In his July 13 letter to the editor, Marion C. Medwedeff called the current investigation of President Trump a waste of time and taxpayer money. His letter was headlined as “Stop the investigation against President Trump.” I agree with Medwedeff’s plea. Medwedeff’s theory was Trump could pardon everybody, so why bother. I have a different theory.

I tried this out on social media and it got no traction at all, despite that I am going to offer it to you good readers and Medwedeff.

I think the narrative put forward by the mainstream news media and their associated commentators is wrong.

When he testified before Congress fired FBI Director James Comey was asked by Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr:

BURR: Do you have any doubt that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 elections?

COMEY: None.

BURR: Do you have any doubt that the Russian government was behind the intrusions in the DNC and the DCCC systems, and the subsequent leaks of that information?

COMEY: No, no doubt.

BURR: Do you have any doubt that the Russian government was behind the cyber intrusion in the state voter files?


BURR: Do you have any doubt that officials of the Russian government were fully aware of these activities?

COMEY: No doubt.

Comey and Burr are right, in my opinion. Russia actively interfered across a wide spectrum of activity. Most of it kid’s stuff. Hack this, hack that, meet this guy, meet that guy. Releasing emails was pretty serious and probably affected the election. People who have worked in elections know that changing the vote totals, in a direct fashion, in a presidential election is not likely at all.

My theory and why I agree with Medwedeff is I think the Russian’s have set Trump up. In fact, they have set up our entire country to fight among ourselves.

The mainstream media narrative is wrong because it looks to Trump to explain his contacts with the Russians. In the same way, the special counsel may also have the wrong narrative. The proper way to look at this thing is that the Russians have set Trump up.

They arranged, innocent looking contacts (and some not so innocent) in order to create a bag of “dots” for us to connect. They know Trump. They know who he is, what he is.

They know he’d never admit to being set up, that he blusters and pops-off everywhere. And they know the American media. They know the media will grab this bone and shake it.

But their real interest isn’t having Trump president, although that is obviously preferred, it is causing turmoil in our democratic institutions. It is America’s democratic institutions, our commonly held belief in a representative democracy, backed up by a written constitution that is a danger to them and how they want to expand their influence. That is their target. And I think we better figure that out, Mr. Medwedeff.

Curtiss Brown lives in Galveston.


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Steve Fouga

I respect your opinions, Mr. Brown. But the idea that you know Russia's intentions are simply the obvious sowing of chaos and attacking the institution of democracy, doesn't pass the giggle test.

A large, aggressive, nationalistic, sovereign state has a complex set of goals and initiatives that neither you, nor any of the rest of us on this forum, could know. They will include at least military, economic, and geopolitical goals.

We should not view the Russians' attack as an attempt to make democracy "look bad," or to have the U.S. seen as a laughingstock. We should treat it as a piece in a strategy to strengthen Russia and weaken the U.S. in concrete terms. To do less would be a dereliction of duty.

Carlos Ponce

Bottom line, Did Russia's attempts to influence our elections have ANY effect on the actual election? No.
Turning point was the overwhelming vote from Evangelicals(88%) and church going Catholics for Trump. Among all Catholics, 52% voted Trump.
God was more influential than the Russians in the 2016 presidential election.
And despite Obama's attempt to influence Israel's election (using our tax dollars) Netanyahu still won.

Norman Pappous

Curtiss is definitely more right than wrong here.

Paula Flinn

$500 Billion to drill in the Arctic when sanctions are removed ain't hay. Oh, and Exxon has the contract, which may, arguably, make Putin the richest man in the world. See any connection here with Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State? Money is power! Follow the money. (NYT article April, 2017. Forbes, CBS, money/, and others also reported on this April, 2017.)

Norman Pappous

Except that the Russians are crying because our energy policies have cratered the price of oil which is crushing to them... Putin can be the richest man in the world a number of ways - he doesn't need Exxon to do it and the lack of an Exxon contract would not stop him from his pursuit because any other energy company could provide the same services.

Diane Turski

Follow the money!!!

Bill Broussard

Carlos: I appreciate your views but on this one, I cannot imagine where your coming from its so in right-field.

The question is did Russia interfere with a democratic process-- not did they succeed-- and did the Trump white house participate with the Russians or were they set-up as Curtis argues.

Here is a more recent incident in favor of Curtis' argument: The ,man who is on the cover of the Art of the Deal and came into office under the mantel of a good deal-maker could re-set the world order of things came back from his first meeting with Putin posting he had agreed to work on Global cyberscurity with Russia! I am sure Mr. Putin was smiling as he drank his Stoli wondering just how long the hand grenade he shoved in stupid's deal-making butt would take before it exploded. Trump was hardly off the airplane when our Republican Congress said "No way is that ever going to happen!"

Talk about set-up! We do not have to go back to the campaign to find a Curtis example. When you see Putin and Trump together, think Lucy and Charlie Brown and kicking a football.

Curtiss Brown

Curtiss, Bill. Two eases, Curtiss.

Raymond Lewis

Whether you like or hate Trump, it is our country and democracy at risk here. Despite the back slapping and pseudo smiles, Russia is not our friend. Hate to imagine how they must be guzzling vodka and rolling on the floor laughing at how we (as Curtiss suggest) are being played.

George Croix

"In fact, they have set up our entire country to fight among ourselves."
Yes. Give that man a cold Diet Coke......
And, it's working...quite talking points parroted off web sites replace common sense and thinking for oneself, and ultimately result in near, if not actual, outright hatred for any lines of thought different from what those points say to think.
Rioting has replaced reason...dementia has replaced decorum...resisting has replaced results....uprising has replaced unity.....

One has got to have slept through Junior High and most of the time since then to not know the Russians and pretty much all Communists everywhere have not been doing all they can to destabilize all they can for as long as they've existed....

But, these days it's so important to excuse the worst left side candidate maybe ever from losing and the worst right side candidate maybe ever from winning, and to make excuses for why the previous Person in Charge failed so miserably when he knew a year ahead of time about 'interfering by the Russians, that all hope of recognizing the realities has been largely abandoned.....

Don't agree with Mr. brown on much, but he's right on target...this time.... [wink]

Steve Fouga

I believe the "soft" effects -- diminishing the value of democracy, getting us to fight among ourselves, making us a laughingstock -- are the tip of the iceberg.

We are the victims of an ongoing Russian op; look for more "hard" effects -- like Russia continuing to have its way in Syria and the Ukraine, relaxation of sanctions, establishment of new overseas military bases, trade deals with US trading partners, etc.

As for the argument that Russia's meddling in the election had no effect on the outcome, I say that's nuts! In an election lost by a few thousand votes, EVERYTHING had an effect.

Bill Broussard

By the way, XI and our bobble head friend from North Korea are all at the "stupid" party too playing let's make a deal....not.

It's not only our democracy at stake. It's democracIES. I'll believe it's over for us if Kushner gets a final security clearance. Might as well give Putin one too

Bill Broussard

Curtis: You might have ESP. Even the Ruport Murdock (owns Fox News) Wall Street Journal is asking the administration to just get this over and get on with business!

"WSJ torches Trump and Don Jr.: ‘They have created the appearance of a conspiracy’
Gabby Kaufman 3 hours ago

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board published a scathing assessment of President Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr.’s conduct in the wake of the fallout caused by the latter’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign.

Titled “The Trumps and the Truth,” the editorial urges “radical transparency” from the White House in its approach to the congressional and Justice Department Russia probes.

“Even Donald Trump might agree that a major reason he won the 2016 election is because voters couldn’t abide Hillary Clinton’s legacy of scandal, deception and stonewalling,” the paper said. “Yet on the story of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, Mr. Trump and his family are repeating the mistakes that doomed Mrs. Clinton.”

Trump Jr.’s changing statements concerning the meeting, and his eventual admission that he attended because he was offered incriminating information from the Russian government about his father’s opponent, earned a less-than-rosy evaluation from the Journal.

“Even if the ultimate truth of this tale is merely that Don Jr. is a political dunce who took a meeting that went nowhere — the best case — the Trumps made it appear as if they have something to hide. They have created the appearance of a conspiracy that on the evidence Don Jr. lacks the wit to concoct.”

I like the last sentance

George Croix

Raise your hand if you REALLY think Hillary lost because of the Russians, and not because of Hillary's foibles, and Barack Obama's 8 years, and the combined effect of those two on the people tired of 'let me be clear' meaning everything but....
You would have to believe that a candidate like Donald trump beat her/them all on his own, and the disgust/3rd term factor played no part.....

Steve Fouga

I'll assert that whenever someone loses a close election it's because of a number of things. In Hillary's case, one of those things was Russian meddling.

Bill Broussard

George: You might enjoy the fact that today another new and trustable poll was released and still showed President Trump two points higher than Ms. Clinton in popularity even though the number were low.[beam]

George Croix

Hacking amounts to NOTHING unless there's something of value to be hacked.
Nothing there? Nothing to worry about....
Had it not been for Podesta's OWN email hanging party, self-inflicted, telling the tales of a campaign/Sec of State/Party so utterly invested in lying their candidate into office that they 'didn't care what she did' and encouraged equally suspect people to do the same, she WOULD have won.....
Even the White House and the U.S. Justice Dept. and the FBI did all they could to help her, but Joe Blow in Middle America had had enough of being ignored and taken for granted.
Joe didn't like being lied to and played for a continuing sucker....once he knew he was being....
If the Russians ever take us over, it will be because too many became so utterly dependent on somebody else taking care of them, and unwilling to face the reality of being 20 TRILLION bucks in debt, that the internal crash and burn leaves the door open for pretty much anybody to walk in....
'Resist' that.....

Paula Flinn

Wait till you see the debt spiral with Trump. He is already personally outspending Obama 10 to 1. If the Russians take over, it will be because Trump has invited them to by "friending" Putin and doing his bidding. Think about major legislation accomplished so far, Trump doesn't act interested enough in any bill to read it, Finally read parts of the health care bill and called it "mean." Trump has not expanded his base by offering an olive branch to anyone. All he has accomplished is criticizing our allies, making us look like we are weak overseas, and not the leader of the free world, playing up to Putin, and selecting Gorsuch. Every weekend he is at one of his resorts playing golf. Some leader!

Carlos Ponce

With the increase in jobs and the rest of the economy, revenues will be made up.

Doyle Beard

wake up and get informed

Carlos Ponce

"All he has accomplished...."
So sad when people only watch Leftist news sources and don't know of all of what Trump has accomplished. You have much to learn.
Obama made great friend overseas; electronic surveillance of allies, trying to interfere in other country's elections, etc. China even would not even roll out the red carpet stairway for Air Force One.

Steve Fouga

Personally, I think the social media bots had a bigger impact than the hacks.

Curtiss Brown


George Croix

Then, shouldn't we be all outraged about and investigating Facebook, et al....[unsure]

Steve Fouga

YES, George! YES!!

George Croix

Go to 1 minute 20 seconds

Steve Fouga


I miss that guy.

Carlos Ponce

Steve Fouga posts "Personally, I think the social media bots had a bigger impact than the hacks."
Since I don't do "social media" I asked a few friends what they do. My Trump supporting friends don't get their news nor views from "social media". Just a small sampling mind you.

Steve Fouga

Carlos, you and your friends are probably reliable conservative voters who wouldn't have voted for Hillary no matter what. I know you wouldn't have.

The bots rallied lazy conservatives who might not have voted at all, or who were losing faith in Trump. It only takes a few in swing districts.

George Croix

"He is already personally outspending Obama 10 to 1"

Gotta love it......

Bill Broussard

George. Think she might have been comparing weekend tabs to the taxpayer?

George Croix

Could be, Bill, but I doubt those left wing info-websites worry about the minutia, just the mind control..... [beam][beam]
10 to 1 has such a nice ring to it....
And, with OPM, what's the REAL difference between 20 trillion and 200's like worrying about how many appetizers you eat at a wedding buffet...
Personally, I wish Trump would stay at work and throw his phone away and keep his big mouth shut more.
But, it could have been worse.....3 terms of the same thing would have been as bad as it gets....[whistling]

Bill Broussard

You and I might be happier with Pence.

Carlos, my firm is working directly for the Secretary of State at this moment in his re-org of the Department. I don't read the internet like Curtis. But it will take Washington some time to recover from the last six months.

Dedicated folks in our Department of State. Very mission driven.

Bill Broussard


Carlos Ponce

"Very mission driven." Whose mission?

Curtiss Brown

You should spend more time on the Internet.

Carlos Ponce

Trump is saving money in other areas to offset "costs". Among other things, WH payroll.
See: "Trump's lean payroll could save taxpayers as much as $22M"

Bill Broussard

Carlos: To be honest, that about is almost a weekend in Florida. [wink]

Carlos Ponce

Like I posted: "among OTHER things". The amount he has saved us adds up.

Don Ciaccio

Curtiss makes some great points. I agree

Curtiss Brown This is an interesting GeoPolitical Futures article that brings in more context to my article and Steve's comments. I think you will find this an interesting analysis. It was provided to me by a former city council member in Galveston.

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