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Scott Toth

I hope the paper charged Buzbee for this unabashed solicitation and the his target audience remembers he's in it for himself not them.

Matt Coulson

Perhaps we could convince Tony to donate some of what he will make off this to the stadium renovation idea.

George Croix

With such hard and fast rules for compensation it makes one wonder why there's any need to give away 1/3 or more to a lawyer...

Centerpointe Moderator

The word Scottt is referencing is "advertorial".

Miceal O'Laochdha

OPA '90 a powerful tool? I guess that is true in the sense that a massive blunt instrument like a wreaking ball is a powerful tool.

OPA '90 was hysterical, knee-jerk, legislation quickly passed by ignorant and pandering legislators at the urging of the crowds of idiotic torch and pitchfork carrying villagers seeking the death of the Monster.

Mr. Buzbee's advertisement disguised as community-concern guest column only addresses that small portion of OPA '90 that supplies he and his brethren with the opportunities to make millions of OPM. There is a he!! of a lot more to this ridiculous and draconian law than that. One other portion of OPA '90 gave us the double hulled tanker requirements that sent scores of US Flag tankers to Indian, Pakistani and Chinese scrap yards many years before their time, costing thousands of US mariner and shipyard jobs, destroying old and honorable American shipping companies, as well as severely impacting our country's national security (in a BAD way).

So, the barge that spilled this oil was doubled-hulled. Didn't work out like the double plastic bags used to store extra pea soup before putting it in the freezer, after all.

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