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Don Schlessinger

Thank you for interesting column. Unfortunately we have a city council that is TOURIST oriented rather than residents oriented.

A question I have is, how will the new monstrosity be designed for vehicle traffic? Will the seawall be breached/ cut through/whatever? Is the city even interested in what happens to residents living north of the seawall when a storm comes? Will water from a storm that would normally not be a problem for these residents floods the neighborhoods then fill them? Does the city council even care?

Kelly Naschke

There are already 3 “breaches” in place Don. They are called ramps that ingress and egress the property. They have been there for DECADES. Your lack of knowledge of what you are talking about diminishes your opinion. At least know what you are talking about. And at what point do some of you look forward...not backward. Porretto Beach has been marginalized property for way too long. Your council is attempting to increase the tax base that contributes to addressing every one of the issues you address

Mark Aaron

Leroy: [Your lack of knowledge of what you are talking about diminishes your opinion. At least know what you are talking about. ]

I agree with Jarvis. Lighten up Leroy.

Jarvis Buckley

Kelly perhaps you were a little abrupt.
But in my opinion you are 100 percent right. But have you ever heard the old saying you can get more bees with honey than vinegar?
I think it's worth a try.👍

David Doe

I respectfully disagree with this article. One, you can't stop progress, and if you do you will have a limited tax base. Two, construction would Never allow structures to be built without sufficient access by emergency personnel. Galveston is a vacation spot, and trying to stall progress is something that would be catastrophic. The east end of Galveston isn't exactly made up of housing akin to River Oaks. The more major development on the island the higher property values will go. Miami should come to Galveston and likely is. If you want a retirement community then move to east Texas.
Wake up Galveston, open the development doors and let's bring in some tax dollars to improve the streets, sewers and flood control. Without development this isn't going to happen.

John Grossman

I respectfully disagree with the idea that implication that development equals progress. Maximizing the natural role of the beaches as part of our marine environment and the protective edge of our island is real progress.

John Grossman

The rights of way are the issue because they give the city leverage over future use of the beach. I think the city should keep it's leverage and use it to return the beach to the people of the city.

Jack Reeves

I think that Galveston's overall appearance has improved significantly in the past couple of years. And, part of the credit for that improvement goes to both past and present city councils and the attendant City Managers. But, a quick drive around The Island will reveal any number of not so public areas which are begging for development. The vacancy created by the relocation of the flight museum and the proximity to other major attractions should be promoted by the city government. And, this is just one example.Instead, there is a preoccupation with the tug-of-war over Poretto Beach. It's obvious that income and development are the focus of this argument and development is not only necessary but, inevitable. But, it does not have to occur in an area that the City could clean up, retain and utilize as an important part of the natural beach experience, while maintaining or enhancing the ecosystem of the coast. The beach is a living thing and it belongs to the public; let's not sacrifice our stewardship of this gift when we can bring in the same tax dollars by allowing and promoting development elsewhere on The Island.

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