A couple of years ago, the League City City Council voted to suspend its acting city manager for a week for using a racial slur in the workplace.

The mortified manager insisted he did not say anything racist but was repeating a word uttered — to his amazement — by another person. The comment and suspension ignited a storm of media interest.

Some people recalled that incident after a similar storm engulfed City Hall this week after the council approved a resolution that would prohibit city departments from cooperating with federal directives or requests to process or house undocumented immigrants.

The resolution seemed to be aimed at children.

The prevailing view is that this week’s media disaster was worse than the last one in at least one significant way.

This one was formal and official. It required a vote, and thus some premeditation, and can’t be excused as a momentary lapse of judgment.

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Richard Worth

Why limit yourself to the relatively small audience of the GDN when you can be buffoons on a national scale?

Robert Young

How Ironic,, These leaders insist on the lords Prayer before meetings,

"And forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us"

Did they just pray for their own to be turned away by others? That's brilliant.

What goes around, comes around...

George Croix

Rather than a resolution against taking in some of the 50,000 illegal aliens now overwhelming the southern border, and more coming daily, what LC should have done is pass a resolution against the person who couldn't even be bothered to interrupt shooting pool and partying while the nations southern border is being overrun, to go take a personal look. No doubt the GDN would have supported that, in the best interests of U.S. citizens...? And, in the spirit of fairness, as their position when Pres. Bush 41 at least belatedly flew over post-Katrina New Orleans was less than complimentary, and he wasn't even on a fund raising trip at the time.

Carolyn Meehan

Bush 41 flew over the Katrina mess?

Um...That was Bush 43.

George Croix

I blame it on being an LMHS graduate...anything but blame it on myself[wink].

Thanks for the correction.

PD Hyatt

Mr. Taylor, why do you on the left scream so loudy about illegal children and their families who are invading our nation and over whelming our resources so much? If you all truly cared about children then please tell me why you all do not scream about the slaughtering that you all approve of called abortion? After all you all seem to love the fact that you all can sacrifice children upon the altar of convenience called "Choice".... You on the left seem to care about some laws and yet you show utter disdain for our nations security.... A nation without secure borders will not be a nation for long.... Again when are you on the left going to wake up to reality!

Don Ciaccio

I wonder how many complaining about LC council would be willing to adopt one if these children?

Don Ciaccio

I assume the "prevailing view" is the prevailing view on the left. The vast majority of people I know think the LC council did the right thing. Obama created this disaster, let the Feds figure out how to fix it. No, it's not the children's fault, however, if we take them in, hundreds of thousands more will see this Asa green light to send in their children too.

Dwight Burns

Wrong, George W Bush, signed into law the legislation that has allowed this
migration to incur.

You are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.

George Croix

And, it's just a normal thing that 6 years after the 2008 law was signed, a rising tidal wave of illegal alien youths occurs?
That has nothing to do with it being 1 year after the current President signed DACA? A three times increase in one year is just coincidence?
90% of the illegals interviewed by the birder Patrol do NOT claim fleeing violence and sex trade, but say they are coming for their 'permisso' to stay in this country once they get across the border? That's irrelevant?
Bush signed a law allowing Central American children victims of certain crimes, especially sex trade, to not be deported, not a law that says come one, come all.
Yet again, we see the unintended consequences of a well -intentioned attempt to aid people, and those of our own folks more interested in finger pointing, than thinking.

Chris Gimenez

"The resolution seemed to be aimed at children."

More hubris from Heber Taylor. I mean this is a guy who never doesn't let either the facts or the truth get in the way of his "opinion" pieces. He and T.J. Aulds are the master of small ball newspaper stories. If the truth doesn't fit the story-they'll distort it, bend it, or flat out ignore the facts.

Anybody with a smidgeon of gray matter-and that leaves out the Left-wing loons-knows this is about hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens swarming our borders, overloading our systems and personnel, bringing gang affiliations and diseases to a city near you, and doing so because they were encouraged by the words and now the inaction of a president hell-bent on "fundamentally transforming this country". How amazing. Kudos to Taylor and the GCDN for once again trying to mislead the public to fit their own personal viewpoints.

Chris Gimenez

This is what idealogues like Heber Taylor either refuse to admit or are incapable of understanding. Of course in Taylor's case it's probably both.


While the Left would have us believe this is all about little children desperately seeking a better life the reality is far different. The massive influx of illegals is overwhelming our Border Patrol resources and the result is that huge numbers of criminal illegal aliens and gang members are finding it easier to invade our country.

Coming to a city near you with the support of Heber Taylor and the GCDN.

Robert Young

Don, not many would adopt but certainly I don't think the council should stand in the way of you adopting one.

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