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Brian Cann

"liberal republican...". = democrat. Don't deny what you are, you writings give you away anyway. You are just like Sen. McCain, republican in name only.

Freedom speech is not pretty. Campaigning for someone/something is nothing more than an excersize of free speech. That's what these PACs are for. They are from both sides of the isle, funny how you failed to point that out.

"..license to steal from the rich and grumpy", not so!! The rich and grumpy GIVE their money willingly. No theft required. If you want to discuss theft for political donations, let's talk about union dues. Do you really think that every single person in a union agrees on which politician the union should give money?! We have a longer history of unions using free speech and no one said a word. Now that citizens can do the same thing, it becomes a problem??!!

2 guest columns, same day,same paper, both bemoaning the fact that right leaning citizens can use free speech to campaign for right leaning candidates. No complaints about the left doing the same thing in either column......hmmmm.

George Croix

The donors are grumpy, but the complainers about the donors are just exercising their right to an opinion.
I get it.

Raymond Lewis

And rockystrongo seems especially "grumpy". Chill dude!

Miceal O'Laochdha

Union members must pay dues, regardless of whom their individual union or the AF of L-CIO endorse politically.

However, dues are not used for political funding, VOLUNTARY Political Action Funds are used for this purpose. If a union member (in good standing because he pays his dues) does not wish to make any contributions to a candidate publically favored by the union, he simply does not make a voluntary political action fund donation. Simple as that and the record-keeping to show the different uses of the mandatory dues funds and voluntary PAF funds is clear, as required by Federal Law, as well as the union's by-laws.

Union busters conflate dues paying and voluntary political contributions to suit their purposes but, do not be lead like sheep; it is not the case.

Dan Freeman

I have been accused of grumpiness from time to time. Thank you.

George Croix

It's been years, but fact is I can recall when not going along with the candidate(s) of choice of a particular local in T.C. got that maverick the opportunity to buy a new set of radials.
There does seem to have been improvement for the better, at least overtly.

Lars Faltskog

I think rockstrongogo misplaced his anti-anxiety meds. Are you related to DottyOA? Now, in regard to political ads, notwithstanding the PACs and such, I often wondered throughout this primary. Why does practically every republican candidate choose a rural theme and wear a cowboy hat? None of them are cowboys and most represent urban districts.

Part of the answer is the exploitation of the mind that these ads bring. It's easy to see that professional advertisers who have studied the best ways to subliminalize their messages so that it reaches the "right" recipient. Political advertising is geared toward the gullible, whether they are liberal, conservative, or "in between" voters.

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