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Mary Branum

First of all, there have been 3 cruise ships docking at the same at the piers.
Second, Princess wanted $millions to dock here, but only signing a 6 month contract. Galveston said no, Houston said yes and is earning NO money from Princess.
RCCL's cruise terminal must be updated. It is nothing but a warehouse and a bad on at that.
The port must change the ingress and egress, it is a major disaster.
It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that separate lanes should be designated for drop off and pick up instead all of one lane with drivers stopping at the very beginning of the terminal - thus blocking all traffic.
The rent-a cops or whoever they are need a lesson in courtesy and to NOT being stuffing their face on the job with food. They serve absolutely no purpose as they don't know what they are doing and could care less.
There have also been many Sunday mornings where the lights on Harborside are flashing red. Why? Traffic backs up for miles. Come on Galveston, get your act together at the terminals!
The Port and City need to read the comments regarding the cruise terminal and lack of amenities; i.e. rent cars, on a popular message board for the cruise business.

Ellen Morrison

Can you supply a link for that board, please?

Mary Branum

cruise critic - gulf coast departues

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