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Jarvis Buckley

Your articles are always entertaining.

Steve Fouga

First, I can't think of a good reason to bring more public housing to the Island, and I see plenty of reasons why it's bad for Galveston. Second, I'm glad a lawsuit has been filed. Third, I agree with Heber that the claims in the lawsuit seem unbelievable.

Still, I'm surprised that this newspaper is so supportive of placing more public housing on the Island. I'd ask the paper, rather than simply telling us to get over it, to instead list the 5 most important benefits public housing brings to the Island. What are they, Heber?

Evelyn Clark

Jake, who asked you for a good reason. I don't feel that the newspaper is taking sides. It is just stating a fact.

They are not putting up new PH , only replacing what was lost in Ike, I think that OPG is just wanting the people that lived in PH to rent from Realtors that helps with the income they lost after Ike. JUST SAYING.[beam]

Steve Fouga

Hey Evelyn, nobody asked me for a reason, but this is a forum where people state their opinions. It's pretty much the only reason the forum exists.

What is OPG? You keep using the letters; there must be a meaning.

As for replacing what was lost in Ike, why do it? There was too much PH back then. A little town like Galveston doesn't need hundreds of units of PH. As I understand it, crime has been greatly reduced since Ike. The town looks better, too. Are you anxious for the good ol' days when the city was crime-ridden and tacky?

Ellen Morrison

This is an editorial, not an article. Editorials are opinion pieces and do not have to be completely factual. Heber is for PH and will beat that drum as long as he can.

Steve Fouga

I know he will, confusedemmy. My question is WHY? Often when people have strong views, it's for compelling reasons. I just wonder what Heber's reasons are.

When the editor of a newspaper states a view, it carries the weight of the paper and is construed as the paper's opinion. Why does the GDN support public housing on the Island?

George Croix

"They don’t want to live on the mainland. They want to live on the island."
Fair enough observation.
What is the primary consideration for getting to do what you want to do?
Yep. That's right.
In this country, you have the right to live, eat, buy, ride, wear whatever you can afford to buy.
With your own money.

Steve Fouga


You forgot to put the sarcasm emoticon after your post, so I placed it here for you.

George Croix

But, I wasn't being sarcastic.
I was being factual.
I couldn't find a suitable emoticon for that in the list...

Evelyn Clark

That moner gecroix is talking about, he has forgotten that those TAX dollards are

not his either. We all have to pay. Quit talking like that money is only for the paople

that against PH.

George Croix

No, it's not all mine, but some of it is.
At the amount of federal income tax I pay, likely quite a bit of it is.
Sales taxes and Social security taxes and gasoline taxes and such don't pay for federal housing programs. Apples and oranges.
Tell me, how much did any of the prospective tenants of PH contribute monthly to my 12 year mortgage payments when I was making them years ago?
See, that's how it works in an economy that provides the hope and means for more of a way up rather than forcing so many into needing help.
I built and bought what I wanted, where I wanted, when I wanted, because I could foot the bill myself. I have the deeds and titles as a result. That makes the properties/items mine. Not just mine from the legal definition of occupancy, but from that of ownership.
I have no problem at all with helping people in need through no fault of their own have a place to live until they can get on their feet. I think it's incumbent on a good nation and it's people not to forget those less fortunate, because many are just an unlucky break away from being in need themselves.
A lot of us came from modest or flat out poor means, and should not forget where we came from just because we've had some good opportunities.
I DO have a problem with being told anyone has a 'right' to live where they want, and not where they can afford to live themselves.
Nowadays, a lot of people would be better off learning the good manners of thanking others for helping them rather than cussing them out for not doing more.

Evelyn Clark

Gecroix, I also pay taxes , BLACKS were able to live in certain neighbor hoods and were SHUNED AWAY from them years ago. You know that and so do I.

I just do not understand the hate of PH in this forum. I see on TV with the disrespect of the President .A person might not like the President but you should respect the office.

Why should you all decide where PH is to be built. You say you are satified where you stay,. thats fine. The PH should be built just where it was before Ike.

It should not bother anybody, because they never came around anyway. We were glad not to see any of the MEAN MEN ETC.[sad][sad]

Evelyn Clark

Are you saying that you are the only one has MANNERS. .
PLEASE PLEASE.. [sad][sad][sad]

Evelyn Clark

You can not walk a block, surly not a mile in A BLACK person shoes. How dare you try to tell someone where to live. There are BAD people everywhere. NORTH -EAST-SOUTH-WEST. You don't know the history of all the people that lived in PH .

I had 2 parents that were hard working, honest people. For a long time Black could not own PROPERTY and When you found a piece of land it had to be in certain AREAS. So how dare you say were a person should live. Everyone is not able (LIKE YOU) to make it to the TOP

Oh, by the way I was able to attend COLLEGE thanks to my parents.. My son went to COLLEGE and he had help from a lot of my friends in PH.

How can you say where a person should live. That is so wrong,, but sometime a person can't help it if he thinks he is better than some. Just remember it is nice to help our fellow ,man. JUDGE AND YOU SHELL BE JUDGE. JUST SAYING.
[sad] ][sad][

Evelyn Clark

All the people BLACK- BROWN -PINK OOPS I mean WHITES has a right to come back to the island to live and not be forced into using VOLCHERS as the APAERTMENTS owners wants. Their income suffered after Ike. Thats what tiis LAWSUIT is all about They don't csre about the right of low income people, they just want them in their apartment. Thats the truth and it is a well known fact. [sad] [sad]

Gary Miller

Right on Gecroix.

I too live where I want because I paid for it. They want to live where they want but pay nothing to live where taxpayers don't want them.
The old PH was torn down because a Hurricane damaged it. Has that problem been solved? Were the places HUD picked when the old PH was built safe places to warehouse people who can't recover without OPM?
No they weren't safe places to warehouse people then and still aren't.
If the judge sees where HUD wants PH is an unsafe/poor choice and is being pushed only because HUD wants it the judge needs to order it stopped.
The Agencies (?) pushing PH on the Island are puppets of HUD.
Their voice should be less than any individual citizen on the Island.
They are NOT advocates for the poor. They are advocates of "do as you are told".

Evelyn Clark

PH is not free, I used to live in PH and I Paid my rent (ON TINE) .

You can not ttell me that PH is the only people that do not pay their on( TIME )

Evelyn Clark

I remember back in 50-60 the other groups wanted BLACK people to live in PH ,anywhere but in the WHITE negibor.

Place like Mc Cory, Kresses you had to drink out of BLACK ONLY water fountain.Go on certain parts of the BEACH.

Now you feel like you want to try and start that all over again. The people can live where they want to or they can buy property when the want to You had that right all along, so do not try to make others look small. I have a right to live, breathe the same air as anybody else. It does not hurt.Take a hard look and THINK of what I am saying.
No one is should talk down or try to make fun to people, even in a forum. RESPECT should be shown at all times .[sad] [sad]

Steve Fouga

Good grief...

Curtiss Brown

Here's the deal . . . all of the lawsuits that have been held out to you as an example of successful lawsuits against HUD all had the same quality. The winning side was made up of the NAACP and the ACLU. You guys don't have those groups on your side. They are on the other side, and they are going to win . . . again.

Norman Pappous

The quality of the winning lawsuits had less to do with the names of the plaintiffs than of their expert fair-housing expert witnesses. Read "In Search of Excellence" by Malcolm Gladwell.

In all cases the winning side had expert witnesses the judged believed over the witnesses of the losing side. In Galveston's case several independent expert witnesses (as defined by having been accepted as expert by a federal court) claim the fair housing aspect of GHA's plans are in doubt or are in violation of the duty to affirmatively further fair housing. The defendants have produced studies by expert witnesses.

Regardless - this is where it should have been three years ago. In the courts for a judge to decide.

Curtiss Brown

Be sure to wear your hat to Court Norm, you are going to need something to carry your head in after they are done.

Norman Pappous


Norman Pappous

Which leads to the most obvious question that results from Islshire's Nostradomic-like prediction.....

If the plans are such a slam dunk that the plaintiffs will have their head handed to them by the judge.....

They why didn't they force it into the courts three years ago to shut the anti-conciliation crowd up and end the debate?

Why did they protest going to court at every chance even though they KNEW it would go to court eventually?

Answer: People they cannot threaten into compliance (Federal Judges) scare them.

Norman Pappous


"The defendants have produced studies by expert witnesses. "

should read

"The defendants have produced NO studies by any expert witnesses."

Leonce Thierry

So if I am reading this thread correctly, this particular lawsuit will settle Galveston's public housing debate once and for all. Both sides will have the opportunity to state their case to a federal judge. Both sides will have the opportunity to produce expert witnesses, studies, past case law, and legal precedence. If that's the case, then let's have it. Let's see who produces the strongest legal argument. My guess is it will be a learning experience for all persons involved.

I still say affluence and prime land valuation are the most rational arguments against public housing. The GOGP states just the opposite. The site where Magnolia Homes once stood is not the poorest section of town, but arguably the wealthiest. There is a reason you don't see public housing in Martha's Vineyard or Hilton Head. Their communities are too wealthy and the land is too valuable.

I'll support whatever decision is rendered by this lawsuit. However, to me this lawsuit seems more like a tactic as opposed to having any real merit. The online PDF file I read doesn't seem coherent.

Leonce Thierry

Keep in mind that it was HUD, and not the GOGP, that tore down Magnolia Homes and Cedar Terrace.


GW Cornelius


Curtiss Brown

You don't have to shout.

Curtiss Brown

The claims in the lawsuit are not believable, and yet so many continue to believe.
While they hope to get before a judge on the basis of their claims and their experts, I suspect that there is a good chance they won't get past the standing issue. I doubt they will have a chance to present their case. And that is unfortunate, because when they present their case they will be poured out like a bad cup of down stream brackish water.
Even after that occurs, if it does, the believers will still believe.

Evelyn Clark

Jake you ask for it OPG stands for Other People's Gabbage. [beam][beam][beam]

Steve Fouga

Thanks, Evelyn. You're a m-e-e-e-a-n lady!


Evelyn Clark

i know you see mean,because you are mean. [beam]

Lars Faltskog

Dang....I've been missing out on this thread for almost a week. Goes to show you how anger can be in the midst on both sides. I'm now going to put a different "twist" on this issue, and purely a sociological one:

Quite a while's back, my hippy-influenced parents put in front of me this record album by the Up With People group. One of the selections was "The World is Your Hometown", another was "What Color is God's Skin?". Such a great sentiment in where we have folks who lose sense of what it means to be an American. Let me set it straight. We have the right to live in virtually any community we so desire. That is especially if generations of us have been here.

You folks who are so dead set against PH act as though you've never gone through life needing a helping hand. Shame on you. No one ever knows if he/she may become destitute and need help. And, some of you call yourselves "christian". Change your ways now before it's too late. Stop being so selfish and self-righteous.

So, let's end with an appropriate Bible verse:

LUKE 6:38 -

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

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