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Carlos Ponce

For those who believe in polls:
"15,000 law enforcers regarding their thoughts on gun control in America.
More than 91 percent of respondents say it [a federal ban on so-called 'assault weapons'] would either have no effect or a negative effect in reducing violent crime. A full 86 percent feel that casualties would have been reduced or avoided in recent tragedies like Newtown and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen was present (casualties reduced: 80 percent; avoided altogether: 60 percent). More than 81 percent of respondents were in favor of arming teachers and school administrators if they were properly trained and vetted or at least proficient."
Schools are now "soft targets". The "Gun Free Zone" sign just tells would be killers that no one will confront them.
And I'm a teacher. If confronted unarmed I'd take a bullet rather than let one of my students get harmed.

Diane Turski

Thank you, Adrienne, for a candidate statement that showcases common sense solutions to important current issues! I support you 100% as a vote to bring back common sense representation to government!

Doyle Beard

If I were a teacher and confronted rather than take a bullet I would like to be able to take the shooter out.

Jim Forsythe

A teacher with a gun should be the last line of defense at our schools.
First we should be know the threats. We have done a good job of preventing most of the people that wanted to kill, but some still slip past .
Second, harden the school to prevent people that should not be in schools from gaining entrance.
If we do the first two parts correctly, the last part may never be used;
The last part, Teachers with guns.
HARROLD, Texas allows teachers to carry.
Those participating in the program must hold concealed-carry licenses and are approved by the school board to carry on campus. Less than 50% of teacher that said they wanted to carry, were able to qualify
Ray Dunn, is a tactical trainer for teacher that want to carry guns at Harrold school's
It's a training tool Dunn uses to create lethally skilled shooters. Dunn’s class isn’t for hunters or law enforcement. The exercises he teaches are to train educators in how to kill."If you have to shoot where there's a crowd of people, and in school there is a crowd of kids, you’d better be accurate,"

Gary Miller

Like most Liberals you want laws that don't work.

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