Lives are truly changing at La Marque Public Library.

From family movie night programs to horseback riding, library patrons and community members are coming together in a collaborative effort to make La Marque Public Library a place where change is surely taking place.

National Library Week is Sunday through April 19. This year’s theme is “Lives Change at Your Library.”

At an early age, the library changed my life by giving me a safe place to go.

Books were an escape for me — I could leave reality and live inside of the stories I read as a child and now as an adult. Reading is not only important for a successful education, but is a form of meditation and can truly change your life.

We want to know how the library has changed your life.

During National Library Week, La Marque Public Library will have several opportunities for library patrons and community members to share stories of how the library has changed their lives:

• Selfie story contest: Come into the library, take a selfie and tell us how the library has changed your life. We will choose two stories to post in the library and on our social media sites.

• Community photo contest: Patrons and community members are encouraged to take a photograph of their favorite place in the La Marque community. We will have a first-, second- and third-place drawing for best photo.

• Community book swap: Bring in a book and make a trade from our friends’ book shelf.

On April 24, La Marque Public Library will celebrate service during National Volunteer Week with our annual volunteer reception.

This year, La Marque Public Library and the Friends of the Library will be honoring Faye Hudler for contributing more than 20 years of dedicated volunteer service to the La Marque Public Library.

December was her last month of volunteer service to the library, and she is greatly missed.

Hudler was responsible for maintaining all library donations and managing the Friends of the Library book sale.

We will also honor all volunteers who have graciously dedicated their time to the library in 2013-2014 at the reception, which is invitation only.

Guest column

Telishia Long is the library director for La Marque Public Library.


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