Galveston County’s latest celebrity is a bronze beaver. 

With the excitement and fandom generally associated with rock stars, Buc-ee’s Travel Center opened its Texas City location earlier this week. 

The new store, the 33rd for the Texas-based chain, occupies 60,627 square feet of food, fun and super-clean bathrooms (a company point of pride). 

But beyond the bright lights of celebrity, the colorful and eclectic gift shop (filled with local goods), there is much more we should celebrate with the opening of the Texas City location: 202 jobs. 

One of the great stories we hope is not lost in all the selfies being taken in front of the bronze beaver mascot are how Texas City Mayor Matt Doyle brokered a deal bringing the retail celebrity to our community in the first place.

With the help of Larry Del Papa, president of Del Papa Distributing, a meeting between the mayor and Buc-ee’s was arranged. 

In something that may very well become legend, the deal was struck over hamburgers at a local eatery. 

Economic development comes in many forms. Jobs, however, are among our favorite. Buc-ee’s newest store in Texas City is just one of those opportunities we’re glad is here.

Say what you will, but Buc-ee’s is a tourist destination all in itself with people regularly making pilgrimages to visit different locations around the state. 

Now, Galveston County is on the radar for another fun, positive reason — and that is a good thing. 


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Lars Faltskog

Buc'ees founders donated thousands of dollars in support for Republican candidates Perry and Abbott, according to campaign finance reports. There are recent reports that they have also contributed to anti-immigrant, anti-gay/lesbian candidate Dan Patrick.

Also, the company has no nondiscrimination policy (it would behoove them to adopt one), and an issue is still up in the air regarding complaints against a transgender employee, and their support for this employee is of mixed response. Perhaps the company can become more progressive and supply an answer to this issue:

If Buc-ees can respond to the abovementioned issues, then we can be assured that this company is all-inclusive. But, for now, Buc-ees does not appear to be a friend nor an all-inclusive supporter of diversity. Only time will tell.

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