Hopefully we all survived another spring break, and now the children in Clear Creak Independent School District are back in school, please observe the school zones. Monday is St. Patrick’s Day, the one day, in the year, that brings the Irish out in everyone.


Congratulations to the CCISD board of trustees for voting on the name “Challenger Columbia Stadium” in honor of the space shuttle program legacy and the astronauts who perished aboard both flights.

“NASA is honored that our community recognizes the tremendous commitment that accompanies human spaceflight. We are proud that the stadium name will serve as a lasting memorial of our teamwork and dedication”, said Johnson Space Center Director  Ellen Ochoa.

When you talk of history of our city, it must include NASA and our space program. NASA has been a significant factor in the development of our area.

When making the recommendation, the naming committee said Challenger Columbia Stadium was strongly reflected in community suggestions. The name also honors two major historical events that impacted the school district and the community. It also signifies the deep history of the space program within school district boundaries. The stadium will be constructed near Challenger Seven Park.

 The name was one of three recommendations brought forward to the board of trustees by the  district’s Naming Committee. “The history and the future of NASA are important to all of us, especially our students,” said Greg Smith, superintendent of schools. “Whether it is graduation, a robotics competition, a fine arts or athletic achievement, our students will be reminded to always be bold in their aspirations and reach for the stars.”

This committee was comprised of citizens like you and me. It is very important to volunteer to work on committees with the school district or our city. Get involved.

 The district will break ground on Challenger Columbia Stadium on March 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the stadium site, which is near 2145 W. NASA Blvd. Clear Creek’s Challenger Columbia Stadium is scheduled to open in August 2015. It is funded through the 2013 bond.

The time is getting near for the cutoff to purchase tickets to the 2014 Webster-Clear Creek High School Reunion which will be on April 26 at the Elks Lodge, 623 FM 2094, Kemah. This multi-class reunion is for anyone who attended Webster or Clear Creek High School, whether or not he or she graduated with their class. Guests are welcome also. Registration is $20 per person for hors d’oeuvres, music, dancing and acknowledgments. A photographer will be available. Bring your yearbooks. For more information please contact Charla Baldinger Arnold, arnold.charla@yahoo.com, or Joyce Graves Tucker, hztucker@gmail.com. Deadline is April 1.


At the Butler Longhorn Museum, Kelly McGuire’s song writer series “Up Close & Personal” with special guest Chuck Pyle will be April 17. The doors will open at 7 p.m. with the show starting at 8 p.m. For tickets go to www.redfishisland.com.

Chris John Mallios, a longtime resident of League City, is writing

a series of occasional columns about the history of his hometown. He can be reached at mallios@comcast.net.

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ole dad

Nice tribute the CCISD school board to sway to your emotional side to name the not-approved yet (could be wrong on this point) sports facility after our fallen heroes. It is my belief that our fallen Astronauts would like to have seen these funds go to Math and Science Programs rather than a sports venue. We currently have sufficient facilities or maybe with some minor upgrading for non-educational activities such as sports.

Carlos Ponce

How about for Fine Arts? The stadium can also be used for UIL Marching Competition. Clear Creek, Clear Lake, Clear Falls, and Clear Springs may be getting tired of going to Sam Vitanza Stadium.[beam]


In my opinion, CCISD is a first class school district operated by first class individuals who value not only first class educational opportunities for their children, but will not shy away from obtaining and providing for first class facilities to help motivate, and inspire their students to be the best they can be in academics as well as sports! Like I told my three high school girlfriends years ago, "there is room for more than one here!"
When you are first class,...I say BE first class from back to front, and front to back. There is not one thing wrong with a district as fine and big as CCISD having more than one stadium, in order to schedule all the many activities they have to schedule.
Another positive thing which is obvious is their constituents and tax-payers are working up close,... and hand in hand maintaining,and keeping their district as one of the best around,...focusing on potential new growth of new businesses, and in residential as well! So, I'd like to say, to the people of League City, and CCISD the same words the late Wilson Pickett named one of his songs:
"YOU LOOKING GOOD!" Congratulations and keep up the good work,...the kids deserve any advantage they can get in order to help prepare them to work together in a very diverse world,... in a TEAM atmosphere as well as solo!

ole dad

Jbgood, I don't mind being 1st class in education. But when they start thinking we're motivating students from watching a small group of people benefit from something that has absolutely nothing to do with education, at my expense, ya been watchin' way too much Friday Night Lights. And please, don't retort how these 1st class facilities attract more tax dollars to my tax base and with a few other sleight of hand movements actually benefit me.


Oledad, you are not the only one who pay taxes nor are you the only one who is allowed to have an opinion on this forum. I might be missing something here,..but I don't think so. I posted my opinion, and nowhere in it did I mention your name, calling you out for what you believe.
So, you keep believing what you want, and my position has not changed. Congratulation CCISD on your plans for a beautiful facility. "You looking Good!"

ole dad

"Called you out", mmmm, I'm not really sure what you mean. If it was using your web ID in connection with your stated opinion, if that's the case I guess you "called me out" because of my opinion...not really sure. But for those of you in the forum believe the way I do or others do be careful how you state things. Forums, like emails are often misconstrued due to the lack of true emotional intent. My apologies[smile]


I accept your apologies,....now we can move on. [wink]

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