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Michelle Aycoth

League city needs more business not homes.
We need more than just retail business.

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Woolsey, thank you for pointing out the need to preserve the quality of life of the people who already live here in League City. Also, good comparison to unplanned Houston.

Diane Turski

Flood planning must be a priority when planning land use and new development! It is always better to prevent problems rather than have to try to fix them later because of poor planning!

Suzanne Thompson

I can’t believe there’s a part of league city left without something built on it. I would hope they take flooding and a need for tax revenue not raised through property taxes into consideration.

Doyle Beard

Probably not much land left for anything but residential and small business which just property tax revenue. League FAILED many years ago to get big business in town.
As far as flooding I hope they will do all they can to prevent flooding but will never be flood proof.

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