The Rev. James E. Daniels

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagles' Nest community organization and lives in Texas City.

There is a very old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” There is also a portion of scripture which states “you will reap what you sow.”

The presidential election is over, but the effect of the result has just begun. Because of the extremely vile rhetoric involved, the nation is more divided than ever. Family and friends, during the Thanksgiving holidays, were reported to have endured some very strained relationships. A federal judge told newly sworn-in citizens that Trump was the president-elect and if they did not like it, they could find themselves another country.

In the midst of the “mood of the country,” true Americans, Native Americans, are once again being pushed aside and hosed down, as African Americans were in the ‘50s and ‘60s. We have also been asked to give President-elect Trump a chance. We should do that, but where was this show of commitment in 2008 for President Obama? In fact, the Republican elite set out to make the president a one-termer.

President-elect Trump said that he wishes to bring the nation together; however, his first appointments answered the “how” to that question. To God-fearing people, hypocrisy is far worse than any email scandal. Mr. Trump with his cabinet choices seems to be leaning more toward division. He has even chosen an individual that has spent years attempting to destroy the public school system as his head of education.

I am a lifelong Democrat, and have always been able to stand against those things and issues with which I disagree. Anything that is contrary to the word of God, I personally oppose. Yet, I have seen, so-called “Christian conservatives,” turn a blind eye to the racial, sexist and discriminatory rhetoric and behaviors of Trump, for the sake of party loyalty.

In addition to that, it has been proven that our adversary, the Russians, used cyberattacks on our election process. As a result, to my friends in the Rust Belt; the coal mines and steel mills are not coming back, as promised by Trump. Social Security and Medicare, as we know it, is on the chopping block. There is increased racial tension and hate crimes have increased dramatically since the election.

Ironically, Trump promised to drain the swamp in Washington, but his proposed appointments make it seem as if he is just adding larger alligators. His conflicts of interest are far reaching and his voters of the Rust Belt will soon learn that Trump and Paul Ryan are planning to take away the 50-year-old safety net and replace it with vouchers and privatization, and that no jobs are going to return, no matter what Trump tells them.

Last, but not least, 20 million people will lose their insurance coverage when the Republicans, led by Trump, get their way, and that is a fact.

Much respect for Art Sisneros, a Texas elector, who resigned so Trump wouldn’t receive his vote.

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagle's Nest Community Organization and lives in Texas City. 


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Don Ciaccio

Better check your bible Rev. - That one commandment, "thou shalt not kill", goes directly against the basis of abortion, MURDERING THE UNBORN, which is the platform of the Democratic Party!!! You might want to review your decision about "anything contrary to the word of god, I personally oppose". Looks like you've got some soul searching to do. Just might be time to leave the Democratic Party, the party that says it's ok to murder children in the womb!!

David Shumate

Actually, fetuses aren't included in that commandment. Jews didn't believe a fetus had a soul until it took its first breath. (

However, Jesus was pretty clear about which 2 commandments were the most important to follow: Love the Lord your God. Love your neighbor. (Matthew 22: 36-40, Mark 12: 30-31, Luke 10:27). There aren't many on these forums who follow that second one very well.

Carlos Ponce

From the website you provide, "Intentional abortion is not mentioned directly in the Bible, but a case of accidental abortion is discussed in Exodus 21:22‑23,..."
By no means is a planned abortion "accidental" so the Biblical reference does not apply. Shalom, mishpocha.

Leon Lion

Right Mr. Ciaccio, I think Mr. Daniels, and yes I say Mr., not reverend, as he in no way should be considered reverend. Mr. Daniels will have a lot of explaining to do when his time comes to stand before God one day on why he supported a party that supported the death of so many babies, most being of his own ethnicity.

Robert Braeking

Actually, Don, Exodus 20:13 is translated "You shall not murder." Either way your point is well taken. (Also it is the Democrat not democratic party. Semantics)

The Rev. is equally "misunderinformed" on the Constitutionality of the Department of Education. Or rather the unconstitutionality. The Federal government is not authorized to fund education in any way, shape, manner, or form.

Personally I agree with the judge. If you don't like our electoral process and its result you may not want to be a citizen of this country.

Social Security and Medicare are insolvent thanks to the underhanded efforts of the Democrat party and its then leader LBJ. More of the same would merely have exacerbated the problems. Perhaps privatization is the solution. The government healthcare plan is 3 times more costly than private alternatives.

Everything the government touches turns to pork. Perhaps the American people are fed up with the status quo and elected Trump for a chance at a more Kosher governance.


Jarvis Buckley

You didn't have to say you were a life long Democrat preacher.
The venom in your article, said it for you.✌️

Lisa Blair

Don, The way you're constantly railing against abortion, one would think you'd have a houseful of adopted children. Or at least you'd be a foster parent. Texas has a significant need. Or are you just all talk and no walk?

Carlos Ponce

Lisa, one does not have to be an adoptive or foster parent to show concern about abortion. Can one adopt an aborted baby? If so, the pro-Life movement has "adopted" over 55 million and speak up against future abortions. One can support organizations that provide pre-natal care, nutrition, housing for those who contemplate abortion and offer adoption as an alternative to taking a child's life.
Read about one such organization, "The sanctuary of Hope":
And "Project Gabriel"
"The Gabriel Project is a pro-life parish-based apostolate of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston offering assistance to women experiencing difficult circumstances during pregnancy. Gabriel Project volunteers act to provide practical advice and help as well as spiritual support and Christian witness to mothers in need."

Doyle Beard

Do you personally know if don is in a position to adopt a child or not. Sounds like all talk to me.

Diane Turski

I would have had more respect for Art Sisneros if he had stayed and voted against Trump. That would have taken real courage, rather than resigning to enable someone else to be appointed who would tow the party line no matter how damaging to democracy!

George Croix

Are the bad choices of Jane and Fred the responsibility of Joe to clean up or pay for....?
Only for 'progressives'......

Anyway, killing for convenience by 'choice' aside, Daniel's article IS worthy, very much so, imho, of reading through several times.
First, because of his point about wrecking public education, as I can think of few who should know more about that first hand than the Rev. in association with the LMISD wrecking crew. Subject matter experts deserve consideration.
The rest of the article should be read to study how 8 years of divisive, feckless, incompetent, race baited leadership from behind can be trumped (no pun....) in 3 weeks before even taking office. It will help future politicians explain away before even doing......
Adding in the State of Denial, then 'progressives' won 20 states (plus DC), not just 19.......
It's doubtful that Trump, for all his faults, caused the leftists to end up with their worst nationwide representation in government power in nearly 90 years or so...that's a 'progressive' accomplishment.


Don Ciaccio

Carlos, Lisa is a huge supporter of the right to murder the unborn. It's part of her Democratic ideals.

Josh Butler

Another pompous piece filled with accusation and speculation. Yawn....

Wayne Holt

I am proud to say I have been a lifelong voter who ignores party affiliation and votes for the person whose record best exemplifies support for constitutional principles and trustworthy governance. At times Republican, at times Libertarian and yes, at times Democrat (reminder: it was Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, who was the lone senator with the courage to vote against both the original "Patriot Act" as well as its re-authorization.)

I have absolutely no idea why someone would be proud to support a party for his entire life when that party has supported so many positions destructive of the constitutional principles that remain the hallmark of the greatest document to freedom yet offered. And that is true whether a name has a (D), (R), (L), (G) or anything else after it.

Fortunately, the American people (both left and right) are beginning to think for themselves and the old formulations that put party above principle are being uprooted on both sides of the isle. Good for us. The sooner the call of "my party right or wrong" is erased from the popular mind, the better the hopes for the strengthening of the American republic.

Jarvis Buckley

Appears the party of Obama has switched gears, no longer
Is W being blamed for everything it's Fox News fault.
I was so proud when Pelosi was re- elected for Minority Leader of the House. It confirmed my thoughts about
The demise of the democrat's
Adios .🤓

Doyle Beard

Maybe the Rev should read the 2nd sentence of the 5th paragraph then lest talk about who is a hypocrite. Sounds like he picks and chooses what he believes in the Bible. Shame on you Rev for using the term REV and not believing the Bible.

Jarvis Buckley

David in defense of the forum
responses. In most cases the
article dictates the tone of the
Forum. Most folks both progressive or conservative have strong feelings. If it makes you uncomfortable . You shouldn't log on. Having said that. I support your right to
voice your opinion . I agree
with you venomous comments
Serves little purpose.
On another note the Trump
Bump is making a lot of us retired folk money.✌️Stock
Market still climbing.👍

David Shumate

Excellent news for you! I hope you'll consider donating some of your recent windfall to non-profits that support marginalized groups who won't fare so well from his presidency.

In regards to the comments on the forum, it doesn't make me uncomfortable. I'm just pointing out that you can't really call out "the left" for breaking one commandment when you are breaking another one.

George Croix

Mr. Shumate, would you agree that 'marginalized' people would fare better with a vibrant economy and a chance to get a job and live a less dependent life than with the low expectations of government dependency and a welfare check?
Nobody makes middle class waiting by the mailbox every month.....

I think...think...most folks would go with Option 1.
Then, of course, there's also the issue of WHY some people are marginalized...personally, if they brought it on themselves, I rate that as THEIR problem, and think we should spend time and resources on people who WANT to improve their place in life, and show it by not actively doing what they can to hold themselves back....
imho, of course......

The 'marginalized' have had the government 'looking out for them' for years now. I suspect that most people, given the opportunity, would prefer to look out for and better themselves.
It's nothing to's how the country became 'the greatest nation the world has ever known', before it got 'fundamentally changed' for the worse.......

Willis Briggs

James Daniels was right on two accounts , #1 fool me once shame on you (2008) fool me twice shame on me (2012), as the country fell for the liberal talk.

#2 you shall reap what you sew, boy are we reaping the rewards of those mistakes.


Jarvis Buckley

David sorry if I struck a nerve my friend. You have every right for your beliefs. I respect that.

Jack Cross

Pardon me Reverend, but who, is in charge of these cities and city agencies about which African Americans do have many legitimate complaints? Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago: Not exactly famous enclaves of conservative Republican political dominance. These Democrat-dominated cities in great part to a black Democratic voting bloc. How long is it going to take before the black progressives protesting to realize that democrat, not Trump run these cities and caused the problems. How long will it take when you invite outside radicals to joing you burning and looting your own city, you are working for the interests of the Democratic party. Isn’t it time to call the hand of you and other African Americans who cast blame on Trump who offered to help you when you sit back while 3,000 are shot this year in one city Chicago and almost 600 murdered including children. How can you be taken serious not only as a man of the cloth but as an African American,

Keep up the great work, Democrats. Doing a helluva job. Also, great job voting for one-party rule all you unions and inner-city residents. How's that working out for you?

Don Ciaccio

Doyle, Lisa Blair knows very well I am disabled. She was just spewing hate!!! I am quite used to the mean-spirited hate that comes from her side. No worries. I'm a big boy.

Don Ciaccio

Touché Leon!!!

Jarvis Buckley

I honestly don't believe this biased article merited this many
Comments. I'm sorry I contributed.

Doyle Beard

it might be people are getting fed up with propoganda being spewed out

George Croix

Damaging to democracy?

That's what Hillary said about a month ago about Trump possibly contesting the outcome. That it would be "horrific' and " a direct threat to our democracy'........

Well, now that she's DOING IT HERSELF and using Stein as a sock puppet for cover it's called "exercising a right"....

Very 'progressive'........ [beam][beam]

Jim Forsythe

Are YOU a Member of The Progressive Republican League?
If you consider yourself a Republican but are uncomfortable aligning yourself with the Republican Party, you may well be one of us. We support blue-and-purple-state Republicans like George Pataki, Charlie Baker, Mark Kirk, Susan Collins, and John Kasich, and maverick Western Republicans like Jon Huntsman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We also support figures who have left the party or politics as a whole in disgust, like Olympia Snowe, Charlie Crist, and Lincoln Chafee. Intellectuals like the conservatives David Brooks, David Frum, and Jim Manzi, and the liberals Michael Lind and Joel Kotkin, articulate our values well, in different ways. If you are a fan of any of these figures, our movement might be for you.

Leon Lion


George Croix


Don Ciaccio


George Larand

Obama has many legacies, one being race riots. I just call them Obamariots.

Jack Cross

NO No NO and another NO

Kimberley Jones Yancy

The truth hurts sometimes. (sigh) Are we really this divided on issues of race? Can we work together to create jobs, programs for our youth, housing and improve our schools and cities? Can we stop believing that all persons of color are on governmental aide, are illegals or live in inner cities? That is like saying that ALL whites live in $400,000 homes, are all racists and we know that is not true. What can we do about the 5 year waiting list for housing in Galveston County? What can we do about the high unemployment rate among men in Galveston County between the ages of 18-35? We have issues right here at home that persons do not come together to the table and work out. Let's take care of HOME. Plain and simple focusing on JUST race issues, TRUMP, illegals etc.. does not put money into any of our love and community partnerships toward creative positive change can breed awesome results and take us all down the road of empowerment which can translate into dollars and cents.

Paula Flinn

The answer to Ms. Jones-Yancey's question is, "Yes we are divided and polarized in this county and country." We are polarized on almost every issue, as you could see from the latest election that one candidate won the contest by earning the most Electoral College votes, and the other candidate won the popular vote by over 2 million people. One of the problems is that Conservatives and Progressives have completely different ways to solve the problems of today. Two examples are Medicare & Social Security, and neither one are insolvent. Conservatives (like Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan) would like to privatize them both, which will create "middle men" who will have to make a profit, also. The result of privatization will most likely be that the recipients of either or both programs will pay more and get less. Privatization may ruin both programs.

Your post addresses real-life problems without name-calling and insulting anyone. I find that very refreshing and "different" for this group of people to consider. You are probably a broad-minded person who would like to bring people together to solve some real problems. I suggest you find some groups who do positive things for your community. Helping people can be very rewarding, and communities always need people such as yourself, to look beyond race, political affiliation, religion, etc. and treat everyone as a valuable member of society and as a child of God.

Jim Forsythe

Is Donald Trump a Progressive ?

George Croix




That's what we can do.......

IF we focus on our founding principals, REAL equal OPPORTUNITY, and toss PC in the rubbish can.....

Or, we can keep tossing out 'ists' and 'phobics' and then after years of doing so suddenly pretend to be pure as the driven snow from bias....

Or, in other words......Mr. Pot needs to stop Calling Mr. Kettle black.....
And platitudes amount to zip....the electric company won't take them as payment......


WORKING together Will work if all capable do so.
It's not 'working together' for Joe to pay for John just because John wants that....

Jack Cross

Ms Yancy, they could start by voting out democratic mayors in cities like Chicago where 3,000 have been shot and about 600 deaths this year alone.
Apparently black lives don't matter if the killing is by other blacks.

Like you say; "The truth hurts sometimes"

if people would put political correctness in the trash can where it belongs, quit calling people "Racists" maybe we could agree that these deaths need not happen and the police are not our enemy.

I doubt if there is anyone on this forum who has done anything to hold anyone back.
people give their opinions, some agree some don't and that's ok. Some may not agree with mine, but when facts are presented, how can one blame the author for what is true.

Doyle Beard

All the sour grapes and name calling wont do any good. Accept the president elect and go on in a peaceful manner. About 50% of the people did not want Obama but most of them accepted the fact and did not carry on like you people who are supposed to be adults. Set an example for our youth and not in a half anarchy way. Be a grownup and quit being a baby needing dogs, days off from school , safety pins and play doh.College professors acting like spoiled brats, you cant always have it your way. I saY GROWUP.

George Croix

The electric company won't take 'love' and 'kindness' as payment.
They want cash....which requires earning it at productive work, and that requires a good jobs creation environment. Can't support a country on just the country supporting us...eventually running out of OPM. Like Greece......
And the valuable members of society are the ones putting SOMETHING of worth into it....monetary or intellectual or philosophical or something...., not ONLY taking from it.
It's a simple matter of wishing vs reality....the main differences between the polarized America on the left, and the right, with the folks hanging around the middle spinning between want and can.....
One side says I wish we could give free everything to everybody....the other knows you have to pay the bills......

it's up to the individual which beliefs they take hold of...but it's only up to the reality side to try to keep the country afloat....

Nice to float platitudes...even better to do some real good

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