The La Marque school board should ask Shirley Fanuiel, one of its members, to resign.

Fanuiel, who has been indicted on a charge of felony theft, has submitted a letter saying she’s taking a leave of absence.

That’s not good enough.

The school district is fighting for its life, and Fanuiel’s presence as a trustee doesn’t do much to inspire public confidence — even if she’s effectively abdicated that post.

At the very least, this half step leaves vacant a trustee’s seat at a time when the community desperately needs good leaders who can focus on the plight of school district. The district’s problems are serious enough to warrant the appointment of a state conservator.

At a time like this, the board should include the best leaders the community can muster. It shouldn’t feel obligated to keep a seat open for someone who is having to fend off criminal charges.

An indictment is an accusation — not a conviction. Fanuiel is entitled to be presumed innocent. She has every right to fight those charges, but she should fight them as a private citizen, not as an elected official.

Until the criminal charge is resolved, Fanuiel should not be a part of the board.

What the school district needs today is a new trustee — someone without this kind of distraction.

The school board should ask her to resign. If she does not, the board should take steps to remove her. That’s not going to be easy, but the board should try.

• Heber Taylor

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Robert Buckner

If she were to resign. another of the board's cronies would be named to replace her so the incompetence would remain.

Walter Manuel

"She has every right to fight those charges, but she should fight them as a private citizen, not as an elected official.

Until the criminal charge is resolved, Fanuiel should not be a part of the board".

Bingo! Someone kindly give Mr. Taylor a cigar!

I wouldn't hold my breath on this school board doing the right thing because thir past actions have proven that they don't have the spine to stand up for what's best for our school district, students and taxpayers when it comes to protecting one of their own.

It's really funny watching such a group of narcassistic people being brought down one by one, except for the fact that the time that it's taking to do so has now taken the life out of our once excellent and proud school district along with having robbed our children out of receiving a decent education that we once knew in LMISD.

I wonder how these people sitting on the board can even look in a mirror and like what they see about themselves when the decisions that they have been making has ultimately affected so many childrens' and other people's lives???

I'm not holding my breath that this school board grows some kahuna's any time soon and finally fights for the children and LMISD's survival and NOT for one of their own friends again as history constantly reminds us! [yawn]

Mike Meador

Finding a replacement for Fanuiel (if she were to resign) isn't necessary. Mr. Price, the conservator, makes all decisions. At this point the district doesn't even need to have a board, except in name only.

This school district is on life-support. Those of you who think about turning this district around haven't read the's time to pull the plug.

Walter Manuel

Your exactly right Robert and Cougargator.

The board would certainly appoint someone who is in line with their own way of thinking and what best serves themselves, even though we have already seen this practice completely destroy a once fantastic school district.

Mr. Carlos Price is certainly welcomed at this point so that our bottom feeders of school board members can no longer destroy what's left of our district before we finally see only the back of their heads as they ride off into the sunset for the next destruction adventure.

This is now a powerless board at this point as Cougargator points and it rightfully should be!

Welcome to LMISD Mr. Price! You certainly have a mess on your hands to try and clean up before we're finally consolidated with another school district! [sad]

Walter Manuel


That should read, "This is now a powerless board at this point as Cougargator points "out" and it rightfully should be!


"we finally see only the back of their heads as they ride off into the sunset for "their" next destruction adventure".[wink]

Robert Buckner

Cougargator, this ISD is on Life support? I'll gladly pull the plug and end the soap opera.


Crying and whining is not going to do any good! If they've paid attention, they would have observed North Forest ISD crying a river over there, griping,..bellowing...and they brought in two well known Congress members with TV cameras to help back the TEA up when they received news of their closing.
Hey,the TEA, don't back up,...especially when they have given ample and timely opportunities for school organizers to correct known deficiencies ! This is why North Forest ISD is defunct and closed now. It is also why if those test scores don't improve, LMISD will be defunct and closed too! That is something single member voting districts won't be able to act as a shield against! The TEA is the only hope for these kids now to obtain a quality educational opportunity.
It is the only way to shutdown, the selfish,..self-serving mentalities being exhibited in operating this school district at the present! When it's closed,...I say again,...when the last lock is put on the door, kids all over LaMarque,....can say, FREE AT LAST,....FREE AT LAST,....GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY,....WE'RE FREE AT LAST!

George Croix

Few things promote bad management and poor decision making more than having most or all of the decision makers ideological clones of each other.
Too much missed. Too many opportunities discounted. Too likely that a desire to make each other look good will result in poor choices made that leave the problem at hand getting short shrift.


That brings up a good point. A few years ago, there were two candidates running for a seat, on the board of LMISD. The GDN stepped in and had an information section on the candidates so as to educate the voters. Allow me to give a breakdown on what transpired as closely as I can remember:
GDN: What do you see as the most important issues you will address on the board if you are elected?
Candidate one:
" I think we will certainly have to operate wiser within our budget,...find ways to retain dissatisfied students who are leaving the district." "I also think discipline is a great problem for LMISD now." "If elected, I will work to bring more effective discipline to LISD!"
Candidate two:
"I will seek to work with the present board members."

I know there are those who don't remember who won,...are now pondering which one won the election. It is not hard when you consider who you are dealing with here! Mr. Price, are you listening sir?
The winner: Candidate number TWO!!!!! STRAIGHT UP, AND BY A LANDSLIDE!!!!

Note* Word on the streets was that candidate number two was endorsed by people of influence here and about!

Walter Manuel

Your so right again Mr. JBG and Gecroix!

It seems that no one currently sitting on the board have a desire to do what's best for the district because of their fear of being chastised by the so-called ministers for not being their rubber stamp and doing what they expect of them to do for their friends and supporters.

Thank you Mr. JBG for reminding everyone of the mentality that people in a certain district chose over someone else who honestly had the children and the district's best interest at heart and not that of their friends!

Now, unfortunately we all get the bad fruit of what other people have sewn! [thumbdown]

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