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Robert Young

Hebert, Great Story!

Galveston County Commissioners Court and League city nees to get a good political enema in November...Hiedi Thies wants other city's to follow? follow what? a prayer and then a phony political resoulution to turn your back on little innocent kids! We might as well give Hiedi a grinder and send her to New York to grind off that American message on the Statue of Liberty.. Give me your sick, your tired and your poor..

And that County Judge Mark Henry and Commissioner Clark? Lets think for a minute of what they accomplished with their resolution and message to Uncle Sam..

Hey guys, we down here in Galveston county don't want them here and we don't want to help anyone you Feds bring in here.. Hold that thought deep thinkers..That message I'm sure will move us to the front of the line for federal assistance next time a Hurricane shuts down Galveston County.

Thanks alot for the representation..boneheads!

As for League City future storm needs, don't even think of making a emergency FEMA request..The Feds I'm sure got your message. I can hear the phone conversation now...

Take comfort in knowing Mr. Mayor, you're assisantance is coming,, Just hold on down there. We Feds are just like you,,really want to help those without. Uh lets see here, your relief is scheduled right behind Galveston county's...

Carlos Ponce

"The idea that anyone is upholding some kind of high moral values by instructing city employees not cooperate with efforts to house them is nonsense."
That's what the British Loyalist thought when some colonials urged others not to pay their tea tax -utter "nonsense".
That's what the Mexican Army thought when the Texans flew a flag that read "Come and Take it" when they requested the return of a canon -"nonsense".
That's what the Soviet Union thought when Ronald Reagan stood at the base of the Brandenburg Gate and said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" - nonsense, nothing but a PR stunt!

Kevin Lang

Are you proposing that the League City Council would engage in a bloody revolution with the US over this issue?

I see a lot of bark in this, but if I see any votes among them to take up arms to show their seriousness, I don't see more than one, perhaps two. Maybe one that would take to fisticuffs...

Carlos Ponce

Sometimes a "bark" is all you need. But I do see a "militia" forming along the Texas border.

Kevin Lang

Which border? Are we setting up to take on those invaders from Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico?

To me, this just smells like our country's seemingly primary MO these days: If you see a problem, pawn it off as someone else's problem. Under no circumstances should you take responsibility for working on solving a problem that you can pawn off onto someone else.

I just love the latest back and forth between Obama and Boehner.

JB: "This is a problem of the President's own making"
BO: The Republicans refuse to do anything about this.

Quite likely they're both right. However, by both essentially taking inaction, they're both wrong, too.

To the House, Senate, and White House, I'd like to say, "Do something, even if it's wrong." The implications of doing something may affect one, perhaps two election cycles. The cost of doing nothing, however, will affect the country for far longer than a couple of election cycles.

I've always thought of politics as an art of polishing turds. These folks in office now, I guess they have no skill in that area. Go ahead, take a chance on making a mess. Sure beats idly living in squalor. Heck, let's just let Reid, Boehner, and Obama play a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Whoever wins gets to have his plan for solving this enacted. Sure beats doing nothing. If it makes it worse, go back for a second game, and let the next guy choose the course. I'd rather get dizzy spinning in a downhill spiral due to trying something stupid than to get dizzy spinning in a downhill spiral due to stupidly doing nothing.

Carlos Ponce

Which border? " La Frontera", El Rio Bravo del Norte, the Rio Grande from Brownsville to El Paso. The border between Texas and Mexico.
Barack Obama is willing to send them back. He just wants $4 billion up front.
The Republicans want the border secured first. This doesn't mean "don't let anyone else in". What it means is everyone who enters will have PERMISSION to do so. Try entering THEIR countries without the proper documents, without a "PERMISO" and see what happens. You'll wind up in a prison cell next to Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Kevin Lang

I knew what border you were alluding to.

I thought the border fence was supposed to secure our border. Why isn't Rick Perry pushing to get the Texas section finished? Oh, wait, he was opposed to having it built in the first place.

So, is the answer to put more people on the government payroll? We could probably do that. All we have to do is grab a bunch of volunteers off the unemployment line. We probably have to pay them more money we don't have than we're already paying them. How many do you figure would be enough? Is men and women with guns all we need, or can you think of other things we could/should do to make the border secure? How deep of a phalanx do you propose? After all, we have to be ready to handle 150K or so in the next year or two.

Carlos Ponce

Rick Perry was in favor of more sophisticated security such as drones to survey the border along with more Border Patrol.
I like President Obama's idea of an alligator filled moat. We don't need a moat, we have the Rio Grande. We have plenty of alligators here in Galveston County. I'm sure we can spare a few thousand.[beam]

Mick Phalen


"I see a lot of bark in this, but if I see any votes among them to take up arms to show their seriousness, I don't see more than one, perhaps two. Maybe one that would take to fisticuffs...'

Kev, are you suggesting that He!d! will have Becker go do her dirty work for her (again)?

Robert Young

I miss the America that cured polio, put man on the moon, fought two world wars. That great country that through it all, welcomed the sick, the tired and poor. The place who because of those poor immigrants and their dreams, became the richest and greatest country ever. A place where the hand of God, opportunity, and hard work made the free dreams of mankind possible.

I certainly don't want anyone telling the rest of the world that this special place, America (Which my immigrant grandmother found and her son, my father fought for) ..No longer exist.

That America was declared dead down in Texas in a place called Galveston county.

George Croix

Just more fallout after the 'benefits' of 'fundamental change'...people still want to eat apples but they've withered and it's oranges or lemons for all now

Can't wait for the editorial by the GDN opposing abortion on demand, which would dovetail nicely with their great concern and compassion for children.
Surely such passion in favor of housing and feeding a 'dozen' illegal aliens should be extended to millions of US citizens not being put to death.


Mr. Ponce said something on another thread that really hit home. He mentioned the big picture! Many of us who are opposed to what Mr. Obama is doing with the border situation are not focusing on those two dozen illegal kids in Galveston or those who are in other places! We are focusing on that "DAM" BORDER that NOBODY wants to go close and secure!!! Is that so hard to understand? If it is What is hard about it?
We are also ticked off about "UNCLE SUGGA's " Dream Proclamation which he so irresponsibly, put into motion while trying to keep the Hispanic vote in his hip pocket! That proclamation triggered this whole thing with the Border Crisis of which he is once again blaming BUSH! His last day in office I expect him to sign an official document BLAMING Mr. Bush for all his woes! ( Then he'll walk-out the door. )

Curtiss Brown

In Europe they are concerned about the influx of Muslim men in immigration.

And what are we getting upset about? Catholic children. What a bunch of weenies you guys are.

Robert Young

Carlos,, Every child from central america came thru Mexico .. So I don't
think Mexico's immigration system is very tough, , Just a little cash and you "passale''

Come to think of it,,we just may have the same system for a permiso?. no bueno!

Curtiss Brown

The Mexican people read that type of stuff (true or not) and take umbrage. The umbrage results in the type of radical pro-law enforcement we have seen around our Marine down there. Speech has consequences.

Carlos Ponce

justaman, tell that to Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

George Croix

Let the government sue us...again...
Holder probably has Texas on the first card in his Rolodex...
And, that's Mr. Weenie to the anonymous internet bear...

Michelle Kurtzweil Robach

The real winners in this issue, is the border smugglers. They charge these poor parents $1,000's to take their kids across the Mexican boarder! These smugglers are making a fortune and the kids are dropped off to pick up the pieces.....

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