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Diane Turski

Just more trickle down economics propaganda. As I recall, sending out the British Navy to fight with Argentina over the Falkland Islands was the only thing that saved Margaret Thatcher from the anger of the British citizens. They were ready to throw her out because she damaged the British economy by selling off (privatizing) British holdings such as British Petroleum (BP), among other misguided policies. She and Reagan both followed the flawed Chicago School of Economics model of governing.

Gary Miller

Diane! If not for the poverty created by progressives conservatives would be the only political power in the world. Generations living in poverty vote liberal in fear of being left with nothing. Just like pets they vote for the hand that feeds them. Eliminating poverty would eliminate progressives. First step? End illegal immigration. Second step? Deport illegal migrants using entitlement programs. Third step? Restart, expand and enforce "work for welfare" for citizens.

Emile Pope

Reagan’s trickle down economics orchestrated the destruction of the middle class and the rise of the corporate state. Thatcher was ousted by her own party and hated by most of her populace. Her economic policies were and still are hated. They aren’t any type of role models...

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