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Paula Flinn

Mr, Taylor, a good beginning article towards convincing the "white-haired" vote in Galveston to vote for a tax increase. These are the good people who will meet and talk about this before they vote on it.

And, they DO vote, in great numbers, if it will hit them in the pocketbook.

GISD Communications

pflinn, "For" or "Against," your taxes are going down.
"For" votes mean taxes go down one-cent and local teachers get a raise and GISD gets closer to the salaries of other districts of similar sizes.
"Against" votes and taxes go down three-cents, no raises for teachers.
Come on out and find out the details Wednesday evening. We want you, and everyone else, to make an informed decision.
The fact is though, your pocketbook won't be hit, it will get heavier, no matter the outcome. Crazy, but true!
-GISD Communications

Bill Broussard

There is a moment when promotion of anything moves from informative to annoying. GISD communications you are just about there! Especially since pflinnn said good things.

I love the idea that teachers would get a raise. My mom was a teacher and raised three boys on a Catholic school teachers salary plus a little social security from my Dad's death.

Having said that, when I vote no it will be because we had our taxes raised 6% after Ike with the promise that the tax increase would go back when property values came back. Property values now exceed pre-Ike and not a single penny in tax reduction. I will happily vote yes governing people in this town start keeping their promises.

You have a great Superintendent but fact is, keeping his word to the public is just a heart beat away from using the same excuse current Council uses for not refunding the taxes they charged at a time when most of us had trouble repairing our homes....".that promise was not made on my watch".

He might want to go over to City hall after one of the GISD meetings and tell them Council is making his goals seem a bit shady when he did nothing to cause that.

GISD Communications

Apologies if I bordered on annoying, I was merely pointing out that the overall school tax rate is actually decreasing (despite what the ballot language says) and will not be going up above current levels anytime soon from a district standpoint. This comes straight from the office of the Superintendent.

I do understand your point however. Unfortunately, we have no control over what happens at the city. But hopefully GISD can build and maintain our credibility with taxpayers by the actions we take now and in the future.

I can say with 100 percent certainty that we have no ulterior motives other than to give teachers and staff raises while keeping the money raised from these two in Galveston and away from Austin for recapture.

I appreciate the dialogue.
-GISD Communications

GISD Communications

...raised from these two CENTS...

Bill Broussard

And, I understand your point completely also. The wages are not competitive as it now stands.

Just a comment on Galveston:
Unfortunately, GISD has no control over City Council
Unfortunately, City Council has no control over GISD.
Unfortunately, City Council has no control over the Port nor does GISD have control over the Port.
Unfortunately the Park Board has no control over GISD or the City.
Unfortunately, GISD, The Port and even the Park Board have no control over Moody Gardens.
And, unfortunatly, not one person in other groups cares about the veracity of any of the other groups but…………….

All of it comes together at the level of resident. Each group shares resident as a common element and each group just does not care if the other groups hose their own constituents.
Answer this with a yes and I’ll vote yes and do whatever I can to bring other sheep into the fold….has Larry gone over to City Council and told them in a public meeting to please keep the tax reduction promise because it’s shadowing the GISD vote? Has he spoken to council about the Galveston domino effect on credibility and gouging the homeowner? Yes and I’m in. No well it’s just more of the same.

I can list a dozen ways the City and GISD are linked in a cost structure that chokes the taxpayer but for the sake of the public peace, I will not unless you push me to do so.

Paula Flinn

I get it, GISD communicator, and I must add that I "got it" the first time, having a degree in English and history and having taught English, history, and reading for 13 years in Galveston, before I retired.

Truth is, I am always for teacher raises. However, there is the matter of trust. I do not want GISD Administration to get the raises. You will have to do more (than your say-so) to prove that only the teachers, counselors, and para-professionals will be getting the raises. GISD is top-heavy with Administrators. Other posters have said that the general public has been "burned" before, so it will take some convincing.

The "white haired" vote is usually AGAINST, as most do not have children in school, nor will they trust that their taxes will go down with a FOR vote. It is just the way the elderly in Galveston have traditionally voted. So, GOOD LUCK at convincing them to vote FOR.

George Croix

"Crazy, but true!"
Yes, it's 'true'.
You have a future in politics, convincing voters that they are getting a good deal no matter what they do.
Saying that their 'pocketbook won't be hit' is also 'true'.
Now, it remains to be seen if you can convince voters that three cents and one cent are BOTH equally good because either way they have more than they had.
Instead of that, which sounds like slight of hand even if not, why not just ask the community to support the teachers pay raise because they are behind in pay scale, and the two cents tax rate they'll pay to do so is a good deal for the future of the schools?
White hair doesn't necessarily mean no grey matter underneath....[wink]

GISD Communications

gecroix, as an employee, I can't advocate for or against, merely give the facts.

"Crazy, but true" underscores the fact that you will be saving money regardless of the outcome. You should cast your vote based on making an informed decision.

Facts are here: www.gisd.org/election2014.
-GISD Communications

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