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Doyle Beard

Although most are gone ,I want to say a thank you to them and their families for the great sacrifices they made. They are all our greatest heroes as are all the men and women who serve our country. God bless each and everyone of them. America can't thank you enough . Each time I talk to one who I know is in the military I say thank you and shake their hands for their service.

Diane Brodie

I grew up on Oahu and that's why I now live on Galveston. I am a beach girl. My mother was born and raised there also. She was 16 when pearl Harbor was bombed and came to my history class in high school to talk about that day. The Japanese islanders ran for the hills thinking they would be blamed. The ships in the harbor shooting at the planes would sometimes miss and the shells fell on the streets of Honolulu. My mom and her sisters carried gas masks with them to school and left by ship soon after to go to school on the mainland. When home, my grandparents hosted servicemen on the weekends for cookouts and volleyball on the beach, but they would have to cover their windows with blackout cloth at night so enemy submarines couldn't use the lights to find shore. Frightening, exciting, interesting times to grow up in Hawaii.

Don Schlessinger

Well said Mr. Beard. Coming from a military family it's hard not to be emotional on a day like today. The men who went down with their ships were the first hero's of the Second World War.

Doyle Beard

Its not only a day to remember but a day to say a great big THANKS to the many of our real American Heroes.

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