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Miss Priss

Good stuff!

Steve Fouga

I find myself in agreement with truthserum on this one.

Sounds like Heber wants Galveston to be run more like a business. Or maybe more like... well... a properly run city.

George Croix

Yes. A business making money off PH on the front end, and spending money on it on the back end, as it becomes what it was before.

Steve Fouga

Well, that's not the kind of business I meant. I meant the kind that makes plans and uses schedules to help administer them, and hires worthy employees and treats them fairly, and... oh well, maybe it's too much to ask.

Maybe with Yarbrough likely to be elected, things will be more like you're predicting. I hope not. But of course we all know hope is not a strategy. Particularly those of us who did work in a business of the type I meant.

George Croix

Plan? A REAL plan?
I think in nearly 4 decades I got to actually follow one of those start to finish maybe a half dozen times. Maybe...
Most of the time, the plan was modified on the run right after the excrement hit the whirling blades...success was a function of ability to adapt and overcome.
Biggest reasons for dirty fan blades and a lot of running around to avoid getting splattered too bad?
There were two (not counting, of course, the emergency responses...they are by definition a situation where planning and normalcy have already failed...):
1) Unrealistic goals.
I lost track years ago of the number of times I had to try to carefully explain to Somebody, or Other, that wishes, wants, and and theories do NOT replace resources, talent, and Murphy. Sometimes, folks even listened....[wink]
2) Attempting to make work what nobody else had ever gotten to work, by doing the EXACT same &^%$# things again, on the theory that it wasn't the effort or idea that was wrong, it was the people in charge, who were, of course, not near as good as the new ones because...well, just because...
Can't fix that. Ego has a way of melting brain cells.
I'd say that both of those don't-do-this items could and would apply to about any job - from refining, to a Mayor's office...

Steve Fouga

Gotta have a plan -- with statement of work, cost estimate, budget, schedule, resource allocation, org chart, the whole nine yards. Otherwise when the fit hits the shan it's hard to tell what to modify to get back on track.

If ever, EVER a plan goes exactly "right," it probably means there was too much budget or too much time allocated to do the job. The company would have been better off making do with less, because they could have. This is the unlikely situation that most of us in industry never had to face.

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