Politics has always been a contact sport, but it seems to be especially rough this election cycle. “Low E” and even less civility appear to be radiating out of several local incumbents’ offices, while the school children of Texas, vital flood control projects, and property tax burdens are not getting enough real action.

We, the people, would really appreciate more attention being directed to the genuine issues facing the Gulf Coast and Southeast Texas.

My comments are based on experience. I served 14 years in elected office in Galveston County from 1969 to 1983, including three terms in the Texas House of Representatives. Mayes Middleton and Wayne Faircloth are opponents in the March 6 Republican primary in House District 23, a sizable portion of which I once represented.

As a former state representative and close observer of this race, I have concluded that Mayes Middleton would better serve the people of Galveston and Chambers counties.

The mailings we have received from Faircloth, as well as his attack ads in various regional newspapers, fall far short of portraying the Mayes Middleton we know — a lawyer and successful businessman and seventh generation resident of this district. A young family man, who with his wife and three little boys live in the home that his great-grandfather built.

Mayes operates one of the oldest cattle ranches in our coastal area and has grown his family’s oil and gas business to impressive new heights. His experience as an entrepreneur who knows what it means to meet a payroll, not to mention his independence from big city lobbyists who could compromise his conservative values, will serve our folks well in the Texas Legislature.

Equally important, those who know Mayes and I will attest what a hard worker and high energy advocate he is and believe that, “here is a guy with the requisite business experience, education, common sense and Texas savvy who is eminently qualified to represent us in Austin.” Please join me in voting for Mayes Middleton for state representative on March 6.

Doug McLeod lives in Galveston.


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Carol Dean

Isn't there some sort of saying about when someone can't do anything else...sell insurance? That is exactly what Faircloth does for a living.

Mr. Middleton is a "class act" and has earned the approval and praise of thousands of people!

Doyle Beard

Sounds like some silly things you might have made up. He is not my insurance agent but I am very proud of my agent as he has helped me tremendously. My My ridiculing some one because of their occupation. Embarassing .

Walter Manuel

Very well said Mr. Mc Leod. [thumbup]

Doyle Beard

One special interest endorsing another special interest

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