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Robert Young

Our officials should govern with common sense for the common good and avoid any extreme gang em style behavior. Their offices belong to the people not the party. Government does not exist to make money. It is to serve the citizens, That is it's mission. There is no other rational reason for it. It is the absolute property of the people and is only here because of the soldier, voter and the taxpayer.

Carlos Ponce

Why vote straight ticket in November? There is an old adage "Birds of a Feather Flock Together". I would seriously question whether some local who supports a "Barack Obama" or a " Wendy Davis" shares my interests or concerns. However, it is up to the educated Republican to cull the herd and do some RINO hunting early in the election season. If one gets through, I will not vote for that person even if they appear on my party's ballot, nor will I vote for the Democratic opponent. I will consider the Libertarian, however. I hope the better candidate wins in the primary.

Lars Faltskog

And in the same vein as carlosrponce, I have no use for casting a vote for a person who has support for "Rick Perry", "Ted Cruz", or "David Dewhurst".

I have found exception, as in my observations of what seems to have gone on in Houston in regard to their emergency situations, Mr. Ed Emmett, the county judge, appears to have a toehold on good service, good sense, and fairness. Unfortunately, I cannot vote in Harris Co., so I guess I'm not voting for any repubs. - darn it

Carol Dean

I guess it is safe to assume that ,sverige1, are possibly a liberal. Ed Emmett is going to have to start running on the democrat ticket if he wants to be re-elected. He is all about Federal control and focusing on what he and the HGAC board can do about your personal lives. So, if you are for that kind of control, you have made the right choice. Emmett is a RINO and does not support the Republican Party platform. That is his choice. That doesn't mean that I, as an independent thinker, have to agree with those who choose to be "sheeple".

Lars Faltskog

Well, ckdean -
Your discussion further salienizes this article's point. It's ideal to vote for the person, not the party. Call Emmett RHINO, he seems like a good guy. He'd get my vote.

Dwight Burns

Great informative acticle by Dan Freeman. Goes to the intent of the founding fathers and exposes the lies being advertised minute by minute on political tv ads here in Texas, about protecting the Contitution.

Politicians prey on the less informed electoric. Radio and T.V. air jockeys like Rush Limbuhm, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the list goes on, spew fear and disinformation to its listeners. Here in Texas, Republican politicans end or begin their politcal ads by promising to protect the voters from Obama or to protect the Contitution. President Barack Obama (not Obama) was elected twice by 60 percent of the voting public of America. He is a Constitutionall expert who holds a Doctorate Degee in Constitutional Law from Harvard University.

In my 66 years, a red light goes off in by head when anyone seems to always accuse others of wrong doings. This is when I watch them.

Thanks Mr. Freeman for this article.

Carlos Ponce

I guess being a "Constitutionall (sic) expert who holds a Doctorate Degee(sic) in Constitutional Law from Harvard University" does not mean much. In a recent (last week) poll, given a chance to re-run the 2012 election, Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama. Also today George W. Bush has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama.
Rush, Glenn and Sean simply express their views. No one forces you to listen. Change the channel if you don't like what you hear. As for accuracy, the Sullivan group rates Rush Limbaugh at 99.1% true.

Dwight Burns

Carlosrponce, the Sullivan group rates Rush Limbaugh at 99.1% true? And what does this suppose to mean? Still laughing.

The Sullivan group is long on hate and short on facts.

Carlos Ponce

The Sullivan Group records and analyzes each Rush Limbaugh Radio Show. Each statement is analyzed whether he is telling the truth, spinning the truth or lying. The Sullivan group usually rates Rush as between 99.0% and 99.5% truthful. Rush disagrees with the Sullivan group since the few "false" statements are usually his repetition of someone else's words and not directly his. I don't listen to Rush because I agree with his views. I listen to Rush because he agrees with mine, an affirmation that there is some sanity left in this world.

Kevin Lang

Are you saying that Rush bounces his ideas off of you? Are you his higher authority?

My guess is that there is no mentor/mentee relationship between the two of you. I believe that if the two of you have a congruent set of beliefs, that you followed independent routes to obtain those beliefs.

Considering that most of what Rush says on his show is opinion, most of what he says is not subject to fact-finding and truth testing. People don't listen to Rush to hear a bunch of true statements rattled off one-by-one for hours a day. They listen to him to hear his opinions and his rants against those he perceives to be to the left of him, focusing on those quite a ways left of him.

Carlos Ponce

Rush does have his "Stacks of Stuff" - News reports gathered to generate discussion. Some are facts, some are opinion. Sorry I misled you that he and I communicate. I find his show refreshing knowing that I and my Conservative Texas friends are not the only ones on this planet who share the same view. Where I do do not concur with Rush is when he goes on with sports, rattling off names, players, teams and statistics. I could care less.There are more important things in life than who will be the starting quarterback for the Hoboken Hobgoblins.[wink]

Kevin Lang

I prefer to hear other people's differing opinions. I can listen to my own all I want, whenever I want. I want my opinions to be challenged. I like to hear things that I might not have considered, or might not have considered as much as I should. Those kinds of tests are not easy to get when I listen to people that think like me. I don't get any special strokes from knowing that someone else agrees with me. I already know I'm right :-) I want to hear from peole that are willing to try to convince me otherwise ;-)

Of the political commentators on the right, I prefer listening to O'Reilly over most of the rest because he seems genuinely willing to let people build their case. Rush, especially, seems to prefer to surround himself with "ditto heads".

Mick Phalen

sverge1, I agree completely about Ed Emmitt. Galveston County, and City leaders should use him as role model for good local government.

Raymond Lewis

Good article Dr. Freeman. Ah, but you ask a lot of our fickle populace.

Kevin Lang

Conservatives do not believe Liberals should have a faction. They have no problem with Conservatives banding together. Liberals do not believe Conservatives should have a faction. They have no problem with Liberals banding together. Neither side likes independent political thought, because neither side wants to do anything more than preach to the choir. Trying to convince others that their idea is best for society as a whole is not something either side really cares to do. Captive audiences are easier targets for furthering an agenda. For Conservatives, if you don't buy into the entire platform, you are forever labeled a RINO. I don't know what the Liberals call they same types of people in their ranks, but they, too, don't have much room for those that waver from the main pillars of the platform.

Lars Faltskog

Assumptions are made when folks identify themselves with a political party or organization. It would come to no surprise to come across an individual who is conservative in fiscal belief, yet liberal-thinking on the social scene. In turn, one who clings to old-fashioned social norms can be a spendthrifter on his/her economic view.

Many folks have no qualms about a politician not agreeing with them on a certain issue. If that certain issue isn't really close to our hearts, then making a concession to disagree on that issue, yet support that candidate is excercising one's right to cast a vote. What I find interesting are the "ratings" of politicians - whether they are considered the "most liberal", "most conservative" or somewhere in between. There's always surprises, regardless of party affiliation. Who knows, a RINO could be just who I would support.

Centerpointe Moderator

"It would come to no surprise to come across an individual who is conservative in fiscal belief, yet liberal-thinking on the social scene."

One could interpret that as being close to the original unperverted definition of Libertarian, because to be socially "liberal" in today's terms means, in significant part, being less inclined to stick your nose into other peoples' business and less inclined to foist your own personal "values" on them.

Lars Faltskog

Well, cpointe -
That sounds good to me. Too bad, however, that the younger Paul individual got to be so squirrely. For some reason, I have more respect for Ron. I've often considered the positive tenets of the Libertarians. It's too bad that they can't truly make a strong 3rd party. As it is, we don't even have a strong two (2) party system anymore.

Matt Coulson

It seems as if the two main parties have become so polarized that it is safer to vote party line than ever before. Good young politicians like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are branded as heretics for taking one step outside the party line box, but the same is true on the other side of the isle. Because of this you can look at the party platforms and see which you agree with because there is enormous pressure for them to stick to it, especially in the primaries. If you have strong feelings about abortion you can't support democrats, if you are pro labor you can't support republicans. The fight over the affordable care act wiped out the anti abortion wing of the Democratic Party. The tea party movement has driven into hiding moderate republicans.you may not get good people voting party line but you probably will get obedience to the party platform.

GW Cornelius


Kevin Lang

To me, the abortion stance is pretty much immaterial. The so-called fight has been going on for 40 years, and the legal status of abortion hasn't changed much at all. No one we elect during this term of office is going to get anything changed. Any stance they declare on the campaign trail is pure rhetoric. As long as the groundwork they want to lay is along the lines of making it illegal, nothing's going to change anytime soon.

Carlos Ponce

Don't worry, kevjlang. Once the Lord returns, things will change. And He is coming soon.
Are you ready to sit by His throne?
Are you ready not to be alone?
Someone`s coming to take you home
And if you`re ready, then He`ll carry you home.

Kevin Lang

Well, if you're asking me if I've ever had an abortion, whether I've ever wanted one, or whether I ever will have one, I'd have to say the answer is No. If you're asking me whether it adds any value to vote for people based on the things they aren't going to change, ignoring the things they can and should change, then I don't think that has anything to do with the Lord.

We need people that will get something accomplished. Who was the last legislator you voted for that managed to abolish abortion? How many said they would? If you vote for people because they say they'll abolish abortion, then I'm guessing you're comfortable voting for liars and people satisfied with a job left undone.

Carlos Ponce

I'll put my trust in the Lord. Once he returns the abortion issue will be moot.
Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see! Praise the Lord! God Bless Texas!

Kevin Lang

I'd love nothing more than to see the end of the abortion debate. However, it's not going to happen in the next 2-10 years. So, lets not waste time arguing about something that isn't changin, and instead work on things that will and lay a foundation for fixing the longer term things.

Carlos Ponce

When it comes taking sides in the murder of the innocents called abortion I cannot sit by. I do not call it "wasting time". If you do, so be it, but don't stand in my way:

"To dream the impossible dream, To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow, To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong, To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary, To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, To follow that star
No matter how hopeless, No matter how far

To fight for the right, Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell, For a heavenly cause

And I know if I'll only be true, To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm, When I'm laid to my rest.
And the world will be better for this."

Kevin Lang

I'm saying nothing about taking sides, nor keeping the dialog open. I'm saying that pretending there's a political reality that any of today's candidates is going to fashion a major change in the law is erroneous. You're better off electing candidates that will focus on things they can change and save the efforts around abortion to the grass roots efforts in the community. If we can eliminate the demand, there's no reason to fight for legality. After all, we have laws against drunk driving, robbery, murder, etc. How well have they done at eradicating those activities?

Carlos Ponce

It's not about being on the left side or the right side, the pro-choice, pro-abortion, or pro-Life side. It's about being on GOD's side and being RIGHT WITH GOD!

"Put your hand in the hand Of the man who stilled the water,
Put your hand in the hand Of the man who calmed the sea
Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently,
By puttin' your hand in the hand Of the man from-a Galilee!"

How well have these laws worked? They have kept ME walking the straight and narrow!

Kevin Lang

So, are you saying that without a ban on abortion, you might do it? Of course not. You developed a moral code that kept you from getting into the situation where you might feel that abortion, murder, robbery, or drunk driving might be a good idea. You didn't need laws to tell you your moral code. From your writings, you're far more concerned with God's punishment than you are Man's punishment anyway.

Lars Faltskog

"Ready the way, ready the way, ready the way - of the Lord!" - Curtis Stephan.

Hey, ponce, I've been looking to join a praise band, but with no luck. All I've come across are choirs that sing those old songs. Know any churches who do "contemporary"?

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 2:59 pm on Fri, Feb 28, 2014:

"....you're far more concerned with God's punishment than you are Man's punishment anyway."

As Maude would say, "God'll get you for that!"

Carlos Ponce

Don't worry sverige, God is very forgiving. But you have to ask for forgiveness and forgive others as well.

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