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Miceal O'Laochdha

I guess the thing that makes Mafridge the best candidate for mayor is he doesn't own a ranch somewhere that he might get confused as his homestead?

Does Mafridge have any issues that differentiate him from Yarborough, or is it just a question of who owns more than one house? Maybe big Jim has a horse on his ranch while Mafridge only has a dog and cat?

Oremus, let this not be the deciding issue of who endures the privilege of being our next mayor.

Rainy Brown

How would you feel if the situation was just the opposite and it was Mafridge instead of Yarbrough?

Richard Moore

If I have read the information presented in the article correctly, it appears as though Mr. Yarbrough DID NOT receive the benefit of an exemption in 2013 regardless of when it was removed. State Law is clear that the exemptions are made on the basis of the Tax Year.

Don't really see where there is the basis of a big fuss over this - particularly when it would be up to a court to provide a "definitive" answer. NOTE - the Charter defines qualifications as being "...at the time of election...", so it will be difficult to have resolution of this non-problem in advance!

I really think that it is time to get down to real issues - particularly sustainable economic development - which I expect will be the focus of the GCDN candidates forum.

Bill Broussard

Richard: The fact is- all we know for sure is Jim canceled his exemption in September. You or I cannot say he didn't get the benefit of his exemption unless we see his tax filing. It could very well be he claimed 3/4 of the year as a homestead exemption.

Ron Shelby

Partner, that's not possible to get a prorated exemption in Texas.

Raymond Lewis

There you go again Mr. Moore. Making sense has little place in these forums!

Steve Fouga

Sorry to copy my post from another thread, but it apply here too:

Has Elizabeth Beeton weighed in yet? I wonder what her take is.

I guess it wouldn't be Galveston politics without a controversy. It'll be funny if Galveston's residency requirements don't meet state law. And then Mafrige will have exposed himself as petty to no avail.

The winner here is Beeton, as long as she stays silent. Yarbrough looks sneaky; Mafrige looks petty...

Mary Branum

What about T. Woods who owns several house in Galveston and, conveniently, names one as where he lives so he can run for that council position.
Everyone knows he live in Colony Park!
If I recall, last time he was on council he said he lived north of Broadway on 39th. Right - sort of boarded up and derelict!
Most Galveston Politicians are a joke.

GW Cornelius

I always say if you can't beat your opponent try to dig something up. However in this case the only thing digging did was make a hole. Time for Jimbo to be mayor and get something besides a dysfunctional council.

Steve Fouga

"A judge would have to rule on Yarbrough’s residency"

Um... I guess not.


So, if you can't win on your own merit, you resort to digging up something on the competition? Pretty sad. At the same time, I understand about city charters and so forth. I know little about the homestead exemption but shouldn't this have been "caught" when Mr Yarbrough turned in his paperwork? Doesn't someone go over the paperwork to be sure everything is in order? Guess I'm living in my own little dream world expecting this would be done. Or should it have been done and was "overlooked" for a reason? We all know (or should) that when it comes to politics, the "rules" sometimes change a bit. Do your research before voting for anyone.

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