Animal shelters across Galveston County are being overrun with kittens. It’s that time of year.

If you’re in the market for a pet, check the shelter in your community.

It’s a good bet that the folks there have a deal for you.

But this explosion in the shelter populations — year after year — is a serious social problem.

The only way to solve it is through spaying and neutering pets.

It’s a shame, with so many low-cost programs offered, that some people still haven’t figured out that this is just a basic responsibility of having a pet.

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Ron Shelby

ABSOLUTELY. Stanford University had a problem with that in the late 80's. They literally instigated a Trap/Spay program for feral cats in the area that eradicated a major part of the problem. Owners are the next step. Consider a Spay/Free Flea/Tick medicine program for County Spaying (or trackable local Vet spaying) programs. In the long run (a few years out) the population should begin to decrease and result in lower costs without the "TERMINATION" of lives. I really hate the latter.

George Croix

Why do you expect people unaware of, or ignoring, the basic responsibilities of good citizenship to do otherwise with pet ownership, itself just a small part of the whole of coexisting peacefully and productively?

Gary Miller

Wrong Hebear.
The only way to solve it is through spaying and neutering pets.
Shelters don't have pets, they have unwanted animals.
Spaying or neutering a pet may be a good idea but its a waste of money on unwanted animals.
Euthanizing is the only sure solution.

Joel Martin

Wrong sowhog, spaying has shown to be an effective control method to lessen the numbers of stray cats and dogs.

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