People all across the Americas are going to be watching how poor women and children are treated when they reach the Texas border.

That’s particularly so now that Gov. Rick Perry ordered up to 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the border.

Maybe a response by a military organization was needed. But it’s hard to see how the commitment of 1,000 troops on a 1,254-mile border — one soldier for every mile and a quarter — is going to address Perry’s chief complaints: that the border is porous and that the federal Border Patrol is overrun.

One of the reasons this move by the governor appears to be just politics is that the National Guard was still making plans to try to get 1,000 troops to the border within a month. If this were a crisis involving public safety, military leaders wouldn’t be trying to figure out what, exactly, they’re supposed to do at this late date.

It was clear by the way National Guard commanders answered questions that they were not clear what they were supposed to do. This is a case where the soldiers need clear orders. The possibilities for mischief and tragedy are not hard to imagine.

The move also looks like politics because Perry has been considering a presidential bid and because the governor’s continued argument with the Obama administration has played well among some constituencies. 

If a solution really were desired, there’s legislation in Congress. The Texas congressional delegation presumably isn’t helpless. If the state’s leaders really wanted a solution, rather than headlines, the place to get it is on the Potomac, rather than the Rio Grande.

Texans live in a much smaller world than they once did. We have trade partners everywhere in Central and South America. The relationships we have in those countries are important to our economic well-being. They are important to our security.

Everyone will be watching how poor women and children will be treated when they reach the border.

Heber Taylor is editor of The Daily News.


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Carlos Ponce

"People all across the Americas are going to be watching how poor women and children are treated when they reach the Texas border."
Yes, pick on mean old United States. Disregard how they are mistreated when they FIRST reach the Mexican border, how the young girls and women are sexually mistreated, how the children are packed atop a freight train called "THE BEAST" by the thousands. Ignore the Mexican officials who pocket money to look the other way when the children "pass through". Turn a blind eye to the thousands who die before even reaching the border. Disregard how COYOTES in Central America con people out of their life savings with promises of a safe passage and false promises of asylum in "Los Estados Unidos". Ignore the corruption of those Central American Governments who ignore the conditions in their own country creating this exodus.


Please don't over-dramatize poor people to me! I don't want to hear about it! I'm not impressed one "cotton picking" bit! Myself I USE TO BE "PO".....yet I spend an enormous amount of my yearly income on the poor, and world missions, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls on Christians to help the poor, and teach the Word! It did not call for Christians to HELP THE POOR BREAK THE LAW! If somebody can find where it does, then I will stand corrected! ANYBODY? COMEON!!!! .......COMEONNNNNN!
The poor is just one part of all the work the CHURCH is charged with doing! Mean while we have drug trafficking criminals, crooks, rapists, and MS-13 gang members, potential terrorists pouring across the borders in droves,....hiding among the kids coming across, and we have individuals as calm as cucumbers talking smack about the poor! Many don't have a clue about what it is like to be poor, let alone how I grew up as someone being "PO." Though many probably don't know nor understand the disparity of the two, allow me to assure you there is a difference!
Until you have a chance to live "PO" will always just think of the word "POOR" as being the norm. I have siblings who never recovered from the ordeal of growing up "PO", and it affected them all their lives. Still others of us, like myself used those experiences as springboards which catapulted us into prosperity, multiple careers,...and into positions of leadership! God played an astronomical part in making all that happen for us, of coarse. Those siblings who did not embrace growing and serving as Christians, are the ones who were hampered and affected the most by our ordeal. Those of us who did embrace our spiritual callings, were the ones who prospered the most, and became successes in life!
Spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and the understanding which goes with it made all the difference, and is the reason I support the poor and world missions to this day! If the Gospel and the Word of God will work here, it will work in Mexico, and Central America too! Don't believe me? Ask Joseph, Jacob, or Isaac! Most people perish for a lack of knowledge, and a vision of who they are called to be!
Another thing, if I seem aggravated this morning,.....I am! I did not have a chance to take one swig out of a bottle of Diet Coke, before I read this article!

PD Hyatt

Herb, One of the things that I am finding out is that all of you who are wanting to keep all of these illegals flooding our nations borders, is that NONE of you are willing to step up and help them. None of you are willing to open your nice homes and bring them in and help them. None of you are even willing to have them in your nice neighborhoods.... Why do you want the illegals to come and stay when you do NOT want to be one of the first to open your arms and your homes and your neighborhood.... Seems to me that you on the left speak with forked tongue as usual...

Lisa Gray

Mr. Taylor, as usual, your far left rhetoric speaks volumes. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand? How will you feel when our wide open borders produce another 911? It will happen no doubt. Why is America the only country in the world that does not enforce its borders? Americans are the MOST compassionate people in the world, please do not try to make anyone think otherwise. The reason for these children being herded to the Texas border like cattle is not all due to violence and economic hardship. They have never known any different. I say that it is due to a serious hatred of America by the left and the desire to tear down and destroy our nation. Why? I cannot explain that insanity. It has to be a mental disorder to want to destroy the very home you live in, turn it into a 3rd world nightmare, unsafe, disease ridden and poor with no opportunity to change your destiny. America has been the beacon of hope to all those in the world who want to better themselves. If you destroy her, what hope is left in the world? Immigrants, legal immigrants are a great resource for us. No one is trying to stop LEGAL immigration. Calling people who think differently than you wrong because of their views is just wrong and does nothing to bring us together.

Matt Coulson

Everyone admits that these people are pawns in a larger game. Their country sucks because of crime and corruption. The heartless criminals have created this situation, and now are profiting off the poor people by charging to smuggle them to safety. There is one country with abundant resources that allows these unfortunates to be abused from boarder to boarder, Mexico. But the world is watching the USA, who is feeding, housing, counciling and generally trying to do the right thing for them. Heber accuses Rick Perry of politics when he uses one of the few tools he has to effect the situation. Boarder states have been begging the Feds to do something about this for YEARS. Acting on an issue that inflames negative passion in a large group of people who's votes you want is not smart politics, it's leadership.


Hey "Uncle Sugga" is not going to do anything! The 2016 elections are right around the corner. He is not going to send troops down to that border. Why would he risk alienating the Hispanic and Black voters? This country does not matter to him! Those votes does! [wink]

George Croix

The author writes that Perry is wasting his time sending Guard to the border, because it will do nothing, per the author, to secure it.
Then, in the same article, suggests that to really get a solution, there is legislation already waiting in DC to be acted on.
What he does not say, is that the legislation calls for it to be passed, and THEN AFTER PASSING for steps to begin to secure the border.
Fool us twice, shame on us......been there, done that, when Reagan trusted Congress to keep it's word, 30 years ago....
The main difference now is, not only can we not trust Congress, we can't trust POTUS either, to tell us the truth, and do what they say.
Looks like politics?
What does...doing SOMETHING to try to stem the tide of illegals pouring into Texas, or letting a Red State stew in the illegal juices that DACA has raised the level of?

Suggestion for readers:
PRINT the article.
Hold at arms length in front of you.
Turn it upside down.
Read it backwards.
There, that's closer to reality....[wink]

GW Cornelius

Perry is an idiot always has been always will be . Give me a break!

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