Richard M. Nixon resigned in disgrace in August, 1974, not quite 19 months into his second term. It was 26 months after Watergate, after the evidence against him and his part in spying on his 'enemies' and lying about it to the nation and using the IRS to punish those enemies had grown so voluminous that he could no longer talk his way out of it. This is June, 2013, 5 months into the second term of President Barack Obama, and 9 months since Benghazi started the drip, drip, drip, and deep into cover-up and diversions and accusations of political witch hunts rather than answers that would (?) prove innocence.
Will history repeat itself?

Island Bred

I figured y'all disliked him so cause he was............ wait for it......................DEMOCRAT........ beyond that - if the shoe fits lace that biotch up and weart it.............[smile]

Steve Fouga

Obama love/hatred is a big topic in my own family right now, threatening to destroy warm relationships that have been in place almost 60 years. I can't remember a president that engenders such (insert word here: support or disgust) since... oh, wait... George W. Bush.

Any president who takes, or even tries to take, decisive action, will be viewed as right or wrong by approximately 50% of the population.

My personal view is that 50 years from now, Obama will be viewed by historians as one of our most impactful presidents, for the reasons listed elsewhere on this board.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Paul Hyatt posted at 6:33 am on Thu, Jun 6, 2013:

Blowharding is all it is. I find it amazing that in the free-ist country in the world we have folks sitting around counting how many amendments are going by the wayside. The fearmonger list keeps getting longer, and the straws are drawn out from the broom so that more scares can come about and more people can draw those straws.

First, he wasn't a citizen and had a phony birth certificate concocted. He joined and participated in /gasp/ flamatory college groups. As if none of us had ever done that kind of thing when we were young and dumb.

There is no mass effort to undermine our Constitution to round up citizens in the dark of night and throw them into some form of political labor camp.

To help treat this kind of anxiety, there are brand names such as Cymbalta and Paxil to help.

Kevin Lang

Certainly, it doesn't matter how many times you're elected, you should never be considered "hands off". Scrutiny of our elected officials is part of the process, and it should always be that way.

There may be valid reasons for being secretive or even diversionary in matters such as Benghazi. For example, if spilling the beans could not be done without also spilling the beans on something vital to national security or intelligence gathering in the region. We certainly wouldn't want to see hundreds more put at risk while the administration is spilling its guts on Benghazi. On the other hand, we also don't want them to hide behind National Security as a veil to prevent every mistake from being reviewed. Of course, to satisfy both aspects of that, they can open up an investigative committee that can review highly classified information, and then they could adjourn the committee and tell everyone that everything is on the up and up.

I'm reluctant to subscribe to the notion that everything has be some kind of lie or coverup, but at some point, we need to have confidence that those institutions external to the presidency are doing their jobs to make sure that secrecy and other potentially deceptive activities are not conveniently abused.

George Croix

I hear tell it's hard to be honest with others when you are not even honest with yourself.
I wouldn't know, personally.'

Kevin Lang

I hear tell that some people/organizations need to have other people keep them honest. I wouldn't know, but, that's what I hear.

George Croix

Kevjlang, everything does NOT have to be a lie or a coverup. Some of that transparency promised and repeatedly ballyhooed would no doubt clear up a lot.
There's no reason to build stonewalls when there's nothing to hide.
It will be interesting to find out how letting your people die without even TRYING to get them some aid, in fact ORDERING none be sent, then blaming it all on a video trailer, repeatedly, which was already know to be BS, had to do with our national security or intelligence gathering.
Is truth really stranger than fiction?
The irony to me is that today, the anniversary of D-day, we remember the sacrifices made by thousands upon thousands of our fellow citizens who served their country, many of whom died doing so.
While our President does all he can to avoid any mention of the sacrificed 4 people who died in service of their country.
Yesterday when the President appointed Susan Rice his National Security Advisor not one word was mentioned about Benghazi, despite her being THE face of the beginnings of what IS, to date, a coverup. 'Reward our friends and punish our enemies". There for all to see.
Unless, of course, we really ARE in imminent danger of being attacked by a video, in which case a subject matter expert may well prove useful.
The wagons are circling at 1600 Penn. Ave.
Why is that, if there's nothing to hide on any of the current scandals?
Today, we can add the Verizon phone records to the list.
Took 26 months start to finish to dropkick Tricky Dick.
Plenty of time left on the running stopwatch.

George Croix

Me, I figure the standard for a President, or any public servant, should not be to get away with all you can until somebody else catches you and forces you to be honest.

Kevin Lang

gecroix, I'm going to hope that the right people are working on digging out all of the facts and will make honest assessments of what went right and what went wrong in these instances. I'm going to leave the Hollywood script writing to the Hollywood script writers. Frankly, I don't doubt the ability of the political pundits to make stuff up in order to fill in the blanks of the stories, but at least the Hollywood script writers are a little more up fron that what they're presenting to look like facts are not to be considered facts.

When Willis or Affleck scream something out, I know they're just bellowing out the script. However, when Hannity or Maddow scream something out, they're hoping we'll take it as fact. The louder they scream, the harder the fact supposedly is. However, the only fact is that their screams are only to make sure we hear their opinion.

George Croix

I'll take your word for it because I don't watch Hannity or Maddow, or waste any time on trolls, either, for that matter.
You CANNOT be likening the body of evidence appearing now almost daily in such quantity and of such gravity that even some of the loon left wing 'news organizations' can't ignore it to the rantings of those two 'TV personalities', can you?
No, I don't believe so.
Nobody made up 4 dead Americans and a 'stand down' order.
Nobody made up the spying on AP reporters.
Nobody made up the IRS targeting conservative groups (although the claim that such was 'coincidental' is certainly made up).
Nobody made up the DoJ lying to 3 judges (claiming a 'flight risk' and possible 'co-conspirator' and 'potential prosecution') to get a search warrrant signed to track reporter Rosen's calls and even his parents' and some phones used by Fox News (another coincidence?).
Nobody made up the Att. Gen. then lying to Congress and claiming he never even heard of anything like potential prosecution of a reporter for reporting leaks, even though HE signed the papers to do so.
Nobody made up the AG holding an 'off the record' get together with some reporters to talk about the communications taps. Emphasis on 'off the record'. Why off the record? He's the AG of the United States. If he goes to P it should be on the record when on the job.
Nobody made up the now former head of the IRS going to the White House more than any other administration official, nor did they make up the fact that while these visits are supposed to be part of public record, the Admin. refuses to say why he was there more than anyone else in the several months leading up to the last election.
Nobody made up the female IRS honcho taking the 5th Amendment while claiming she did nothing wrong, and that only a couple of rogues in Cincy were responsible for the IRS pre-election targeting of conservative groups applying for 501-C4's. If THAT were true, why does she feel SHE might incriminate herself, another thing nobody made up.
None of that is opinion.
I have no idea what Affleck or Willis think about any of it, and don't care.
There ARE plenty of blanks still to be filled in. Unfortunately, the folks who tell us daily they've done nothing wrong can't seem to remember exactly what they have done, or who told them to do it, or can't find the records, or can't recall who said what/when/where. Or get promoted to a position within the Admin. where they can't be compelled to testify (that would be the killer video expert) any longer.
While none of that in itself proves guilt, it does suggest, strongly, incompetence at best and deception at worst.
And does so a lot more times than "... TWICE".

Gary Miller

Again you are right on, well said and on message.

Kevin Lang

You are right about all the blanks to be filled in. I'm sure there are people out there that have pieces to fill in the blanks. However, since I'm not one, and don't think I know anyone that does, I can't do much more than wait for our government to convene the people that should know the details and collect the full story. However, it seems that those with the capacity to do that are far more concerned about collecting political fodder than actual facts. As long as it's more important to see people twist in the political winds, there will be far more taking the fifth than speaking of substance.

George Croix

"The New York Times editorial board, which twice endorsed President Obama and has championed many planks of his agenda, on Thursday turned on the president over the government's mass collection of phone data -- saying the administration has "lost all credibility."
Wow!! I never thought I'd see the day that happened, even if the President had beheaded a goat and drank it's blood in a Kindergarten classroom.
No doubt the Gray Lady has given up on President Obama's Administration's machinations because, wait for it, the newspaper has turned 'racist'? Is 'afraid'?
Is 'mean spirited'? Is now taken over by the Tea Party?
How about simply because this Admin. has gotten so dam bad that even the most ardent kisser of Senator/President Barack Obama's butt, pre- and post-election, - TWICE- , has decided that the flavor is no longer worth the self-humiliation of trying to prop up an empty suit and make excuses for the inexcusable.
Even Al Gore, AL GORE, was telling the Admin. digitally that they are #1 today.
When a two-faced lying opportunist like 'ol Al openly, publicly, turns on you, you know it's because he's tasting the heady feeling of superiority.
Which, considering the benchmark THAT conjurs up, says a lot.

Gary Miller

BHO has priorities.
There were three dozen employees at Benghazi. After learning Terrrorists were attacking he went to bed to get a good night sleep before leaving on a campaign fundraiser in Vegus. The lives of Citizens were less important than his re election. Four americans died, the other 32 might have died but BHO's priority was sleep and money. He slept well knowing HRC and S. Rice had a coverup story ready for release. Their coverup worked until the election was past.
Fast and Furious, IRS harrasment, Media warrents, NSA phone taps, all have well designed coverups going back to 2011 or earlier.
Jake is coprrect.
Each of these coverups are worse than Watergate.
Liberals claim there is no evidence BHO had a direct hand in any of them.
Of course not.
His identified his enemy list to his campaign troups in public speaches.

Lars Faltskog

! IHOG ! - We need to appoint you to the post Benghazi Attack Investigative Team (BAIT). We can give it that acronym. With your help, our country can get this all wrapped up, and move on

IHOG - to join the "BAIT" team!

Lars Faltskog

Benghazi Attack Investigative Team: B.A.I.T.

Kevin Lang

IHOG, I didn't know you were the official White House Bed Checker.

I am curious as to what the president could have done during the Benghazi attacks that would have been any more impactful than going to sleep. The things that could have or even should have been done needed to have been done hours, days, weeks, even years before the attack started. That's the important stuff I want to find out about. That's the stuff that cost those 4 people their lives.

Fast & Furious just shows that our government learned nothing from Iran-Contra. I don't know whether the IRS stuff is something where they were actually harassing those groups, or if it was more an indication that the IRS isn't closely scrutinizing all such applications, regardless of organization purpose. I also wonder why the IRS uses subjective standards for measuring whether the organization should be tax exempt or not.

From my perspective, the Media Warrants and the NSA grabs of phone and internet records is just another in the line of potential turned to realization with regards to all of the concerns a decade ago about the Patriot Act. Certainly, the government needs to have the capability of sniffing out potential terrorist attacks, but the Patriot Act appears to have granted excessive rights without the burden of due process. The Patriot Act has granted the NSA access to tools that their old Cold War folks wished they'd been able to use against the Russians.

There are a lot things that have been coming out of late that indicate some things may be a little too much in control and a lot of things that are wildly out of control. There's a lot of mass hysteria cooking up, but very little quest to really dig into the details and find the truth. I'm sure there are quite a few that enjoy boiling up their blood in these mass hysteria fits, and that just may be enough to keep Congress from really looking into it. Sure, they'll televise a few committee meetings, and perhaps televise a few investigative panels, but once the pot has been stirred, a few officials have resigned, and a few others skewered and barbecued, these things will fade to the back page, and then off the page entirely.

Island Bred

President Obama is doing just fine. You will get another chance for the presidency in 2016. Good luck with that! LOL LOL

This scandal (if you want to call it that) is no worse than any other scandal. There are plenty of dead bodies on every president. The only difference here is this president is Democrat. I'm tired of the noise - but it's obvious the conspiracy folks are still buzzin. Meanwhile the country is still headed up by........... wait for it........... PRESIDENT Obama. Deal with it.

George Croix

glug, glug, glug
Hurray for our hero!!!!!


Hello my fine feathered friend! Better late than never huh? Ohhh I'll try not to stir the pot to bad, but yall know that Old West Texas Plow-Boy. I'm going to make a statement, then if yall will allow me, I'm going to ask a question not only of those on this forum but also of the WRITER of this article, whom I have much respect for.

1 Timothy 2

King James Version (KJV)

2) I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
3) For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
4) Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
5) For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;6)... Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.
Jesus exhorts us to pray for our leaders, not necessary for THEIR benefit, but that WE MAY LIVE A QUIET, PEACEFUL LIFE IN ALL GODLY AND HONESTY! He asked us to pray for leaders, kings and those in authority over us, so that HE CAN GET INVOLVED TO HELP US OUT, WHEN NEED BE! ( Example: King Xerxes, King Cyrus, King Darius, King Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, and Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. All these men regarded not GOD nor man, yet through prayer of his people GOD had these UNGODLY men making things happen, and doing things for the good and benefit of his kingdom and for his people.
Now I will confess that as often as I pray,.... I pray for Obama, President Putin of Russia, Mayoral Doyle of TC, and Mayoral Hocking of LM! I pray for leaders HIGH and low who are over governments BIG and small,...that they will see the right way and do the right thing in their offices. I ask God to intervene on our behalf.
Now my Question to others here including the writer of this article, and please don't respond, it is not necessary, for this is just something to think about!


PS Just so you know I did not vote for Obama, but that has nothing to do with it!
I'm A- Political and recognizes that righteous, honest politicians are becoming more rare than dinosaur eggs, weather they wear an (R) or a (D),and I can count the ones on one hand whom I have respect for! They are all local, by the way.

George Croix

I pray for our nation's leaders and our states leaders and our local leaders often, right after doing so for my family, and those who go in harm's way on behalf of us all.
Only a dam fool wishes for things to go bad just to make a point.
Increasingly, though, as the years have gone by and statesmanship has been replaced by games of gotcha and Who's On First, from Top to Bottom of politics, I find myself often praying for one or more of them to take a hike, and be replaced by someone who can actually do the job as it should be done.
It's all business to me. I have no use for 'leaders' who are not.
Bad leadership, by anybody, is just like alcoholism, anybody's. You can pray till your head falls off for alcoholics to get straight, but until they decide to use the free will that God gave them to stop making a mess of themselves, it's usually for naught.
Same for bad leaders drunk with power but with not enough skills to use it right, or evil of purpose and intent on using it wrong.
Only the folks with no case to be made for their positions try to make everything a personality contest, or fear monger, or race bait, or whatever diversion allows them to feel secure in supporting failure.
I figure quite a few entreaties were lofted up to Heaven over the former LaMarque Adminsitration, as but one example, or the current LMISD Board, as another.
While it never hurts to try, I ask did it help much, with the principals themselves being unwilling to change, or even thinking they were doing wrong? The only thing that cured the former was a new Admin. The only thing that might cure the latter is the TEA.
That's one answer, from one person.

Steve Fouga

JBG, my answer to your question is no, I don't pray for our leaders. That's my mistake, easily corrected. Thanks for pointing it out. Funny, I've never even thought of doing it, obvious as it seems. Lack of Bible training, probably...


Mr. Buckner,
We definitely need your help here on this! Every voice counts! We have to unite and move forth in order to take this country back!
2 Chronicles 7:14

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

PS. I appreciate your honesty. It's not how you start,...but how you finish!


There has to be unity in all this, one can only put a thousand to flight, two can do more, and three can do much more, and so on and so on. I gave some great examples, of the works of GOD from the past, from old sinners who turned on there own kind and performed for the greater good. Come on now, help me out here!
Much of what is going on in this world is being orchestrated by the enemy. Things are spiritually influenced and therefore needs to be conquered in the spirit.
Ephesians 6:12

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
The man called Obama is not the enemy, the man called Putin is not the enemy, it is the forces of evil and spirituals beings who have been allowed by the will of those individuals to control them who are doing the damage. That is what Ephesians 6:12 is saying.


"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

( 2 Chronicles 7:14 ) Who else is going to help us?

George Croix

Jbgood, 'enemy', like 'hero', is an overused word,
The man who shortchanges me is not my enemy. He's just dishonest.
The man who takes my money to build kitchen cabinets then does a bad job is not my enemy, he's just incompetent.
The man who lies to me is not my enemy, he' s just a liar.
The man who says he'll do one thing then does the opposite is not my enemy, he's just two-faced.
A man trying to choke to death another can certainly be said to be possessed by the forces of evil, but, it behooves the chokee in such a case to take direct action against the guy killing him, not offer up a prayer that he'll be cured of his evil ways.
IF one wants to survive, that is.
I undertsand you point, but I also understand that you don't win wars simply by praying for the other side to decamp and go home,
The good people of this nation did not choose the fight. They elected people who they thought were going to do right by them, at all levels. It's a good thing to pray to make better choices next time, but it's not a good thing to let the current poor excuses for leaders skate as we sit quietly by and let them get away with whatever they can get away with.
I will never agree to that. Passively hoping for deliverance.
I would have tried to be less than an easy meal for the lions. That does not make me any less of a believer.

George Croix

God gave Man a brain capable of reason and problem solving, if used, so that he could help himself as much as possible.
I note that there is no time limit specified for completion of the healing in 2 Chronicles 7:14. And I personally am more interested in the bad actions of the bad actors stopping as soon as possible than that they be forgiven for being bad at some point to come.
I don't want the history books to largely focus on how we USED to be the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Lars Faltskog

Asking for good leadership or praying for good leadership:

Askin' 'aint gettin'.

Prayin' 'aint gettin'.

I do like geocroix's stance on the overuse of "ememy". I tend to think that people who don't act on their word (do a bad job for you, lie to you, et cetera)...that these people tend to do those sorts of things to everyone they come across. Not just you, not just me. They're "equal opportunity" liars and scam artists.

I also tend to agree that to simply sit back and "pray" or "hope" for better results isn't the answer. It might make someone feel better - and that's good. As much as I think all the praying is a hunk of junk - if it helps the individual in his/her healing, or in his/her road to forgiveness...and improved mental health, and productivity thereafter - then more power to the folks who feel the need to pray.

I still don't see solid proof that our President is the demon, or is putting our country on the road to ruin.


I hate disagree with you gentlemen but I have to. First of all, at no time did I say that praying was the only thing which should be done. I said that it SHOULD be done. Prayer is a supernatural weapon JESUS gave to the Church in order to make a difference in this world as I alluded to earlier.
When we pray for those in authority over us, and ask God to aid us in the righteous way and purpose of life, this frees him as a co-worker and fellow laborer with us in the Ministry Of Reconciliation, to come in and help us, as HE promised to do and has done so many time in other generations! Another thing, you might not consider the MAN who cheat you or the one who breaks in YOUR house, your enemy, and that's a personal view, but THAT SPIRITUAL INDIVIDUAL YOU CANNOT SEE, IN THE NATURAL, WHO URGED, & DECEIVED HIM, INTO DOING IT, IS DEFINITELY YOUR ENEMY!
Granted you might have a different opinion, and many probably do, but that is not going to lessen the fact that the Word Of God says it is true. I disagree with you to Sverige1, ...months ago, when we had all the upheaval in the City Of LaMarque, after every thing else failed, I prayed for better leadership and a change of direction!
God did not come down here and personally ramsack the place, ....He merely sent Ms. Diane Girami and Ms. Maggie Manuel who went out of their way to organize for change and the next thing we knew a guy NAMED BOBBY HOCKING STEPPED UP TO RUN FOR MAYOR! Things then changed!
So, what did we have there? I asked and I don't know how many more did but I'm sure I was not the only one. What happened? We received! Now I am fully aware that you don't believe in GOD,Hell or SATAN, so we won't even debate it. I have long ago, settled it within myself to let TIME settle that issue for not only you, but anyone else who feels the same way you do.
You will know for sure when you stop breathing, but that will not be the most opportune time to gain that knowledge in my opinion, and if I was a gambler, that would not be a wise bet for me, but to each his own.
God gave man a brain, you say?( Gecrois) Well God also said man this:

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding; ( or.. YOUR own BRAIN )
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct[a] your paths.
He also said you may do what YOU want to do, but if YOU are going to choose to
follow HIM, YOU must set aside WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE! ( Matthew 16:24-27 ) You don't have to but you are FREE to do so!
I Corinthians 10:23 The Apostle Paul writes under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE BUT NOT ALL THINGS ARE EXPEDIENT, PROFITABLE OR HELPFUL TO US! This simply put, means you have a free will as you mentioned earlier, and GOD is saying DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, BUT THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES AND REPERCUSSIONS! To that I say AMEN!
Anybody else with me here?


Where is the Deacon? Come on in Deacon and help us out here, it is going to get good "after while" a they say in West Texas.

George Croix

"First of all, at no time did I say that praying was the only thing which should be done."

Nor did I say that you did.

I don't mind swapping opinions or beliefs with good folks, but I don't intend to argue with them about how to go about getting to the same place, when they can get there just as well as I, just by a different path, or parts of paths.
With that in mind, and with pressing business awaiting, I'll close and ask what I believe to be a good man a question that I know will give back an honest answer:
Jbgood, do you keep your powder dry?

Lars Faltskog

Well, here's what I think:

"Give beer to those who are perishing, wine to those who are in anguish."


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