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Jarvis Buckley

TT should be applauded for her efforts , she is the most improved council member of the new group.nfinally she believes in NP and EB. She should be applauded for that also. She does her homework and keeps her constituents informed. That scares the
Folks who's had a political hold on Galveston for years.

Bill Broussard

If you add in former agenda items like getting rid of the finance committee, disbanding the RDA because Beeton was on it, sanctioning Council members to not ask questions during a presentation, and screaming and yelling at Tarlton from time to time, the author of this item remains petty, vindictive and as pitiable as he was two years ago.
Tarlton really cares about her constituents and both the Mayor and Robb are doing what they can to see she is not reelected in her district. Of course, they are doing that same thing in the other districts also.

Steve Fouga

You are making me dislike the Mayor and Marie Robb. Before I just thought Rosen was a poor mayor and Robb a clumsy politician; now I'm thinking they're more sinister or at least unlikeable.

For the sake of argument, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say I don't think they're doing this because they're vindictive SOBs. Instead, they're pushing a specific agenda they know the likes of Beeton and Tarlton won't support.

What is that agenda?

Ellen Morrison

Some things just aren't good to write in a public forum.

I suggest that you attend the GAIN forum tonight, Jake!

Bill Broussard

Confusedemmy is right, Jake. I think after a bit of reposniding to questions , the agenda's become pretty clear.

Bill Broussard

Apologies to all:

The GAIN Forum is tonight, April 10 at the Grand Opera House from 6:30 to 9:30.

It will have questioning of both Mayor and Council Candidates. Open to the public with no charge.

Ellen Morrison

What this editorial leaves out is who is putting the action item up. According to the agenda, Rosen is the sole sponsor of this item. The king of shutting everybody up.

Richard Moore

Perhaps the Council should consider establishing a "Constituent Account" on their e-mail system for each member. Directly communicating with constituents via e-mail about their needs and the programs of the city is an excellent way to provide representation. Yes, all correspondence, both to and from, would be subject to FOI requirements. Recipients (constituents) could be signed up for each councilman in a number of ways and they should be able to "UNSSCRIBE" easily if they desired.

That being said, a council member or any other account owner on the city's IT system SHOULD NOT SHARE THEIR ACCOUNT - with a trusted assistant are any one else. I would be real surprised if the city's IT policies do not prohibit this.

Sharing accounts and passwords, among other security related issues, corrupts the city's standing in legal disputes and places the city in significant jeopardy. I am not saying this sharing is happening, I am only assuming that it is from the wording of the agenda item.

Steve Fouga

Continual updating by Ms Tarlton has been a hallmark of her service. I don't care one bit whether I receive the updates directly from her or from William, who, by the way, has been very helpful to constituents.

I am completely with Heber on this one. Nothing should be done to inhibit information flow between council member and constituent, and everything should be done to enhance it. I'm for emulating best practices whenever possible.

As for the mechanics of said enhancement, Richard Moore sure has some worthy suggestions!

Miceal O'Laochdha

It sounds like Ms. Tarlton has "raised the bar" for councilmembers by devoting extra time, effort and even personal expense toward trying to do the best she can for her constituents.

Obviously, this makes the rest of Friars Club look bad by comparison. They could try to step up and put some of that extra effort into their own work or, they could try to pull Ms. Tarlton back down to low-level service. I supposed the way they publically respond to this "action item" will reveal which of those two "actions" are favored by each member. In a few cases, it might be a good test when considering who to vote for.

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