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Top-10 reasons I'm 'voting' for Trump - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

January 17, 2017

Top-10 reasons I'm 'voting' for Trump

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Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 12:00 am

Thanks for nothing Obama. The unemployment rate has been cut in half. We have had 78 consecutive months of private-sector job growth. We have seen the biggest job growth in manufacturing since the 1990s. The auto industry has shown record sales. Clean energy production has doubled. Our deficit has been cut three quarters. The stock market has tripled. We have the fewest uninsured in our history and we now have marriage equality nationwide.

So, are we really better off now?

Time to Trump things up! Ten reasons why I will be voting for Donald J. Trump:

1. Nativism — Trump clearly loves this country more than Hillary Clinton. He will put “real Americans” first — no matter what. Plus, Hillary lied and might have put our country at risk; clearly he loves America more.

2. Taxes — Trump is clearly “way smarter” when it comes to taxes. He found ways to get around blowing his hard-earned money to support our country. Hillary on the other hand blew our tax dollars traveling to other countries as Secretary of State — working out peace accords and restoring our trust abroad. Plus she lied.

3. Women — Trump shows us all just how important looks and weight are in this world. He understands much better how a woman should use her body. After all, he has been with enough to know. Plus, I am sure Hillary probably lied about her weight.

4. Mexicans — He will build a wall to keep all the bad Mexican rapists and drug dealers out. Hillary wants to find ways to allow some of these hardworking people to stay here — pay taxes and contribute to our society.

5. Muslims — Trump understands that most Muslims are terrorist and need extreme vetting. Hillary, for god’s sake, wants to welcome and respect all religions.

6. Veterans — Trump will ensure that we care for all veterans and respect their grieving parents. He will make sure those persons vulnerable to PTSD not be allowed to serve. Has Hillary ever done anything to help the military and those that have served this great country?

7. Disabled — Trump has brought the conversation of disability out in the open. He has made us all understand that we have become overly sensitive to persons that might be less abled. What has Hillary done to support persons with disabilities?

8. African Americans — Trump understands “the blacks” better than any of us. He knows how horrible their communities and lives are. He made sure no African American had to live in the substandard housing he created. Has Hillary ever done anything to support Civil Rights?

9. Uninsured — Trump will do away with Obamacare. Hillary wants to find ways to insure even more people.

10. Global warming — Trump is smart enough to know that global warming is a hoax and of no real impact to our lives. Hillary wants to let science and facts guide her policies.