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Ministers will support La Marque ISD - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

December 5, 2016

Guest column Ministers will support La Marque ISD

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Posted: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 12:00 am

Editor’s note: The Texas Education Agency ordered a conservator to oversee operations of the La Marque school district.

Once again, our school district and community are faced with major setbacks. Once again, the question arises: What are those ministers going to do now?

My answer is simple. We are going to remain steadfast, level headed and nonjudgmental. We will also continue to support our superintendent and board.

 The presence of an appointed conservator will not change our duty and willingness to support. Our superintendent was hired by our board with the support of the community.

We recognize that there are those who are gleeful about what the state has done, but the last time I checked, La Marque Independent School District was still in the United States of America.

Under its Constitution, there are laws that protect the rights of the people. The people are questioning the reason for the state making this move at this time.

The population of the district has been declining since the departure of Dr. Thomas Randle.

We will not waste time criticizing others, but we know what happened.

What we know is that the appointed conservator has served here before. That said, we are very conscious of what happened during his tenure. It is public record and can be researched by the history buffs among us.

We do not have time to vent our frustration on the blogs and gossip columns. There is too much work to accomplish. 

How can reasonable people say that they love something and at the same time spend countless hours trying to tear it down? How can one rejoice when something one loves is hurting?

It seems odd that supposedly all everyone wanted was for the district to improve.

Let it be known and tell the truth. Terri Watkins has served about 80 days as superintendent and the district has begun to turn itself around in the right direction.

Why isn’t Mrs. Watkins being given a fair opportunity to do what she was hired to do with the approval and support of the community? Why bring in someone who has already served here?

There were negatives in the administration of which he was a part. Again, history buffs, look it up.

Our superintendent only has positives on her side of the ledger. For that and other reasons, neither she nor this board will be deserted in this time of trouble. We are inseparable and are in this with them for the long haul.

For the bloggers who may be reasonable thinkers, please know that the time frame, as quoted by Texas Education Agency, clearly removes the blame from our present board, in its entirety, for the problems we now face.

The present board is new. With the exception of two members, most have served for less than two years, and two have served for about 10 months.

Those who share the blame for this turmoil know who they are. The blame game is useless, but the truth looms larger than life.