Some residents of Bermuda Beach Drive have sent the city of Galveston a letter demanding the road be rebuilt.

The asphalt road, which provides access to the Bermuda Beach subdivision off FM 3005 just past 10 Mile Road, was obliterated by Hurricane Ike.

The problem with rebuilding the road is that it’s too close to the beach. The Federal Emergency Management Agency informed the city that it’s on its own. If another storm hits, the federal agency will not repair or replace it.

If the council gives in to the demand, it’s putting Galveston’s taxpayers on the hook to rebuild a high-risk road, again and again, whenever the next storms knock it out. The council would be asking people who live behind the seawall to commit to paying — not just once, but as many times as needed — for roads to beach houses.

The council should just say no.

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