In June, the Galveston Art League will be celebrating its 100th year of offering Galveston residents, both adults and children, opportunities to exhibit their art work and to appreciate the work of others in the league’s gallery.

Members of the league are authoring a book that will tell the story of the organization’s 100 years, with an emphasis on the people who have volunteered for the league and those who have exhibited in the league’s shows at Rosenberg Library and other locations, including the league’s current gallery at 2117 Postoffice St.

We are particularly interested in participants and events during the period from 1930 to 1990.

We know there must be residents in Galveston and other communities who have paintings, drawings, sculpture, pottery or other artworks that have been included in past league shows. Others may have personal reminiscences or have friends or relatives who have memories of the league’s activities associated with the annual fire prevention poster contest, the art and fashion shows at Nathan’s Department Store, the School Art League, the art shows open to people of all ages that were held in the esplanade along Broadway and other events.

We are also looking for photographs of individuals who have had an active role in league activities or who have had their work exhibited at any time in the last century.

If you have any such material and would like to share it, please contact Pat Jakobi at We will give credit to individuals and organizations for all material that is included in the centennial history book, but all ownership and use rights except inclusion in the centennial book will remain with the donor.


Marsha Krohn lives in Galveston.

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