As State Representative for House District 23, and as a former classroom teacher, I am committed to focusing our attention on the current state of education. Most of us, myself included, have opinions which are based upon our experiences of being educated in the Texas public school system.

At the core of the issue is the ability of our students to transfer their success in the classroom to fulfilling a job in the workforce marketplace. Being able to work in a field that is challenging and yet provides adequately for our families, is critical and I believe imperative for our future generations to come.

For this reason, I’ve put the funding of our schools, colleges and universities at the forefront of my legislatives priorities. It is our mandate in the Legislature to establish and make suitable provisions in our public education system for the support and maintenance of an efficient system. Accountability is important, but it must be rational and driven by long-term goals. Classroom teachers have expressed their frustrations repeatedly about the administrative documentation and paperwork which interfere with their ability to focus on the students. This is not acceptable. My own grandchildren struggle with the anxiety and tension associated with the rigors of testing. We can, and must, do better. Education is not a partisan issue and I am committed to taking the steps necessary to advocate for our students and teachers.

I have worked tirelessly and eagerly to represent the people of House District 23. Recently, my efforts included hours of meetings and negotiations on behalf of the La Marque Independent School District regarding the challenges they faced. I did not let them walk alone in their struggles.

“You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to be there.”

I am there and will continue to work for the best possible outcomes for our schools.

I also recently met with the Texas Education Agency about the funding necessary for Texas City Independent School District given merger with La Marque ISD. I am proud to report that those meetings and discussions have helped provide funding for the needs of the combined districts. I know that you are counting on our public schools to give students the opportunity they deserve and no one works harder than I do at advocating for our schools and our legislative district. I am not perfect. But I am committed to working with a passion for making a difference and my actions, not just my words, validate my high expectations.

Cheryl and I are proud to represent the honest, hardworking people of HD 23 and we will continue to serve as long as we are asked to do so. Yes, your vote matters.

Wayne Faircloth is the State Rep. of District 23.


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Walter Manuel

"Recently, my efforts included hours of meetings and negotiations on behalf of the La Marque Independent School District regarding the challenges they faced. I did not let them walk alone in their struggles".

“You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to be there.”

I couldn't have said it any better myself Rep. Faircloth, "you can't pretend to be there"!

Where were you when LMISD was failing academically and was in the newspaper every day for so many years?

LMISD is now closed as a result of the very people that you and Senator Larry Taylor asked TEA to allow to remain in their seats just so that you could possibly get some democrat votes.

Rep.Wayne Faircloth, you did a lousy job with LMISD by NOT knowing all of the facts surrounding LMISD nor the people that you defended, so you need to personally own it!

Again, in your own words, "You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to be there".

My vote DEFINITELY goes to Mr. Lloyd Criss.....[smile]

Carlos Ponce

Walter, Wayne Faircloth stood by the students of the former LMISD and give them the best education that can be offered - and that's what they got after TCISD took over. Re-read TJ Auld's article from the October 15, 2015 GCDN.
“I was there as an advocate for the students, not to make a policy statement one way or another,” Faircloth, a former teacher, said.
To which you replied, " Where the heck was Stephen Holmes, Wayne Faircloth and Larry Taylor when LMISD started their downward spiral and why didn't they make calls to district officials when they were reading about them in the newspaper every day doing the stupid crap that they were doing?"
Wayne saw the "downward spiral" of LMISD and saw the inevitable outcome of state intervention. There is due process to follow so the take over was not immediate.

Jack Cross

LMISD was in such terrible shape, both facilities,equipment and the high number of un certified teachers, the money that the state provided TCISD is not near enough.

I have nothing but respect for the hispanic people, many are my friends,and they are hard workers, but representative Faircloth should be concerned about the flow of poor uneducated people flowing across our borders and causing huge problems not only to our schools but the cities where these schools are located.

Take TCISD as an example; 42 percent of the students are Hispanic and growing. The Caucasian student body is 23 percent and shrinking. The 77 percent of non white students are almost all poverty level families according to the number receiving free or reduces lunches. The federal government mandates that non U.S. citizen children must be educated, no questions asked. it cost more to educate limited English speaking and you need more bi-lingual teachers. it brings dow education standards. it hurts cities where schools with high number of poverty level student make of student bodies. The data is absolutely clear, all over rthe U.S. and right here in Galveston County with TCISD,LMISD,GISD and HISD where needed middle and upper income families with school age children locate in north county cities and schools. The policies of the federal, state and local South Galveston County government policies attract low income families to South Gtalveston County that concentrate the poor and drive middle income families out. It time we put political correctness aside and tell the truth about the real costs of illegal immigration and housing and welfare programs that are have negative impacts on these schools and cities. We can't continue to feed and educate the world at the expense of American children.

David Smith

Excellant comment Jack.. thats real.. but i was hoping property tax relief would be top shelf..its time working people get relief.. this can has been kicked down the road long enough..

Jose' Boix

Regarding our local education. This coming Tuesday, October 25, the Texas City Independent School District (TCISD) will have a public meeting to discuss and present the new school board member districts. This is the required action by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to have new demographically balanced districts for TCISD. Refer to details below.

I would like to encourage your attendance to learn about the proposal for the newly developed school board member districts, and to offer support to TCISD and its Board. During this public meeting, attendees will be allowed to speak and comment.

After the public meeting, the TCISD Board of Trustees will assess the public comments, and take official action at their regular board meeting on Tuesday, November 8.

Texas City ISD Board of Trustees will have a Public Hearing on the TCISD Proposed Redistricting Map and Transition Plan on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. in the Simpson Education Support Center, located at 1700 Ninth Avenue North in Texas City. Due to the annexation of La Marque ISD into Texas City ISD, it is necessary to redraw the map for single member districts for school board trustee positions. A proposed map will be presented so the public can comment.

Download the Proposed Map

Jack Cross

David, here is a large part of the problem/


instead of cleaning up the mess, the Texas legislature bows to the big lobbyist and creates more tax loopholes

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