It is great that League City’s Muslim American residents are asking the City Council to change the part of the recent anti-immigrant resolution which refers to “radical Islamist terror groups.” Councilmember Heidi Theiss’ ugly response to these community members is based on fabrications and misleading statements which reek of racism and religious bigotry. 

Theiss has no facts to support the claim that “radical Islamist terror groups” are working with drug cartels to infiltrate our country. She appears unaware that Gov. Rick Perry’s recent assertion about record numbers of migrants arriving from terrorist havens was denounced as a “pants on fire” falsehood by Such migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria are often seeking asylum and routinely arrive by plane, not by foot. Today, we may need to be more concerned about native-born Americans who embrace different kinds of terrorist ideology.

To what “threats” or “intimidation tactics” by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) does Theiss refer? Certainly, she would have reported any unlawful “threat” or “intimidation” to the League City Police Department, and she apparently has not done so. Theiss may not like community members’ strong criticisms or political challenges to her racism and religious bigotry. But all of that is part of democracy, and she will just have to get used to it. 

Theiss reveals more about herself than about CAIR when she claims it has “a disreputable history and intentions.” In fact, CAIR is the largest, most influential Muslim-American civil rights organization. It has played a leading role in combating anti-Muslim discrimination for two decades.

CAIR has also strongly condemned the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the terrorist bombings in Madrid, the massacre at Fort Hood and other acts of extremism committed in the name of religion. CAIR has worked successfully with law enforcement agencies, civil liberties organizations, educational organizations and many other groups. 

Theiss is terribly misleading when she claims CAIR is “indisputably linked with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.” If this was the case, CAIR and its leaders would have been indicted and tried in federal court a long time ago.

CAIR once had ties to the Holy Land Foundation, which sent humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. In what many people consider a grotesque miscarriage of justice, Holy Land Foundation was closed and a few of its leaders were sent to prison because Hamas helped distribute this humanitarian assistance. The same fate has not befallen CAIR, and the organization has not violated the law. CAIR has unequivocally denounced acts of violence against civilians by Hamas just as they have with Israel. 

Theiss apparently has difficulty understanding that racism and religious bigotry do not have much of a future in our country. She may aspire to be the Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann of Galveston County, but she would do well to consider how quickly their political fortunes have declined. The entire League City anti-immigrant resolution, which was more of a political stunt than a legally meaningful measure, should be rescinded.

David Michael Smith is a former professor of government.

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Carlos Ponce

David Michael writes "Theiss has no facts to support the claim that 'radical Islamist terror groups” are working with drug cartels to infiltrate our country'."
Please Read "A Line in the Sand"
David Michael claims the "migrants" "arrive by plane, not by foot". Actually many flew to Mexico then crossed the border into the United States on foot. Check your facts, David Michael. Some of these "migrants" carry books glorifying terrorism, have decals sewn on their clothing showing the planes flying into World Trade Center and showing affiliation with known Mid-east terrorist groups. But he is correct that we should be "concerned about native-born Americans who embrace different kinds of terrorist ideology". Rick Perry got his "assertion" straight from the Border Patrol and US Government sources. is known for their Leftist leanings and propaganda, not their facts.

Brian Cann

OTM (Other Than Mexican), is the government name for people caught at the border that are from countries like Iran,Iraq,Syria,etc. It has been going on for years. Has it been proven in a court of law that they are working with drug cartels to get here? Not to my knowledge. But they do use coyotes and most coyotes work for the cartels in one form or another. But that is really beside the point, that is just a diversion. The main point is that some people in the Muslim community don't like the term "radical Islamist terrorist groups". What is so wrong with speaking the truth??!! There are radical Islamist terrorist groups in this world, they just beheaded an American journalist yesterday!!!!! What do the Muslims want to call them? Is ISIS not radical? To say they are not would be to say that they are normal followers of Islam. Does ISIS not follow Islam? Are they not a terrorist group? They behead and kill anyone that gets in their way, sounds like terrorism to me!!!!! ISIS leader has said they want to bring the fight to American shores. So what does the league city Muslim community not get? There are terrorist Muslims, it's a fact. The league city Muslims, much like CAIR, need quit crying discrimination every time someone truthfully points out that there are Muslims that are not good people.

As far as CAIR making threats, they do it all the time. It's called frivolous lawsuits, something the author knows a lot about. Any time a Muslim is accused of anything, CAIR swoops in and claims bigotry or some such. It's a way to shut up opposing thoughts. Smith should know all about that, it's a favorite leftist act.

Also, the resolution is not "anti immigrant", as the fired professor states. It is anti ILLEGAL immigrant. Huge difference! Ex professor Smith knows that but still tries to lie. Maybe that's why he was fired, he has an aversion to the truth.

Richard Moore

This League City Council person of course is entitled to her opinion. The City of League City has however has taken an official action which in the opinion of many, is DISCRIMANANTORY.

The City has previously made assertions (primarily to the Federal Government) that it will refrain from discriminatory actions. The City will eventually be required to reconcile this latest misstep or should be required to face the consequences.

Saul Garfield

Mr. Smith should take off his rose colored glasses when viewing CAIR.

Were he do so, he would see several terror related convictions of top CAIR executives, including CAIR's founders.

He would also see that one of CAIR's founders advocates for the supremacy of Islamic law (Sharia) over the US Constitution (which in a more realistic politically incorrect time would be called sedition)

Contrary to Mr. Smith's contention, there is in fact proof that CAIR has ties to Hamas - in the words of presiding U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis denying CAIR's request to be removed from the HLF list of co-conspirators "The government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, with NAIT, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas"

In addressing the supposed lack of proof that Islamist terrorists have crossed our unsecured southern border, Mr. Smith actually comes to the crux of the matter, he can't possibly know they haven't.

Isn't that the whole point of the wider unsecured border discussion ?

Why shouldn't we have a process that prevents undesirables from entering this country whether they be drug dealers; gang members; serial rapists and yes Islamists (who by definition desire to harm this country)

In rushing to judgement of Ms Theiss' comments Mr. Smith has demonstrated that he is either ignorant of CAIR and its history, methodology and aims or is being willfully blind of their intentions. Either way, he has not met the truth about CAIR.

Katrina Evenhouse

Join ACT for America! I would like to see where CAIR denounces any of these radical groups. CAIR has to much influence. Next Session we need to pass American Laws for American Courts in Texas. (Protects US citizens from foreign law that specifically bars citizens from their Constitutional rights) Contact your representative NOW. This is what CAIR wants into our Justice system. This man thinks he knows more than everyone. So glad he is no longer teaching our young his lies and distortions. America is Great. And he is another reason people are looking for alternatives to the GDN's. And Heidi is a truthful person, does her research, consults and doesn't just spew garbage like whats in this man writing his opinion.

Carol Dean

Isn't David Smith a self-proclaimed Communist?

Kevin Lang

So, do all these comments mean that the reasons everyone is up in arms about illegal immigration have nothing to do with the principle of illegal immigration and the enforcement of our immigration laws, but everything to do with keeping terrorists, diseases, drug lords, welfare cheats, and the like out? If so, then why scapegoat all of the people who come here for seasonal work, work hard, and then return home when the work is done? Now, if you're opposed to illegal immigration because, well, it's illegal, and our border should be properly managed to ensure that the only people crossing are people that we're expecting, and have met the conditions for entry, then all this stuff about terrorists, diseases, drugs, welfare cheats, etc. is just redundant fluff.

So, which way is it, and which way should it be? It seems to me that the mass hysteria is about illegal immigration, but the city council is afraid that they can't explain that well enough, so they're trying to cover their bases with a bunch of other stuff that, they hope, will require even less explanation.

I'm definitely concerned about terrorists, drug dealers, child predators, disease carriers, welfare cheats, and the like coming into our country. However, I don't think that any of those are confined to the illegal immigrant population, so let's not connect enforcement to that problem. I don't care which means of passage those people want to take to get in, we don't want to let them in. When it comes to illegal immigrants, my understanding is that the consensus is that we don't want the feds housing them here, regardless of whether they're planning on behaving themselves.

George Croix

No, it means it's possible to think about, and be concerned or get informed about, more than one issue, and comment on them, at any given time.
It's a characteristic generally found in anyone who can also walk and chew bubble gum at the same time... [beam][beam]

Kevin Lang

So, we're going to have anti-terrorism programs for illegal immigrants, and anti-terrorism programs for legal immigrants, and anti-terrorism programs for natural born citizens, huh? 3 bureaucracies for the same problem. Sounds pretty "conservative". From a border control standpoint, is there a difference between an illegal immigrant terrorist versus an illegal immigrant farm worker? If we don't let in illegal immigrants, does it matter whether we denied entry to a construction worker, a terrorist, or a disease carrier? If we deny entry to a terrorist, does it matter if they would have been legal or illegal immigrants?

Brian Cann

How bout we enforce the laws already on the books??!!!!

Kevin Lang

Fine by me. If we enforce the immigration laws, it doesn't matter if the people found in violation are well-intentioned or evil-intentioned. They weren't allowed inside the country to roam freely. Enforcement of the immigration laws should be based on whether we want our immigration laws enforced, not just because some percentage might be carrying a disease, might apply for welfare, or might be a terrorist. I don't think there's a simple way to halfway enforce the borders and make sure that we capture all of the undesirables, but happen to let the good, hard, clean, workers sneak in and back out again.

George Croix

Is LC setting up a bureaucracy by passing a resolution?

It would appear that accusationsof LC overreacting have become even moreso, themselves...

Kevin Lang

Probably just setting up a bureaucracy to defend the resolution in court (or ask the court for a mulligan) if the Feds decide to challenge it.

If the city just doesn't want the child predators, terrorists, welfare mooches, and drug gang members, then I'm sure the feds would be more than happy to dump the rest of the kids on us. If that's not what the city intends, then they should just say if the feds want to dump people lacking legal immigration status into the community, the feds should go elsewhere.

George Croix

We sure live in screwed up times when a city can resolve to be against illegal aliens and against radical islam, and then face the possibility of having the so-called 'justice department' bring an action against them, and the furor of people who evidently are FOR those two things.
Topsy-turvy perfectly describes it...

Kevin Lang

Twist it however you want. However, the way I see it, this is a case of "protected class" in reverse. If our immigration laws aren't being enforced well enough, what difference does it make that we're letting in terrorists, disease carriers, etc.? If you don't want the illegal immigrants, you don't want them, period. If you only don't want them because they carry diseases, hide terrorists, steal welfare checks, and deal drugs, then what if we have a class of illegal immigrants that does none of those? So, if your premise is that they have all these bad traits, but those bad traits can be shown to not be present, then are you OK having them roaming the streets?

Jackson Hancock

It is a shame that some will believe any bit of propaganda that comes their way. Unfortunately, the author has not done his homework before deciding to bash LC Council and Council Member Heidi Thiess.

CAIR and other organizations like them can write Press Releases denouncing ISIS and other terror groups all day long but until they actually stop taking the money from these groups, those press releases are useless.

And no, I don't think being concerned about illnesses such as ebola, TB, etc is being over-reactive. Just goes to show that some folks are too busy sitting on the computer waiting for any reason to attack via comment section of GDN instead of educating themselves on what is really happening on our Border.

J. Shaffer

Being concerned about illness is no reason to pass religious scapegoating laws.
You may be concerned that your brain waves are being monitored, but I'm not going to wear a tinfoil hat with you, either.

Ebola is hardly a threat to the US, and certainly no cases have been found at the border. The same for TB; you're much more likely to find it among shrimpers on the Louisiana coastline.

Not only are immigrants routinely screened, being Muslim doesn't make you a disease carrier any more than it makes you a terrorist.

Then again, you believe the propaganda that ISIS is donating to a civil rights group, somehow making the Council on American Islamic Relations the enemy.

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