If you live in Galveston and are reading this page, you know the May 10 elections are important. All seven spots on the city council — including mayor — are contested.

That’s why The Daily News and two good partners — the Galveston Chamber of Commerce and the Galveston Independent School District — are having a forum for candidates. A similar forum a couple of years ago drew a crowd of about 500.

This year, interest might be even higher. 

Twenty candidates are running for seven positions on council. Two candidates for mayor are seeking to have a third disqualified over a dispute over residency — and the campaign season has just started. Do you need further proof that these are highly contested races?

Consider what’s at stake.

Which candidates have a viable plan for resurrecting the city’s plan for charging a fee to park on the seawall? Does anyone have an idea how to cut expenses to ensure that at least some money is left for public improvements?

The Daily News has called the city attorney’s performance unacceptable in the area of open government laws. Is that an overreaction or do some candidates think it’s time for a change to protect the public’s rights?

What’s the best approach to getting new bridges built to Pelican Island? Do any of the candidates have a plan?

If you attend, you’ll hear the candidates answer those and other questions.

No reality TV show is going to be as entertaining as this — because the candidates with the winning answers are going to make decisions that affect you and your family.

On Wednesday, we hope you’ll turn off the TV and join us at Ball High School.



At a glance

WHAT: Galveston City Council/Mayoral forum

WHEN: 5:45 p.m. Wednesday

WHERE: Ball High School auditorium, 4115 Ave. O, in Galveston

SUBMIT QUESTIONS: Readers can submit questions to candidates in all of the county’s municipal or school elections by emailing letters@galvnews.com. In the subject line write “Election Questions.”

ATTENTION CANDIDATES: Contact T.J. Aulds, 409-683-5334 or tjaulds@galvnews.com, to confirm your participation in the forum.

(2) comments

Miceal O'Laochdha

See you there Heber. Please wear the bow tie...

Steve Fouga

I'll be there with my much more politically savvy wife.

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