After a week of national news regarding a billionaire’s lack of tolerance for certain races and ethnicities, I did not want to believe the big, bold print and captions that I saw on the front page of my county newspaper on May 4 regarding the La Marque Independent School District.

Our school district and community seem to always make headlines in negative ways in this paper.

I am a lifelong resident and search the newspaper often for information that I do not know.

On May 4, I found none.

Because I believe in the First Amendment, I searched the extra long, negative article for a comment from those of us who support the district, and I found none.

All I read was the same old soup warmed over.

Everyone that lives in the district has a right to his or her opinion, but when one never has any thing good to say about an entity, one’s motives are called into question.

To continue to attempt to tie our administration and board to all of the problems is wrong.

Anyone that has watched our district get into this situation has to be aware that the time for whining and criticizing has passed.

Being critical of any and everything about something usually reveals a personal problem.

Anytime the personal attacks enter a public arena, there will be problems.

To openly lobby to derail the sincere efforts of individuals to save a school district is horrible.

Anyone that believes our district needs someone from the outside to guide it has no knowledge of our steadfastness and resolve.

For the record, LMISD is here to stay. The supporters of our district should be heard as well.

We are not afraid of the stipulations — in fact we welcome them.

They will only broaden our perspective and make us stronger.

Given the opportunity, Superintendent Terri Watkins and our present board will get the job done.

Candidly speaking, because of my avid support for our district, I am constantly maligned.

I learned many years ago that talk and criticism are cheap.

Bring on the criticism because we are going to make it.

Our children will learn a great lesson from all of this and that is that nothing comes easy — you just cannot quit.

They will learn to let unfounded criticism roll off like water rolls off the backs of ducks.

They will also learn that difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.

A wise man, William Channing, said that.

Stand up Eagles, Tigers and Cougars.

Let us declare that we are moving forward and will let nothing turn us around.

Let the critics talk as we work to save the district. Let them whine and moan while we pray and work.

We have seen the promised land and we will get there.

Martin Luther King said that, and it is true in our case.

The Rev. J.E. Daniels is the founder and chairman of the Eagles’ Nest Community Organization.

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Walter Manuel

"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on".

George W. Bush

"Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error".

Marcus Tullius Cicero

"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool".

Richard P. Feynman

"A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees".

William Blake

And lastly.....[whistling]

"Don't keep reaching for the stars because you'll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason".

Jimmy Fallon

Walter Manuel

Wow, talk about a divine intervention! LOL

While searching the internet just now for some information and laughing to myself regarding James Daniel's guest column, a pop up screen suddenly appeared on my computer screen out of no where and this is what it read:

Proverbs 23:9

9 Do not speak in the hearing of a fool,
For he will despise the wisdom of your words.

Wow! If that doesn't just about sum it up then I don't know what would??? ROFL! [beam]

Mike Meador

Daniels: You forgot to tell us how much you and the Nest crew did to get out the vote for the LMISD trustees election......51 people voted? In a district that is just about going down for the count, you can't get more than 51 people to vote? I guess your bi-monthly opinion isn't getting read in LaMarque.....that, or that nobody is listening to the sermon.
Just goes to show you what most of the voters in LMISD really feels about where the district is going.

George Croix

"Stand up Eagles, Tigers and Cougars."

Eagles and Tigers? It's 2014, not 1964...

Try to focus on the problem, no small part of which was actively pushing to keep spending scarce money on barely used or unused facilities, for no good reason at all except living in the past. Credibility lost is hard to regain.

Walter Manuel

Very well stated Cougargator and Gecroix.

Daniel's is trying his best to preach to the choir and losing his credibility with each passing day.

The voters of LMISD just showed everyone that it's way past time already for this nightmare to be over with!

The Eagle Nester's need to find something else to now destroy because there's not much left of OUR school district thanks to them and their no good help....[sad]

Walter Manuel

As I've gone throughout my day today, I've pondered on, a simple 2 letter prefix called "re" that carries with it such an incredibly powerful and often times significant message.

"Re-" makes one think of possibly not only their, but someone else's actions requiring the need to use the prefix "re" in certain situations. People often "re-evaluate" something because it may be in need of change or they "re"-develop a course of action because something hasn't worked in the past, but usually when one "re"'s something it's because it's because a change is needed.

People should be asking "what's our part" of failing our "at risk" students when we "re" something in our lives that could change the dynamics of a single child's life?

Voters had an opportunity to "re" elect a proven incompetent leader and they just did. Voters had an opportunity to "re"define the purpose and direction of our school districts future and yet they "re"inforced substandard financial accountability and educational standards. Voters "re"iterated that they were more concerned about protecting their friends than "re"establishing the quality of a better educational institution for the children of our district.

We know that some of our students can't reach out beyond their own boundaries without someone else reaching a hand out to them in order to see that they get the quality of education that every other child in America receives, so we need surrounding school districts to accept our children next year in order that they too can look forward to a better future than is currently being delivered to them right now in LMISD.

They say it takes a village, well this village is certainly lacking "connectiveness" because of self serving and self absorbed political division and strife that further puts our children's futures at risk and so in turn our community as a whole.

Someone put it so eloquently today that I feel the need share it with everyone,,,,
" No, Rev. Daniel, you should share part of the fault with the LMISD, because you have given bad counsel and whats worse LMISD listened!!

So sad...the deaf and blind leading the dumb"!!!

Isn't it amazing how 2 letters can change so many things???[smile]


"Our children will learn a great lesson from all this and that is that nothing comes easy----you cannot just quit. They will learn to let unfounded criticism roll off like water rolls off the backs of ducks."
That is just it,...the criticisms of those who are against the leaders of LMISD, and the performance of this district, when weighed against state mandates, guidelines and common standards which all districts must meet, ARE NOT UNFOUNDED, AND THE KIDS" PARENTS HERE ARE NOT SO GULLIBLE AND SO STUPID, THEY CANNOT SEE IT AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!
This is why they are running away for better, or maybe they can't see this yet. It is hell to live in "DENAIL" .....and I'm not referring to that river in EGYPT ( The NILE ) either!
When I was a kid back in the day, when certain citizens rose up again the forerunner of the EAGLE'S NEST of that day,....there were a remnant of us along with our parents who could look past the trees and SEE into the forest back then just as there are now! That is why we did the very same thing parents and students are doing today,....we evacuated the "NEST!" Education is a hellava thing to pass up for cultural bad habits! A sound education helps the eyes of your understanding to be so enlightened to the point that it makes it dam hard for someone to "BOO-GA-JIVE or BAMBOOZLE you!"
I am ecstatic that LMISD parents are leaving here by the bushel for better opportunities for their kids! It is the right thing to do! The hurt these people are inflicting on these children coming through here will be a life long hurt, that many of them, unlike myself, will never recover from! Many more won't realize what really happened to them until it is far to late to do anything about it.
I heard somebody say one time, beware of a HUNGRY man, and beware of a
INGNORANT man, but beware of the IGNORANT man the most!.
You can feed a hungry, wise man and he will be wise, you can feed a hungry ignorant man and he WILL STILL BE IGNORANT,...DANGEROUS, AND VOID OF KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING!!
Now, as for LMISD making it, is my most humble opinion that if they make it, will be by standards, the state lowers and set aside, just for them to comply with, and nobody else.
Lastly, Dr. King did say in a speech that minorities would get to the promise land but that sure as hell was not all he said! He said ONCE YOU GET TO THE PROMISE LAND PERFOM LIKE NO OTHER!!!! "DO YOUR JOB!"
He said this:
"If it falls to your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music ... Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.”
He should have used School Leadership instead of street sweeper, then maybe these kids here would not have to be ashamed,...because the work done here ON THE MOUNTAIN-TOP SURE IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF WHAT DOCTOR KING STOOD FOR! I guess it depends on who you are trying to deceive or rip-off!
These children are getting ripped-off, cheated, and sold out! What's happening to them, is no better than standing them up on a round block of wood, in a public square, hands tied behind their back and ripping their educational opportunities and futures away from them, trading them in favor of money, nepotism, high salaries and friendships! Same thing happening in Nigeria now, same system!
Years from now when many of these who stay in this district,.. applies for public assistance or end up in a correctional institution, the same people who ripped them off, or supported them getting ripped-off...will have nothing good to say! Ohhhhh I've observed this horror flick before! It is dam hard to beat experience, and I have experienced it before! NUFF SAID!


Hang in there Mr. Manuel! You are doing a good job! Somebody need to speak up for right! To much Political Correct BS going on in this country now! Then people talk about the first amendment. After awhile there won't even be a second amendment the way this zoo is being operated in this country!
"Our lives begin to end, the day we begin to be SILENT about things which matters to us!" Dr. MLK

Robert Buckner

I know I once stated that I was done with this ISD issue but when I see the manure Daniels spreads with no credentials on a regular basis and the GDN doesn't doesn't check to verify his church status or his nest status, I just can't sit and watch. As others stated and asked what the "nest" has done or even exist should ring a bell. Daniels cannot verify or prove he's a reverend anywhere nor who the nest members are, where/when they meet or how one can become a member of alleged nest. It was my theory months ago that this nest is imaginary. Where does Daniels preach? I may be interested in joining that church. OOPs it appears the "rev" title is imaginary too. If Daniels can prove any of this, I'll apologize and attend the next "nest" meeting and sermon.

Robert Buckner

No response from the Daniels camp I see. Maybe I was correct that the nest is imaginary along with the "rev" title. How there possibly be any truth in this guy's columns?

George Croix

No need to be imaginary.
In about 15 seconds I counted over a dozen online sites that will ordain you and slap a rev on you...for a nominal fee...
Reverand Croix...?
Nah...more likely the other end of the religion circle...[beam][beam]

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