A U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowed for a change in prayer policy at the City Council meetings in League City.

In the old days, the prayer was before the start of the official meeting.

The prayer was said.

The meeting was gaveled to order.

Everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance, and the council got down to business.

Now the prayer can be said after the meeting is called to order.

It’s a small change but a major victory for those who care about such things.

The council would be wise to make sure all faiths are represented as it invites religious leaders to pray.

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Carlos Ponce

"The council would be wise to make sure all faiths are represented as it invites religious leaders to pray."
Just those faiths that reside within the city limits. They pay their taxes, they should be represented, they pay the bills. To allow some uninvited out - of- towner to insist his or her faith is represented is political correctness run amok. Government of the people by the people for the people of League City.

Gary Scoggin

Good point, Mr. Ponce. God probably doesn't even listen to the prayers of non-League City residents anyway.

Yep, these prayers are all about the taxpayer, not some flimsy request to the Almighty asking his blessing on the proceedings! Correct?

Carlos Ponce

The taxpayers are footing the bill for the facilities, then their views should be aired even in the prayers said. God listens to everyone, even non-League City residents. But the use city resources, city time, during city proceedings, to listen to the prayers of someone not associated with the city in any way is inane. The prayer should reflect the views of the patrons. POWER TO THE PATRONS!

George Croix

LC should advertise in the paper to have representatives of all faiths or beliefs or even suspicians show up on meeting days and all pray for about 11 1/2 hours, and thus make the GDN proud of it's brave stance in favor of all.
There ya go...problem solved...can't be fixed, but solved anyway...

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