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Walter Manuel

Congratulations Hitchcock ISD for successfully preparing your students for college and finding the financial resources to make it happen!

This article is perfect timing for our parents in LMISD so that they can see that other surrounding school districts are focused and prepared their students for college unlike LMISD's current poor academic showing.

Good job HISD! [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

Under Superintendent Barbara Derrick this District has made tremendous progress. Her vision for HISD has led to much improvement. I pray the HISD School Board has the wisdom to extend her contract. A 1979 graduate of Hitchcock High School, she is a treasure worth keeping.


I'll be willing to bet you good money,...I said GOOD money, that Superintendent Barbara Derrick is from East Texas! Let me qualify my brash statement. I meant to say, I'd make that bet, if I was a betting man. I'm not!!! Hey, with this kind of leadership, and results, she is more than a treasure, Mr. Ponce! I'll have to say, she is a necessity! I am so glad to see this! It is good for the kids and their futures! Congrats to all who were apart of the refocusing, hard work, efforts and results! Teamwork! Teamwork! TEAMWORK.....that was an essential ingredient for this kind of astronomical turnaround.
I want to say one more thing then I will get out of everybody's ear! It takes a dam good team to get these kinds of results,...I know this, but having an outstanding leader is paramount to this kind of success. Keep up the good work!

Robert Buckner

Ok, so it is possible to do this. LMISD just can't seem to grasp a winning formula. While the board twiddles its thumbs aimlessly and Watkins hasn't a clue yet, other ISD's are moving forward. JBG, MM, and Carlos have said it all. Can LMISD blame this on Burley?

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