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Curtiss Brown

Well done.

Island Bred

Welcome to what healthcare has done to nurses for decades. It's the job - if you have the passion you do it, you multitask, you find a way. If not you quit. Once you have pharma and every accountant involved with healthcare decisions you get stuff like this. The other problem will and always has been the unethical healthcare worker just in it for the money.

Not sure if you haven't noticed lately but it's not getting any better by what I see going into the medical field. MD and nurse alike. It's just a paycheck. Damn shame - so glad my career is in it's twilight years. I sure wouldn't choose it again if I had the choice to make. I make pennies but I enjoy what I do - not everyone can do that. Good article thos. I will add those translator lines are not free - so I hope she was paying attention to the translator line - after all if she wasn't she sure wasn't doing her patient much good. Screw the computer - you can do that later. They still kill trees for paper ya know

JD Arnold

Well said margurite.

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