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George Croix

It's deja vu all over again.
PLEASE! Try to understand the difference between what government 'can' do, and what it 'will' do.
They are not now, and never have been, the same.
Toss in good versus bad consequences of any action they take, for another variable of interest.
Witness the 'savings' from the ACA, which has in fact cost the average person now MORE than what it was 'predicted' to save us. That avg. 2500 buck savings is now about a 2300 buck avg. extra expense.
Ethanol in gasoline is another prime example of what government 'can' do for you, but always ends up costing you more.
Jed Clampett's words need to be heeded by government on everything except the Constitutional mandate they have of promoting the general welfare, providing for the common defense, and securing the blessings of liberty: " Don't help me, Jethro."

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