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Gary Miller

The only real improvement to student progress would be 'Choice'. Polls indicate over 80 % of parent taxpayers want choice. If we had choice ISD schools would be for sale. More teachers would earn more money by not being forced to support unions/Democrats with their earnings.

Jose' Boix

The education foundation effort has been of tremendous financial benefit to all our County students. The TCISD Foundation for the Future this year celebrate 20 years since its inception. We followed locally developed education foundations for Clear Creek and Friendswood. After Texas City, Galveston, La Marque (at the time), Dickinson, Santa Fe and Hitchcock followed. It is clear, that these education foundations have made - and will continue making - a significant and positive contribution to the education of all our students. Thanks to the myriad of donors, supporters, volunteers and partners who together make this effort fantastic.

Carlos Ponce

Thank you, Jose. As a teacher I picked up new and innovative ideas at math conferences, math conventions and from other teachers. Paying for them often came out of our own pockets since the budgeted funds were already spent. As a member of the Hitchcock ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors I want to help teachers implement new and innovative ideas in their classrooms without being a burden on their own personal funds. In the few years the HISD Education Foundation has been in effect I see we have made as you put it "a significant and positive contribution to the education of all our students."
A special thank you to all who contributed either through our Hitchcock Hooks Fishing Tournament, corporate donations and individual donations. The students of Hitchcock ISD have benefited from your generosity.
Donations earmarked for the HHS band helped them achieve a "1" in UIL competition and advancing to the area finals. The HHS band has not made a "1" since the early 1970s. Your donations, the hard work of the band directors Kelly Brunson, Fred Otto and students made this possible. The students are very grateful.

Jose' Boix

Carlos, I am glad that Hitchcock ISD has now a fast developing education foundation. Such effort will pay untold benefits to our local students and the community. I also was glad to have many Hitchcock ISD students participate in one of our gold standard projects the Charles T. Doyle Leadership Education and Development Series (LEADS). We had a great LEADS event just a few days ago and was glad to visit with Monica Cantrell who came to help us. Thank you, Carlos!

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