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Obama is ruining the United States - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

October 22, 2016

Obama is ruining the United States

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Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 12:00 am


resident Richard Nixon was forced out of office because of his cover-up of Watergate. No one lost his or her life because of Watergate.

It is clear almost from the beginning that President Barack Obama and his administration have been lying about Benghazi.

The difference between Watergate and the Benghazi episode is four Americans died. 

No wonder there was a cover-up. The ambassador repeatedly asked for more protection and was denied — not even when the British and the USO pulled out because of the fear of an attack by terrorist.

The main job of the President of the United States is to protect the county’s citizens. Because of bad decisions by our government, four American citizens died in Benghazi, and at least one border agent died because of the government’s illegal sale of guns to the Mexican cartels.

No one has been arrested or convicted in either incident.

How many scandals must it take for the Democrats and the liberal media before they understand that Obama is leading this country into a total collapse?

On every scandal, Obama has stated the investigation was not complete enough for him to make a determination as to the guilt of who was responsible, except in the Benghazi attack, when the White House announced within hours that it was because of a video. Administration officials jumped to a conclusion before they had all of the facts. But even after they had all of the facts, they still would not call it an act of terrorist.

Now a new scandal has been uncovered. Members of the IRS have come forward and apologized to the tea party and other conservatives for singling them out for repeated audits and prying into their personal business.

Even though the IRS people have admitted their act, Obama has said he cannot make a statement until an investigation has been made. Mr. President, they have already pleaded guilty. 

From the very beginning, Obama has blamed others for his failures. President George W. Bush was blamed most of the time. But the Republicans, the House, The Senate, Hurricane Sandy, Fox news and others have been blamed.

Now finally, after almost five years, some Democrats and some of the liberal news media are now asking some of the hard questions that they have been avoiding for over four years.

During the Benghazi attack, Obama could not even wait until he knew of the fate of our ambassador before he left for Las Vegas to campaign for his re-election.

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and John McCain were right in 2008 when all three said that Obama was not qualified to be president. I wrote a letter to Obama a couple of years ago and said that either they were right or he was deliberately trying to destroy this country.

I said: “It is my opinion, judging from your friends and the Cabinet you chose, that you are trying to destroy this county.”

All I got back was a form letter.

I have written both Bushes, both Texas senators and several House representatives, and every one of them answered, in detail, what I wrote about. The two times I wrote Obama all I got was form letters.