This Saturday, the Galveston Alumni Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will host the inaugural Ennis Emmanuel Williams Jr. Scholarship luncheon. We are honored to keep the legacy of our Brother, Ennis Williams Jr., alive through this scholarship luncheon. Brother Williams touched the lives of a great many students here in Galveston and showed a passion for humanity through his corporal works of mercy.

This luncheon is intended to bring the community of Galveston together in celebration of education and the life lessons and values that Ennis Williams enabled in the lives of so many persons. We, as his fraternity brothers are happy to honor him with a scholarship bearing his name. By honoring 2018 graduates of Ball High School, we honor the best in who we are. We wish to inspire a future generation to consider the values of hard work, discipline, education and love.

The life of Ennis Williams Jr. is exemplary in many levels. He served his career as an educator and an administrator in the Galveston Independent School District. His approach to students was one of discipline and love. He sought the best of all students he encountered and he was particular to encourage each student to engage in science, engineering, math and technology.

Thank you to each and every person who has given a consideration of Ennis Williams Jr. through your financial gifts of sponsorship, in-kind donations, participation, and well wishes. Our community of Galveston remains a strong community dedicated to supporting our youth in their endeavors to move “Onward and Upward.”

The Galveston Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha honors the legacy of our deceased brother through a heightened interaction with the Galveston Independent School District. Over the past three years, we designed a mentoring program specific for young men in middle school. The name of the group is called The Gentleman’s Club. The overall goal of this mentoring program is to prepare our youth for life after high school and to arm them with knowledge to make positive choices in life. Seventh- and eighth-grade young men participated in mentoring sessions covering topics on anti-bullying, resume writing, improving literacy, positive encounters with law enforcement, banking, and tying a tie. Having an opportunity for mentorship allows us to continue the work that Brother Ennis Williams performed on a daily basis.

We are pleased as a group to host this inaugural scholarship luncheon. We invite the community of Galveston to share in honoring our own. We are ever grateful to the community of Galveston for the manner in which it has responded.

Hank Thierry lives in Galveston and is president of the Galveston chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.


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