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Richard Moore
Richard Moore

I tend to agree with this statement:
"This has nothing to do with public access, but a lot to do with a land grab of property and return of the power to the Texas General Land Office, lost in the Severance decision."

Further, I do see where changes such as this to the statute will change the basic tenants of the court decision:
1) The effects of a single storm should not change property lines, only a long-term change in geology should do this, and;
2) The case did not question the state's authority for eminent domain - it only dictates that the land owner should be fairly compensated.

The Land Office and the City need to get a grip - if changes such as the bill purports are made, this will just end up in Court again. Our (near win-less vs. the Fed) AG will spend untold of our tax dollars in court needlessly.

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