Texas City celebrates Small Business Week through Thursday.

This week, we devote our efforts as a city and chamber of commerce to the small businesses, highlighting just a fraction of those that are the fabric of our economy, telling their stories of growth, innovation and, most definitely, success.

Each time I visit with a small business person, I am inspired by the stories of their methods of operation and, more importantly, their passion for why they do what they do.

It’s the true secret of their success.

But, more often, I am amazed by the community involvement of small businesses.

Many do not have the luxury of a large-scale workforce, but they find the time and energy to give back to their hometown.

We will pay tribute to two great examples of success at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Texas City Museum, 409 6th St. N., in Texas City.

Mainland Tool and Supply, owned by Roy and Sharon Jones, is a great example of business owners who provide outstanding customer service as well as outstanding community service.

Mainland Tool supplies both big industry and homeowners as well. Their website includes a large portion dedicated to the community.

Their wording says it best — “Mainland Tool is dedicated to supporting causes that are important to our valued customers and to us. We believe the foundation of giving starts locally and then can continue to grow from there.”

It’s pretty amazing that one of the most prominent features of their website and company focuses on community.

Another honoree, Merle Norman Cosmetics and Boutique, has been owned by Jane Baucum for 48 years.

Imagine the changes that Baucum has witnessed in that time.

Baucum has contributed through community involvement with Texas City Crimestoppers, The Salvation Army, Texas City Aid and Guidance, United Way (serving as the second female president), Police Academy, Texas City Housing Authority Board and Business and Professional Women to name a few.

Throughout the years, Baucum has committed countless hours of service both in her store and in her hometown.

Additionally, on the same evening that we pay tribute to these two businesses, there will be 22 local business people who will entertain the crowd with their very own version of “Dancing With The Stars.”

They have all put in many hours of practice to give their community an entertaining event.

These are examples of what small business contributes.

They are made up of our friends and neighbors — people we know by name.

They serve us in more ways than we know.

Please show your support and appreciation this week to our many local businesses, and be a part of true community.

Contact the chamber at 409-935-1408 or Texas City at 409-643-5916 for information on the many activities during Texas City Small Business Week.

Jenny Senter is vice president of the Texas City-La Marque Chamber of Commerce.

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