Connie Trube should resign from the La Marque City Council.

Deanna Bethea, a former council candidate, accused Trube of saying she wanted to close the public library because only African-Americans used it.

Trube denied that.

But both Mayor Bobby Hocking and City Manager Carol Buttler said Trube made similar remarks in 2012.

Reasonable people can wonder why the mayor and city manager didn’t say something sooner. But that shouldn’t overshadow the fact that both spoke up.

The council acted properly Monday night in censuring Trube and in hiring a law firm to investigate a serious complaint — that the racial prejudice of individual office holders in the city is influencing the city’s policies.

The law firm, Olson & Olson, promised a quick investigation. The report is expected June 30.

During the special meeting Monday night, Trube blasted her critics and denied the accusations. She told Hocking: “Unless you can prove it, it’s just your word against mine.”

She’s right in a sense. This is a test of credibility.

But what started as a test of one person’s word against hers became a test of two people’s word against hers, then three.

Trube did not help her own case Monday night. The language she used in defending her record wasn’t reassuring.

As a result, people are going to wonder, with every vote she casts, whether she has the best interests of all the people of La Marque in mind — or just people of a certain color. Inevitably, some of those questions about her fairness will spill over on the council as a whole.

In a city in which more than one-third of the population is African-American, that’s just not going to work.

For the good of the council and the city it governs, Trube should step down.

• Heber Taylor

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Raymond Lewis

Either resign or become a decent person...even when no one is looking. It's really not that hard. Most of us had it down at six years old.

Chris Gimenez

Ms. Trube has no reason to resign at this point because the city has commissioned an investigation and all the facts aren't known. What would prompt Heber Taylor to call for an elected official to resign when he knows an investigation is ongoing? Is he afraid for the facts to come out that might be counter to what we're hearing right now? Has Ms. Trube told the GCDN or TJ Aulds to go pound sand at some point in the past and now they have an opportunity to go after her? The GCDN and especially Mr. Aulds are well known for that type of behavior even while they cover for the conduct of the District Attorney.

Even without knowing Ms. Trube I'd have to say at this point that she has far more credibility than Heber Taylor and his factless opinions.

George Croix

Taylor actually did call for Shirley Fanuiel to resign back in early March even though that investigation/indictment is also still ongoing, so he does have some consistency.
Both ar eelected positions, but as Taylor pointed out in his March editorial there is no provision to recall a school board trustee. If the voters want Trube out, I believe they can do a recall.
The flip side is that Fanuiel has only pulled a short term feint then stepped right back in, som essentially both are exercising their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
I don't think there is a direct comparison in severity between being accused of a serious crime and with making a racially charged comment, IF both of the people involved actually did what they are alleged to have done.
There certainly doesn't seem to be any effort to call in CLEAT to oppose the Board member who, if guilty, sure as heck didn't have the best interests of people at heart.
After the wasted 10 grand investigation is over, we'll be in this exact same spot, unless the Councilwoman decides to leave or get recalled, just 10,000 bucks poorer.

Miss Priss

Yes, it's the right thing for her to do. At the end of the day it's what the person can live with in their life..... On tape and witnesses? Ans she's still not defending her actions ....

Ron Shelby

Her credibility is shot as a result of this. She can't be an effective leader on council after going through this.

If its true, then chances are good that there is a pattern of expressing views this way even before getting on council. Someone from the outside stepping up as well could clear that up pretty quickly.

Chris Gimenez

Well, speaking of an expert on lack of credibility we're finally hearing from two of the best on this forum. One hides behind a phony name while making wild accusations against elected officials for which there is never a shred of evidence offered and the other is one and the same.

Can you provide one instance in which Ms. Trube voted in any way that was based on race rather than what was best for the city in her opinion? Of course not. This is typical of the left's demagoguery of those they don't like by using the spectre of being racist. As usual, there isn't a speck of fact behind it other than the twisting of words. I suppose if someone were to follow you around while secretly recording what you say we might find more than a bit of hypocrisy being expressed.

Jake Feigle

Myself , Mrs.. Trube and others were together for James Osteen. When the Librarian, Ms. Long came to visit with us after she voted. After a chat Ms. Long left us and went to visit with the Betheas. Mrs. Trube and the rest of us had nothing but praise for the job Ms. Long was doing. I doubt that Mrs. Trube had a change of heart and say what Mrs. Bethea alleges. If Mrs. Trube made racial comments in 2012, as Mayor Hocking and City Manager, Carol Buttler alleges, they should have taken action then. By not doing so, they were derelict in their duties..The fact that they offered that charge during the special called meeting in 2014 makes me wonder if Mrs. Trube actually made that statement. I think Mrs. Trube, Mayor Hocking, his wife,City Manager Buttler, and the Betheas should all take polygraphs to arrive at the truth on all of the allegations, The reason I included the Mayors wife is because the Mayor said she heard it also. If they agree to do so , it should take place now, not later..


Why is it that the Mayor should've taken more action back in 2012? The City was sitting on racial dynamite at the time with resident emotions red hot,boiling over, because some citizens were in the process of getting rid of the first African-America Mayor. There was much dissension and racial tension going on in LM then, and you know this. So, what was the Mayor, who signed on to try to pull this city together in unity, going to gain by essentially THROWING GASOLINE ON A HUMONGIOUS FIRE ALREADY BURNING? Was that going to make things better, like quenching the flames of racial strife going on in the city?
No it was not! I think the Mayor and the City Manager not only acted responsible, but did the proper and most prudent thing to by bending-over, going to work getting the City Of LaMarque back on track, thereby acting in the best interest of ALL the residents here!
I must also add that by doing so, they succeeded in rescuing all of us from being the LAUGHING STOCK OF AMERICA! Now, it would seem Satan is counter-attacking trying to run a check on how stable and strong this city really is right now. In other words, what kind of foundation are we now sitting on? What kind of love and respect do we have for each other? Spiritually speaking I know you know what I'm saying, though others might not. Luke 11:24-26
24) When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.25) And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.
26) Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. ( THIS APPLIES TO CITIES AS WELL AS PEOPLE ). So Take Heed!!!
I applaud the job the Mayor, and the rest of Council have done in getting this city back on the road, and attracting new growth and potential growth. They need to be thanked for the hard work they have done, and every LM employee and department head too! Let me be clear, what happened and what was said on that parking lot, especially about young kids trying to use the city library, had nothing to do with ANY DERELECTION OF DUTY, by the Mayor back in 2012, or anybody else for that matter!
The Mayor's voice is not on that recording name calling, and telling KKK Klan joke about African American Candidates, is it? I might be wrong, I have not heard the recording! I'm assuming!
Not to mention, I just heard a long time poster on this forum say a couple days ago that LM has the best City Manager and Council running this city it has had in a long time, and I "HAUL OFF" and quickly agreed. I agreed because the progress and gains which have been realized supports what he said and what I agreed with, and there is no sense in denying it.
May I make a suggestion? What's out there is out there. Ms. Trube is not going anywhere, so why don't we all just lay low until all the investigations are finished!
That way we will have a better grasp of who is to be blamed instead of just throwing accusations on teflon hoping some sticks.

Jake Feigle

If their reason was best for the city, how did it benefit the city now? There were five of us there when the claims by Mrs. Bathea and CLEAT were made. The Mayor did not question any of us about the claims , but he called a special meeting . It seems to me that the Mayor had already made up his mind that Mrs. Trube was guilty. And , none of us that supported Mrs. Trube were told we had to submit a written request to speak. Only those that supported Mrs. Bethea and CLEAT were told. This has become a 'he said, she said" issue. Only one sure way to arrive at the truth. That is for the Mayor, his wife, Mrs. Trube, and the Batheas to take polygraph tests. If anyone that attends or watches the Council meetings, will know that there are many reasons the Mayor and the City Manager would love to have both Mrs. Trube and James Osteen removed from the City Council. The reasons will come out during the investigations. And the minutes will back up what I have said. JBG, I have always respected your views, but in this case I feel you are very wrong.

Jake Feigle

The crises at that time was not racial, but was about the 3 council persons and Gage. And if you remember, 2 of the rubber stamp council had been recalled, and almost all of the blogs were in favor of Mayor Sam. A group had tried to recall Mayor Sam, but they could not get enough signatures. It wasn't until Mayor Sam brought in Quandel X.that the tide changed, and both black and white recalled, by a huge margin that she was recalled.. The racial problem ended when the two council members were recalled. Had Mayor Sam not brought in
Quandel x, I doubt that there would have been a recall for her I still make all of the council meetings, and I have a good picture about what is going on now...It hurts to see what we had done to rid the council of the 2 members, and finally was able to get rid of Gage, and see the city heading for another split There are many things that will come out during the investigation. I am not going to divulge the information now, but ask yourself , why was CLETE sponsoring and funding a candidate for the city council? This will be told during the investigation. But there is more..Please keep an open mind until the investigation is complete.

Chris Gimenez

If I were you I wouldn't be so confident in the investigation yielding what you think it will. This is being done by Olson and Olson and we had them in Bayou Vista after Ike. My impression of what we got from them was they delivered whatever results the Mayor and Council wanted.

David Olson was our city attorney when our Mayor and Council voted on a no-bid contract for rebuilding a 2000 sq. ft. community center. He never suggested that he review the bid process or the contract before it was signed. The end result of that is a current investigation by the AG's Office into FEMA fraud and criminal conduct by former elected officials and current and former employees.

I would be very surprised if there aren't more questions than answers after Olson and Olson delivers the results of their "investigation".


Ealrybird, I will agree with some of what you say, but not all. Let me express it like this then, in my opinion, there were racial strife in this city because there were two sides with different ideas about who they wanted sitting in the Mayor's seat. Yes the sitting Mayor at that time had black and white support, I'm not questioning that, because as I remember YOU, and I were two of her supporters at that time before "X" came in here spreading what he spread, thereby compounding the situation for the worst.
After that happened, Mayor Sam's support quickly evaporated as you said, but I do not agree with your assessment that there were no racial strife in this city at that time or before that, because it most certainly was present here BIG TIME. All you had to do was go to a meeting at city hall to get a taste of what was developing here by the day, and you said you attended most of them? So what gives?
You suggest I keep and open mind, don't worry I will, but I will in turn ask you to do the same. I know all about that police union, I use to be a peace officer, like your kinfolks remember? I know they have their motives at heart, and up front trying to get what they think they deserve, but all that does not under any circumstances negate what happened and what was said on that "PARKIN LOT" during the elections! Lets not throw any smoke screens or walls up trying to hide nor camouflage the real issue here. The problem is not that POLICE UNION, the issue is the conduct and decorum of city representatives on that city parking lot during city elections.
Now, please remember I have before stated on this forum, that If I could vote, I would vote for Councilman Osteen for the simple reason I think he has performed at what he was sent to Council to do, and he has performed it with a spirit of excellence! I've also said, that it is others citizens' right to run for public office at the city level as well, county, state, as the national level if they possess the support, resources, required and prescribed qualifications in order to do so.
That is a "brick" in the foundation of a free society like the one we enjoy in this great country called America. I pray that right of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE NEVER CEASE TO EXIST! The right to choose! It is also a GODLY right. He allows us to choose if we want to serve him or not.
So, Ms Beathea and Mr. Lane decided to ( influenced or not ) challenge Councilman Osteen, well Osteen has nothing to be ashamed of. Let them "BRING IT" it is there right in a free society, and they are just exercising that right. I don't care what their plan is, and I don't care what their motives might be, because Osteen has labored and he has done an outstanding job, as have Mayor HOCKING and the rest of Council!
It is so discouraging and disappointing because they are in this case getting shafted in two directions at once, FROM LMISD, and now also from LM CITY personnel.
It ought not to be so! I said it ought not to BE SO!
You are a man of God and I think you have spiritual perception, then you should know that when ever Darkness abounds, Light abounds that much more! This city was about to go under, in 2012, and it was no accident Hocking threw his name in the hat to come to the aid of "HIS OLD HOME TOWN!" I cannot speak for anyone else, but I told the GOD I SERVE, at that time, that LAMARQUE was not going out like this! I proceeded to ask HIM this question. " LORD, WHAT ARE "WE" GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" I went on to ask Him to send SOMEBODY to pull us out of that place of DARKNESS and HATE! I will also remind some, and inform others this:
James 5:16 "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
The next week Bobby Hocking threw his name in the race for Mayor! Coincidence?
Just something that happened? "Yea Right!" Then ask yourself what has the man done? What kind of leadership has he bought to council? Has he been a distraction, liability, or has he been an asset, and a help we very desperately needed in order to recover from the hell we were in! I have discovered in my time on this earth, that some people are ungrateful and some people have short memories in this world!
You mention Mr. GAGE! Yes I remember him how could I ever forget him, and what he was like here, by the way, think back and ask yourself who on council now supported Mr. Gage. Naw, I don't think you want to do that, and I not one to take advantage. Just remember, this Old Plow Boy was "rat" here taking notes when all the wickedness and hell was going on here.
Lastly, the investigations,...hey I can't wait until they are finished, and I'm not going to condemn anyone, even when they come in, sufficient enough, that the citizens of this city will then know WHO and WHAT kind of people they are dealing with. Blessings!

Jake Feigle

There was a race problem before the recall of the two council persons The rubber stamp trio was there white council persons against two black s. The Mayor and The Mayor pro tem. And yes, there was a group of white that tried to get Mayor sam recalled, but they could not get enough signatures. But after Quandel; X white and black were against her and the recall was a runaway. After that Bobby was elected Mayor and I cannot recall a race problem until now. If I missed it please enlighten me on it. But this current problem is about revenge. .All of this will be brought up at the investigation. Right now I feel that all the work we did is going down the drain.


Earlybird, listen. I think the roadblock that is stopping you and I from lining up in full agreement here is what you call racism, division and strife, juxtaposed to what my definitions of those terms are. Listen to what you just posted:
"There was a race problem before the recall of the two council persons The rubber stamp trio was there white council persons against two black s. The Mayor and The Mayor pro tem. And yes, there was a group of white that tried to get Mayor sam recalled, but they could not get enough signatures."
The fact that they were UNSUCCESSFUL in the recall did not negate the fact that we had racial discord and upheaval in the City Of LaMarque before Bobby Hocking ran for Mayor! Mayor Sam got recalled and turned around and ran for Mayor again AGAINST BOBBY HOCKING, and lost!!
If my memory served me correctly, Ms trube was a candidate in the beginning but dropped out early before the election, as to not divide the vote. I could be mistaken about that point.
Then to I'm not sure but you did not name the rubber stamp trio, was there a reason? Don't bother, I don't want to know, because it is not important.
I'm going to say a couple more things and I am going to leave this thing along and wait until the dust clears. Here is the thing, I know you! I know the work YOU have done in this community, and I have much respect for YOU and the good things you have done in LaMarque! Let me go on and say the same about Missionary Man too!
He has stood up tall too, and there is no question about it. I think you both are to be commended for the service you guys have provided for this city. I don't want to discount nobody, Councilman Bell quietly goes about his business of helping LM be a better community without a lot of fanfare or credit, so does the rest of the SITTING COUNCIL, and the Mayor! I got their backs because they laid it out there for this community! Hocking was an answer to prayer! If it was not so, I would tell you, and I would be the first man in line hollering "GUILLOTINE!" "GUILLOTINE"..if they were screwing things up.......BUT THEY ARE NOT! I
So you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this, as I tell Mr. Manuel, BV RESIDENCE, Gecroix and all yall. I think the world of yall but I'm not giving up my Mayor and my City Council over these issues. We cannot stop that police union from challenging elected incumbents but if we let the people see the job these incumbents have done, they should be okay! They will keep their seats, and our basic and fundamental freedom to run for public office will be preserved
P.S. See here is the thing, I came out strong for Osteen! Question:
Do anybody think I am the only African-American voter who appreciate a public servant who does his job, and looks past color in doing so? You cannot assume that!
If I was campaigning, I'd be asking EVERYBODY for their vote, and I'd be telling you WHY you need to give it to me, make no mistake about that!
The police union has the right to make the move they are making, but WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT PRECISELY? I'm not talking about dirty politics either! This could be fun if some people had a little self control, but because they don't they poison the well! Anyway, lets agree to disagree, I know you are a good man and I respect you.

Jake Feigle

I am not sure about Mrs Trube running for Mayor. I just don't remember. I do know that after X Mrs. Sam ruined her career in politics, You are right. The group that supported the three were the ones that sought to recall Sam and failed to get enough signatures. After the new council I ceased writing on the blogs. With what is going on now, I felt I had to come back. Mrs. Sam is making it a racial issue now. She is the one that got Chris to run for Osteens seat. And CLEAT pot up Mrs. Bethea to run. They want to gest rid of both James and Connie. The reason., They wanted a 30 per-cent raise , and they were told the city did not have the funds to do so. So they suggested raising taxes, I am afraid that it is going to get nasty before it is over. And it will not be over race, but over power plays. As I attend the council meetings I could see it coming.. I wish I was wrong.

Chris Gimenez

JB, just to clarify my position since you mentioned me with Mr. Manual and Gecroix, I don't live in LM and their politics are none of my concern. I think the City Manager is probably one of the best they've had and from all that I've seen Mayor Hocking is the kind of leadership LM has needed for a long time. That being said, if earlybird is correct in that there might have been an intentional effort to silence citizen comments at the special meeting by only advising certain individuals of the requirements to speak, that would be a very serious breach of trust by the Mayor. If that requirement wasn't provided in one of the numerous stories on this or put on the public agenda with enough time for citizens to submit their requests, then the Mayor should explain just how some were able to know that but the rest of the public wasn't.

I would think the GCDN would want to know how that happened but then again they'd have to have someone other than Heber and Aulds working on this story.

George Croix

I believe Jbg's reference to us was a general one about on occassion 'agreeing to disagree', not specifically this issue.
Could be wrong.
I haven't lived in LM since 1991, but am in LMISD.
My 'politics' is I hate to see a once great school district become the mess that it has, and my home for nearly 4 decades in turmoil. Again.

Chris Gimenez

I'm not trying to distance myself from you two but I also don't live in LM-although it was my home until I was 21-and I'm also in the LMISD taxing district. My feelings are much the same regarding the decline of the school district I graduated from.

My input on this topic is based on the accusations of "racism" that seem to get used whenever someone's fortune didn't turn out like they wanted and then it becomes a race to see how many can claim they aren't racist by not asking for proof before joining the hangman's squad. That's exactly what Hubris Taylor did when he called for Trube to resign based solely on "he-said, she-said".

What our society has become is one that brands you a racist if you think Obama's policies are harming the country, a homophobe and anti-gay if you believe in traditional marriage, and a hater of immigrants if you believe our current immigration laws should be enforced. That ain't good and it won't bring people together to solve the very serious problems this country has before it.

Walter Manuel

I wasn't going to comment on this but, I'm sure when the FBI completes their investigation they will find that LM has had a history of allowing "white" employees to resign after being caught stealing from the city while "black" employees were simply fired.

Don't believe me.... ask some of our city's ghosts from the past and then we can continue this conversation after all of the facts come out. Not everyone's hands are clean is all that I will say.

George Croix

The snowball just keeps getting bigger as it rolls along faster...

George Croix

Bvresident, personally, I don't care what one on up to a bunch of people who I don't know, have no respect for, and who won't even identify themselves most of the time, say about me when I know it's not true.
I have enough real life friends without caring what trolls, weasels, race baiters, and assorted political hacks say about me.
Except for a scant few news outlets, Joe Blow is only going to hear only the 'progressive' side anyway, and that's if he can be bothered to pay attention anyway.
The beginning of the reversal of the tide of lies and diversions and bait selling and distractions rather than face reality is the election to offices everywhere of people who are straight forward, honest, and will call 'em like they see 'em. Party is of no importance, because the crooks and shysters and baiters are in BOTH majors right now.
To me, it's actually LESS important to agree totally ideologically than to at least be able to trust that what I am told is correct, like it or not.
These forums are just a small example of the national stage.
The usual suspects are going to sell their bait.
If they get bad enough, dismiss them, and then just don't read any of their stuff ever again..
Works great. [beam][beam][beam]

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