The recent Kardashian-West wedding kicked up a storm throughout the Internet; I know that because I’m a little too invested in celebrity gossip.  

Many folks expressed doubt it would last, but I hope it does last.

My hope is based on an abstract: The belief that marriage is a great good, a way that we receive and give grace in the most intimate way possible.

I want Kim and Kanye to experience that kind of grace and to benefit from the transformation it brings.

I pray they put just as much mental and spiritual energy into their relationship as they put into their extravagant ceremony.

As a minister, I have the great privilege to officiate weddings as well as to provide premarital sessions.

It is a humbling wonder to be able to sit and talk about love, commitment, fears, dreams and possibilities with each couple.  

In light of that, as the senior minister of Central Christian Church of Galveston Island, I’ll be offering a premarital/commitment cohort program beginning in August.

For six weeks, up to six couples will meet with me (and each other) to talk, think and pray about their upcoming marriages.

Joining this cohort will result in a discount on Central Christian Church wedding rental prices.

I’m offering this cohort because my faith tells me marriage matters.

When I say “marriage,” I mean traditional marriages as well as same-gendered marriages as the Central Christian Church of Galveston Island is an inclusive church.

Marriage, this life-altering covenant between two committed people, matters.

It is my conviction that the church has a responsibility to do more than just run people through the wedding industry system and then abandon them after the glitzy ceremony ends.

Largely, I think the church has failed at this, and must once again speak up on behalf of existence transforming commitment.

So, it is my desire that in our cohort program, all the couples will not only be prepared for their wedding days, but spiritually prepared for the life ahead of them.  

We all can’t have wedding days like Kimye did, but that’s not really the goal.

Perhaps what we all can have are marriages filled with extravagant, committed, self-giving, grace-imparting love.

Will you join me this August?

The Rev. Elizabeth Grasham is senior minister of Central Christian Church of Galveston Island.

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