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Norman Pappous

Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

[If you aren't a Trekie - don't bother trying to understand ][tongue]

Johann Ramirez

This a very apt analogy, even when this comment was broadcast a fair number of folk resisted. 99% of the time they lost and were assimilated, but some survived with their individuality intact. The sad part is those that fought and lost were always left bloodied and with greatly reduced numbers.

George Croix

What an odd observation in a country where we keep doing the same things over again, hoping for a different outcome...we VALUE our right to futility, by golly...[beam]

Mike Leahy

Achtung!! This is important information our Editor provides the citizenry:

the idea of resistance to the dictates of an all-seeing and omnipotent government is not only futile, it is stupid and perhaps even dangerous. You don't want to put your neighbors at risk of reprisal do you?

Petition your government with your grievances? Think again, THEY know where you live!

Take no moral stand on the strong beliefs you may have about your homes or environment, because you will only be punished, and others will suffer for your misguided behavior.

Many oppressive regimes have flourished when they were able to control the media and various influential social organizations to keep the proles in line. Good to know that time honored practice is alive and well.

Gary Miller

When politicians see big bundles of OPM they will do whatever it takes to get their share. If bolivare had enough money they might be able to win but the GLO has more to spend.

Steve Fouga

I'm not clear on how the pass benefits Bolivar locals. Is it that people come to fish at Rollover, and then eat locally? Buy bait and tackle? Buy gas?

Growing up in Houston, I learned that Rollover had an almost mythical aura among fishermen. But when I finally fished there, it was a little disappointing. I haven't been there recently. Is it good? I agree with the locals that a pier wouldn't provide the same type of fishing, and probably wouldn't be as good. I wonder how long the pier would be. A "typical" pier probably wouldn't attract fisherman from the Houston area; they would simply go to one of the Galveston piers. If the state were to build an extremely long pier, it might bring fishermen from Houston.

Joel Martin

It benefits a few at the expense of many.

Ellis Pickett

The Pass has been a honey hole for decades. It was a great boon to fishermen and provided an easy way to catch all the fish you could eat…and more. It has also accelerated the erosion west of the pass during that time. The unintended consequences of what was once thought to be a good idea strike once again.

It is a shame to see it go but keeping that man-made pass open in a time when voters demand "no new taxes" is impossible. Tax payers spend almost $1,000,000 a year to dredge sand from the intracoastal waterway. The club that owns the structure does not have the money to repair the bulkhead. If you have not been there lately, it is scarier than any other place on the coast. Metal bulkhead rusted to deadly spikes line the pass.

The new fishing pier for Bolivar has been held at bay because of the lawsuit. Money that was set aside for the park and pier is probably being spent on the legal battle.

This reminds me of the Severance v Patterson lawsuit where the California lawyer won her case and everyone else on the West End lost a $40,000,000 beach nourishment project.

Another frivolous lawsuit wastes tax payer money and no one wins in the end.


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