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Miss Priss

Here's the deal .....

You've got some folks on that council who think they own the city of Hitchcock. I'm not talking about Anthony Matranga but others who have been long term elected officials who "think "they have the pull to threaten law enforcement into doing nothing about the illegally ran game rooms and various items that they know nothing about - overbearing personalities.

Have you noticed how no one in law enforcement has done one thing about the game rooms in Hitchcock in the last two years? It's disgraceful.

Marylee Ellison

I have lived in Hitchcock THIS time about 3 years...the proliferation of game rooms is a big surprise. I'm out early in the mornings and even at that hour (7am or thereabouts) there are cars in several of the gamerooms on Hwy 6...and the one a block from the police dept is always full. Personally, I have never been in a gameroom so can't comment there...but I've read San Leon and Bacliff have regular raids, even a murder committed in one a couple of years back...but they seem to give lots of folk something to do...used to be bars, now it's gamerooms...

Marylee Ellison

I meant to add that it would be nice if they could be legal ...from what I understand of game rooms, cash is paid out to patrons and that's illegal gambling...? I'm ignorant of the game rooms, as I said...what makes a game room legal? Lots of folk will sure miss them.

PD Hyatt

Herb.... This is Hitchcock and things like what you wrote about have been going on ever since this town was built and I seriously doubt that it will ever change, nor will you ever get an explanation of the 2 firings that you have questioned.

Keith Meier

There are some past members of the council who still run things. It seems Kennelly was fired by the ex Chief who must have an ax to grind and maybe Sander who didn't like Kennelly because Kennelly knew what he was doing better than did Sanders. Kennelly is a good cop and a great administrator. He brought pride back to this department along with some decent equipment for the offices to work with. Too bad he couldn't convince the council to help out with the pay. Once again Hitchcock has taken a step back instead of forwards. Some things never change.

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