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Jarvis Buckley

Elizabeth Beeton is so much more to
Galveston Island than a former Councilmember. It would be so nice for the GDN to list all of the committee's & boards & commissions that she has been a member of. The lady works tirelessly
For the for the residents of Galveston. I have the deepest respect for her work ethic & brain power.

Ron Shelby

I agree. This has definitely been a very problematic TIRZ.

Elizabeth Beeton

Thank you both very much.

Curtiss Brown

Oh Pooh, Mrs. Beeton makes Mr. Shirazi out to be a monster, and in fact he is not a monster. What type of person takes a deliberate, cautious and accommodating man and turns him into a greedy monster? Not a nice thing to do.

Bill Broussard

When you say "deliberate, cautious " it has me recall Beeton, Curtis. I think you do pretty much the same thing with her that you accuse her of doing with Shirazi frankly. Why not let the numbers speak for themselves after an audit? One does not have to be a greedy monster to be off course.

But I still wonder what the heck Jim Ware was thinking when he penciled this new deal.

Curtiss Brown

After an audit, Bil? What kind of audit? What would be included in that audit? Aren't all audits the same? Or are they? How much are you willing to spend for your audit? You might want to find a C.P.A. and get a quote. Be sure to tell them what it is you are auditing and why.

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