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Jarvis Buckley

What Galveston now has is a strong mayor form of government, which our liberal newspaper
Probably favors. Brian is going to be little more than a figure head "Big Jim" and his contributors
Are going to run the show from here on out for at least 6 yrs.

George Croix

"The Finance Committee, rather than the council or the city administration, gave the public a clear view of the problem."
Isn't that the 'proper role' for the committee...?
It's understandable for any new administration to want to surround itself with friendly faces, but we've seen in Technicolor what happens when fresh new faces are little more than hand puppets for their boss.
Get new people? OK.
Make sure they understand who they are actually working for? Absolutely
Nothing is more useless than a toothless, silent watchdog...

Michael Culpepper

What's unclear to me here is whether we are talking about the city council having power over the boards' and commissions' agendas (which I could accept) or the city administrators having such power (which isuch harder for me to accept)

GW Cornelius

It is about time the council did what it is suppose to and then get out of the way and let the city manager do his job.

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