When Ronald Reagan was elected president, commentators thought him a simpleton; a Hollywood cowboy who somehow got elected president and was then probably asking himself, “Now what?” The question more aptly applies to Trump.

Reagan had been in the political arena well before he ran for president, as governor of California. And before that, president of the Screen Actors Guild, during the turbulence of that era. His conservative bona fides were evident in many speeches he gave on national and global problems. And he wrote all of his own speeches.

It is doubtful Trump has a deep understanding of any issue, judging from what he says. He admits he doesn’t read much. He keeps up with current events watching TV. He can’t seem to discuss any issue more than a minute (that isn’t scripted and written by someone else) without getting sidetracked on some irrelevant subject. And he is obsessed with social media, mostly Twitter.

He loves Twitter. He tweets several times a day. Usually in an attack mode against whomever he thinks has slighted him. He has said Twitter is a perfect medium to keep the public informed on his thinking and policies. Well, Mr. president-elect, it is more likely the medium that will expose your ignorance to the world. The perfect example: i.e. you recently tweeted that you would have won the popular vote if one takes away the “millions of illegal votes for Clinton.” It is stupidity of the first order for a president-elect to be repeating something obviously gleaned from some conspiracy-nut website. There is no widespread voter fraud on a national scale. It simply can’t be done with over 3,000 local voting precincts and each one being closely monitored by both political parties, and watchdogs.

Everyone on the Trump train must be wondering why he would make such a ridiculous claim, without a shred of evidence. And for what purpose? He has already won the presidency with the electoral college vote. Perhaps a good portion of the world is also wondering, on a different level. Is he going to go off the deep end again?

Most of the public must also be puzzling over Trump’s startling changes on campaign pronouncements. Build a giant wall on the southern border? Deport 11 million illegals immediately? Climate change is a giant conspiracy hoax? Repeal Obamacare? All have been drastically modified. What, then, will happen to all his other “bold” stances?

No one seems to know exactly where he stands, specifically, on the pressing issues and perhaps he doesn’t either. Which raises the specter of the future, when push comes to shove in some crises — will he be asking himself “Now what?” That is the rather frightening possibility that confronts our nation. Indeed, the world.

Bob Fields lives in Santa Fe.


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Diane Turski

With every Cabinet appointment he makes and every corporate giveaway deal he makes, including to Carrier if anyone cares to read the details of his "deal" with them, Trump proves that he is a fraud and a con man. I wonder how long it will take before his supporters are willing to realize this and reject this "change" they have inflicted on the rest of us.

Carlos Ponce

"Trump proves that he is a fraud and a con man." No, he's a businessman and knows "The Art of The Deal". The country survived almost 8 years of Obama's "change" but many people lost "hope" and jobs. The jobs "created" in their stead were low wage, low hour jobs. Not good. Now it's time for him to step aside and let someone else take the wheel who KNOWS how to drive.
As for Carrier; that company was ready to pull out because of government over-regulation, most enacted since Obama took office. Part of the deal means curtailing government intrusion into private business. Also cutting corporate taxes, a reason given by many who leave the United States, is an incentive to keep US companies and jobs in this country.

Doyle Beard

$68 millions dollars in payroll people paying school taxes, city aanother taxes plus off shoot business is bad I guess Diane thinks so Carlos. she must think being on unemployment or food stamps is better as do most liberals.

Jarvis Buckley

After last nights Thank You
Speech. I slept so well knowing
Finally a real businessman, is
our next president. Our Country
Is back in business. Hopefully
we can all pull together & work
for a better America.

Kelly Naschke

Hey Diane...I wonder if the 1100 Carrier employees that will be keeping their jobs think Trump is a con man. All Trump did was make a phone call....why didn't Obama make that call??? Oh,,,,the stock market is up...retail sales are up, and the most recent Gallup Poll shows that Americans are more confident in the economy now than we have been in the last 9 years....I wonder why?

Jarvis Buckley

Diane I wrote my comments before I read yours. I hope one day you will feel better.

George Croix

Actually, he's not the President - only 'elect'....
Maybe let him get sworn in 49 days from now before totally losing it....
Nope....to late.....Trump Derangement Syndrome is already min full swing......

Look, we just survived...assuming he doesn't screw up more/worse in 49 days....an incompetent, feckless, arrogant, intentionally divisive king-wannabe with nothing much lost except the American middle class to second place, good jobs replaced by low pay/min wage/29.5 hr week jobs, health care wrecked and the folks paying the bills stuck with higher ones so a minority of the population could get subsidized insurance that they can't afford the deductibles on, and all time record food stamps use and if the people who play with figures would just tell it like it is we'd have an unemployment rate...counting the ones who've given up hunting...over twice as high as the 'official' one the politicians use to fool us suckers......
Great, huh?
Sure gonna miss all that hope and change....

Trump may be the worst President in the history of the nation....which means he's only got to totally screw up one thing more than his predecessor.....

George Croix

Trump's the President elect for five reasons...imho....

1) Barack Obama was so utterly bad and phony (recall the 'heartfelt' notification that an American journalist had been beheaded by 'the JV', then minutes....minutes....later yucking it up on the golf course....) and cared not a whit about any but his own ideological likenesses...and was willing to spin lie upon lie to do so.

2) The Democrat Party had enough good members still un-afflicted with 'progressive' cancer to recognize that Hillary is a complete charlatan 'baton passer' who's accomplished zip without coat-tailing Bill and Barack, and that, for a few, not being a serial liar, especially about dead Americans, is still a good thing...thus deserting a sinking ship in just enough numbers to send the Queen Bee back to her 'home state' of New York...where she can sit in the basement bathroom and reminisce about the lost secret server that lying about got her told 'Your Fired'....

3) The Republican old guard and too many of it's supporters have become little more than personal job protectors and sloganeers, choosing to fight more to help themselves than fight against 'fundamental change of the greatest nation the world has ever known'...they had devolved to pulling almost...almost....as much of a vacuum as the Left.
If they did not hear the wake up call this time, then shame on them on top of the shame they earned the last 8 years for talking but not walking....

4) American citizens...enough of them.... are tired of being sub-divided along class and race lines by political hacks and 'progressive' ideologues and of being called bigots and racists by real bigots and racists and of listening to the stupidity of such stuff as 'leading from behind' or 'if you like it you can keep it...Period' and talk about minimum wage as if that's a good thing for a career or family rather than a starter or temp job, and of paying out of their earned money pockets to support not just a permanent dependency class (those that do not HAVE to be)....but an INVASION of illegal aliens eating up scarce resources and given preference to U.S. citizens and laws in too many places and cases.

5) While you really can fool some of the people all of the time, you cannot fool enough of them long enough to obscure the realities in which they personally live...sooner or later, put up or shut up comes along.....
Hillary got shut up, and Trump got put up.
BOTH would do well to carry out those mandates.....

Again, imho....

Merry Christmas to all.
Many thanks to the 'wise men' who founded the nation, and those following that still remember why......

Doyle Beard

Merry Christmas to you George. Keep your post going because they have so many facts and real life ideas other than the feel good propaganda some spew out. life . So many dont like to face reality , just make me feel good seems to be their mottos. You and I know that is a farce and not always good. People need to toughen up.

George Croix

The problem occurs, Mr. Beard, imho, when feeling good about life is the claimed exclusive domain of any one ideology.....and all 'non-believers' are to be persecuted...actually and literally....

Of course, it also helps to have a clue what actual persecution is.....ain't gonna get that clue crying in a 'safe room' or falsely calling people a multitude of 'ist' and'phobic' names, all while claiming to be 'tolerant', of course....

That CAN be fixed....but like alcoholism or drug addiction, the abuser has to WANT to be cured.......
JUST ENOUGH voted to do so 24 days ago........

Here's hoping for, also, a Happy New Year for everybody, and a first step on the road to Ist Place for our economy and a rebirth of persona responsibility, the Rule of Law (and Order) and the beginnings of dissolution of dependency...

My Grandkids deserve that.
So do everyone else's.....

Doyle Beard

Bob Fields need to realize America is a Repblic not a democracy and the Republic elected A president and that is the constitution so live with it. He has 4 yrs to work on it if he does not like it.

George Croix



Close enough

Jarvis Buckley

Dear conservative friends. I have decided for my health I need to stay away from the forums for at least a week or two. Maybe longer. It saddens
me so much to read the mean
Spirited comments it is effecting this old mans health.
I am so proud DJT was elected.
You guys keep up the good
work. You are an old mans

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